What Carrier Does Assist Wireless Use

Assist Wireless is a telecommunications company that offers wireless services. These include voice and messaging services, data plans, mobile hotspots, and calling features. They offer a range of options to meet different customers needs. In addition to the traditional landline telephone, there are many other ways you can communicate today.

Video chat apps like Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts let you speak with friends and family members in real-time over the internet. Each leading carrier offers different pricing plans for their respective services and different features and functions for their devices. However, there are various similarities between the different carriers as well. We will explain in this discussion what carrier Assist Wireless use and beyond this.

What is Assist Wireless?

Assist Wireless is a service that allows hearing-impaired individuals to use their wireless devices to make and receive calls. Being founded in 2011, the company provides unlimited talk & text plans, free phone, and unlimited data per month. Assist Wireless controls all of its services from the headquarter located in Fort Worth, Texas.

What carrier does assist wireless use

The devices of Assist Wireless are capable of connecting with assistive technology that is installed in the homes of individuals who are hearing impaired. Once connected, an assistive device reads what a caller is saying, and an individual who is hearing-impaired can respond through a type of keyboard on their assistive device.

How Assist Wireless Works?

Assist wireless works through the Lifeline program as it is known as the number one Lifeline provider in Oklahoma. You’ll be able to get a free phone and Lifeline service if you have proof of participation in several programs like Medicaid, SNAP/Food Stamps, Medicare, SSI, Tribal Head Start, Social Security, TANF or other benefit programs.

Lifeline is a benefit program by the government where it lowers your cell phone service cost. Most of the consumers in this program stay connected without any cost. To apply, you need to go to the official website of Assist Wireless, download an application form and send or mail it back to the Assist Wireless. You’ll get some benefits by joining the Lifeline program, such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling & Voicemail.

What Carrier Does Assist Wireless Use?

Assist Wireless is a reseller of nationwide internet access networks T-Mobile and Sprint. These two companies are known as the ‘underlying carriers’ of Assist Wireless. Using the carrier of these two company, Assist Wireless provides networks to the public.

Assist Wireless doesn’t manage the network congestion over their underlying carrier’s networks. The data on a consumer’s phone can depend on the network management of Assist’s carriers. Even the data can be updated at any time.

Final Words

As you can see, many different factors come into play when choosing a cell carrier. When it comes to Assist Wireless, you should look for a provider that uses the same frequency as your home carrier. This will give you the best opportunity of maintaining a strong connection. It will also help you choose the best plan for your needs.