HughesNet is one of the renowned satellite internet providers in the rural areas of the United States. However, one of the best features of HughesNet is its widespread availability. You can receive HughesNet internet service as far as you have a clear view of the southern sky. Additionally, all HughesNet internet packages come with free home installation if you opt to lease their equipment, regardless of your location.

    Most importantly, HughesNet is the best internet option available where a cable or fiber-optic connection is unavailable. HughesNet gives some of the cheap internet services for home to its customers on the market, especially for those signing a long-term contract.

    Besides, the promotional period lasts for the first six months of the contract, then afterward, the standard rate applies. Customers qualify for the promotional rate if they sign up for a two-year contract.

    Regardless of the satellite internet data caps, HughesNet provides an additional 50GB of free data usage monthly during non-peak hours (2 am – 8 am).

    Luckily, you will not get charged a fee if you go beyond your data cap. However, your download speeds will be limited to around 3 Mbps. Notably, if you wish to return to your standard speeds after depleting your data limit, you can buy “Data Tokens,” for around $3 per GB.

    About HughesNet Internet Fees

    If a satellite is the only internet available in your area and you hope to stay in that area for more than the two-year required contract, you should buy your equipment from HughesNet instead of leasing. However, it will cost you $449.98 to purchase, but the company waives the $99 activation fee after purchase.

    The cost of renting equipment is $14.99 per month for 24 months. Additionally, the $99 one-time activation fee costs $459 over two years. Professional Installation fee is included in both prices. Additionally, HughesNet customers expect to have the following fees, although some are avoidable by monitoring your account.

    i) Early Termination Fee (ETF)

    HughesNet gives contracts on all plans, meaning you could pay up to $400 in early termination if you stop your service early.

    hughesnet internet packages

    ii) Installation Fee

    HughesNet is currently waiving the standard $99 installation fee for new customers switching to this carrier.

    iii) Equipment Lease Fee

    Typically, the monthly lease fee for equipment is $14.99. But, HughesNet is cutting $5 off, lowering the monthly lease fee to $9.99. If you opt to purchase your equipment instead of leasing it, you’ll pay $349.98 ($100 less than the usual $449.98 cost).

    Best HughesNet Internet Packages

    HughesNet internet service delivers download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps for all plans. Customers can buy plans ranging from 15GB to 100GB per month. Besides, which plan is right for you depends on the amount of data you use.

    HughesNet advises that the 15GB plan is ideal for customers who check their email and browse the web, while the 100GB plan is suitable for households with multiple devices, streaming, and games.

    On the other hand, the prices start from $64.99 to $149.99 monthly, depending on the plan. Customers, especially those with high data needs, can look for unlimited prepaid internet for home. All plans from HughesNet feature a standard 24 months contract. Again, one of the benefits of satellite internet service is that there is no need for wires or cables.

    HughesNet offers several different simple and easy-to-understand plans. The main difference, besides price, is the amount of data available to customers each month. Plans range from 15GB to 100GB of data and start anywhere from $64.99 to $149.99.

    The Best HughesNet Internet Packages Include:

    1) 15GB – Best for browsing the internet and checking email

    This plan features 15GB of data and is a good choice for customers who only require basic data. The package starts at $64.99, and like all HughesNet plans, the download speed is 25 Mbps, plus a 3 Mbps upload speed.

    2) 30GB – Best for browsing social media

    This plan is suitable for light to moderate internet use, such as browsing social media. The package comes with a 30GB plan, and pricing starts at $74.99.

    3) 45GB – Best for shopping online and listening to music

    This 45GB plan is good for customers who do more online shopping, listening to music, and other activities that need a medium amount of data. The plan goes for $109.99 per month.

    4) 75GB – Best for watching videos, uploading documents

    The 75GB plan offers enough data for users to do things such as watch videos and upload large documents. If you’re on your own and require a large amount of data per month, this plan is a suitable option. This package costs $159.99 per month.

    5) 100GB – Best for large households with multiple devices

    The above plan offers the highest amount of data from HughesNet. However, it’s a good match for large households using multiple devices that require to be connected to the internet. The plan pricing starts at $149.99 per month.

    Notably, HughesNet’s plans deliver the same speeds, up to 25 Mbps. Regardless of your plan, you receive 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds.

    However, its most extensive data plan is the 100GB plan, which costs $149.99 per month and provides enough bandwidth to watch 150 hours of Netflix in standard definition, or about 50hours in high definition. Besides, this plan is one of the ideal best satellite internet for gaming you can take advantage of.

    Best HughesNet Deals Right Now

    HughesNet satellite internet is among the best internet providers for customers residing in rural areas who lack access to faster internet connections. Although satellite internet is not the fastest, HughesNet provides plenty of incentives to choose its service.

     The best deals offered include:

    • $20 off reduction on the monthly bill for the first six months of service on 15GB to 75GB plans plus 50% more data for the same price
    • Free installation for leasing HughesNet satellite equipment or a $100 credit when you buy the required equipment
    • $5 off monthly on your equipment lease fee
    • Free Six months of Norton 360 Deluxe (on five devices)

    Bottom Line

    If you live in remote rural or less densely populated areas without other forms of internet connectivity, HughesNet might be the best and most reliable connection available. However, the best HughesNet internet packages range from $49.99 to $139.99/month, depending on the GBs included in the plan.

    Typically, the more GB, the larger your full-speed data allowance, and the higher the monthly price. Notably, prices also vary by location, date, and current promotions, and the standard prices displayed in this guideline may vary.