How Do I Make International Calls with H2o Wireless

H20 Wireless is a prepaid mobile virtual network operator based in the United States. It’s a Telrite Holdings’ Locus Telecommunications brand. As a result, the carrier does not have its network towers and instead leases them from another critical provider. They provide low-cost mobile phone plans, as well as worldwide plans for make International Calls with H2o Wireless.

Depending on your plan, each unlimited plan includes either $1.50 or $5.00 in monthly international talk credit. With the International Talk Top Up, you may also add credit. You can also receive and make calls over the internet using the H2o wifi calling. Even when there is no or poor coverage, you can rely on wifi calling to keep you connected.

Making international calls is necessary for smartphone users with family and friends living abroad. Every network provides this capability, but you must be aware of the packages available and how to use them because each country has its dial code. In this post, we’ll look at H2o Wireless no contact phone plans and the various methods you can use the network to make international calls.

Does H20 Wireless Offer International Calling?

Yes, H2O Wireless is well-known for its incredible unlimited plans, including international calling options in over 53 countries with no long-distance fees or additional expenses. You’ll also get unlimited messaging to any place in the globe and up to $20 in international voice credit if you have an active H2O Wireless service account.

How do I Make International Calls with H2o Wireless

How Do I Make International Calls with H2o Wireless?

You can use the H20 international features as follows to make international calls

i) For Monthly Unlimited Plan Users

Please ensure that your active H2O® Wireless account has sufficient balance.

  • Dial 1-213-808-6199 from your wireless phone
  • When the dial tone is heard, dial as you would any other international call. 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number is a combination of 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.

ii) For Pay-As-You-Go Plan Users

  • From your wireless phone, dial 1-562-252-0100 and complete the instructions outlined above.

If you are not able to make or receive an international call through H20, follow the procedure below to troubleshoot your device;

  • To begin, check your device’s call settings to determine if “Outgoing international call lock” is on; first, hit the “Phone” icon on the home screen.
  • Then tap the “Menu” icon, then “Settings.”
  • Then, press the international call settings button after selecting the call icon.
  • Verify that both the Outgoing international call lock feature [which prevents international calls from being sent] and the Incoming internal call lock feature are activated.
  • If you’re still having trouble receiving or sending international calls after “de-selecting” the above two options, check with H2o to see if you’ve subscribed for an add-on service to block international calls.

Bottom Line

H20 Wireless is an MVNO that uses the current network infrastructure, as previously indicated. Customers can access the company’s services over AT&T’s GSM network.

As a result, the MVNO offers substantial nationwide network coverage, allowing consumers to use current 4G LTE and 5G networks. The H20 Wireless network, which uses a widely used technology, is compatible with any GSM phone, allowing it to be used globally.