What is Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that does not own cell phone towers and instead relies on T-Mobile to deliver its services. The company gives you everything you love about Walmart, but on your phone. It is a prepaid wireless service provider that simplifies and lowers the cost of doing business.

All Walmart Family Mobile plans are contract-free and low-cost, with unlimited talk and text as standard. There are no hidden charges in the plans; you pay for what you use. For only $24.88 a month, you will enjoy nonstop service on T-nationwide Mobile’s 5G network. People who live and work in places where T-coverage Mobile is excellent should choose this carrier.

Text COVERAGE to 611611 to confirm Walmart Family Mobile coverage in your area, and be prepared to input the ZIP code where you’ll use your Walmart Family Mobile phone the most. This article will provide you with a brief overview of Walmart Family Mobile and the cell phone plans it offers.

What is Walmart Family Mobile?

Walmart Family Mobile is an MVNO that operates under T-Mobile. Walmart’s plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data on T-Mobile’s countrywide network powered by T-Mobile.

What is Walmart Family Mobile

For the same low price, new subscribers get up to 500MB of additional 4G LTE data, double the 4G LTE data on the company’s entry-level plan. Existing clients also receive the extra data automatically until June 30, 2022. 

All plans allow for up to five service lines, with each extra line costing $24.88. Customers who sign up for several lines can save up to $5 per line. The following are the most recent Walmart online store prices for the plans:

  • For $24.88, you’ll get unlimited talk and text and the first 25GB of high-speed data, followed by 2G.
  • The $29.88 plan includes unlimited call and text and 58GB of high-speed data, which reduces to 2G speed later.
  • At only $39.88, you will get unlimited talk and text and 2040GB of high-speed internet, followed by 2G. You’ll also get a 10GB mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.
  • The $49.88 plan involves unlimited talk, text, high-speed data, and HD video streaming (720pm). In addition, the plan includes 30GB of a mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

Most unlocked phones and phones that use GSM network technology will work with Walmart Family Mobile. The term “unlocked” refers to a phone not bound to any particular carrier, contract, or financing arrangement. Consider contacting your current carrier to discover whether your phone is already unlocked or to learn how to unlock it.

Bottom Line

Walmart Family Mobile is a postpaid wireless service that operates under T-Mobile with no yearly contract available exclusively at Walmart stores and online at Walmart.com. On T- Mobile internet which makes countrywide network, the firm offers 4G LTE broadband speeds. Their plans include unlimited call, text, and data for a cheap monthly fee. You can choose various cell phone models, ranging from low-cost phones to high-end smartphones.