Is FeelSafe Wireless Legit

FeelSafe Wireless is a known Lifeline assistance wireless service created and managed by AirVoice Wireless in the US. FeelSafe and its consumers benefit from being a part of a larger wireless organization, something other Lifeline players do not have. The carrier’s existence aims to serve low-income residents through the federal lifeline program.

All eligible Americans can receive free government cell phones at no cost with monthly texts and minutes. Therefore, basic rules of the lifeline qualification apply to all FeelSafe customers. Its services are nationwide, considering that its mother provider, AirVoice Wireless has broad coverage. The services involve no roaming fees and also include long-distance calling.

FeelSafe lifeline Assistance is supported by the Universal Service Fund and is only available for one phone per household. Several states qualify for the FeelSafe Wireless program, including California, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The program aims to reach more states; hence, you can check the list on its website if your state is currently not available.

Is FeelSafe Wireless legit?

Is Feelsafe Wireless Legit?

FeelSafe Wireless is a genuine and legit program from AirVoice Wireless. There are many direct reasons to support this statement in case a person may be doubting, which are:

  1. It was formed and managed by a popular lifeline provider, AirVoice Wireless, an MVNO of the AT&T network, a clear proof that the program is legally operating and not scum.
  2. It has a clear official website to apply for the program if you qualify for the lifeline program. Interestingly, signing up for the program is free.
  3. You can get legit free government phones from the program if you qualify for the federal-lifeline initiative. All eligible low-income Americans benefit from this program from the free phones and monthly texts and minutes at no cost.
  4. FeelSafe Wireless has customer service to reach out to and inquire about anything you need in terms of assistance. You can reach them at 1-877-247-7799.
  5. It has a straightforward online application procedure for the lifeline assistance program. You can visit the carrier’s official website and check whether you qualify. After that, you can click on the application option and apply. Note that you must be from the program’s covered states mentioned above.
  6. FeelSafe Wireless has clear phone plans, which you can acquire if you don’t qualify and get the free lifeline monthly plans. These plans include unlimited talk and texts and varying data amounts. You can also get international texts.

What network does FeelSafe Wireless use?

FeelSafe Wireless uses the GSM network from AirVoice Wireless. Remember AirVoice leases its services from the nationwide AT&T provider. Therefore, the program offers GSM coverage at no extra cost. You can also bring your own phone, provided that it is GSM compatible and is unlocked. The process is easy as it is just replacing the SIM card with a FeelSafe SIM card.

Bottom line

FeelSafe Wireless is a program that offers lifeline assistance to all eligible residents in the United States. It is run by AirVoice Wireless, a well-known MVNO of AT&T and a popular lifeline provider.

You can check out FeelSafe Wireless services on its website, which is legit and operational. The program aims to benefit low-income Americans with free phones and monthly talk and texts.