Does Cricket Wireless Work in Dominican Republic

Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator under AT&T. The company uses AT&T’s 4G LTE network, the second-largest and best network service in the United States. Because Cricket Wireless is an MVNO, the company’s cell phone plans are very cheap.

As a result, Cricket Wireless consumers get incredible savings on the greatest data plans. They also get international plans like Cricket Wireless Work in Dominican Republic that’s include unlimited texting and talking.

In 35 countries, these plans include unlimited calling to landlines and text messages to mobile phones. It’s worth noting that Cricket Unlimited and the $50 per month plan already enable text messaging to nations outside of the United States. Cricket Wireless phone plans are inexpensive, with no overage fees and no long-term contracts.

The most basic plan costs $30 per month for single-line users and $25 per line for four or more lines on an unlimited plan. You can upgrade your plan or phone with no early termination fee from the carrier.

With all of these advantages, it’s crucial to know if Cricket wireless services are available internationally, in our case, Dominican Republic.

Does Cricket Wireless Work in Dominican Republic?

Yes, cricket subscribers in the Dominican Republic can use the Cricket International plans to access the company’s services. There are two wireless access technologies for cell phone services in the Dominican Republic; CDMA and GSM. Therefore, Cricket Wireless works well in the country because it is based on the AT&T GSM network.

Does Cricket Wireless Work in Dominican Republic

Orange was the first to introduce GSM technology to the country, and Orange, Claro, and Viva use it to sell cell phones. The Claro Codetel, Tricom, and Viva PCS cell phones all use the CDMA technology, responding to the Multiple Access Division by Code transmission protocol.

Customers can call Colombia, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic for $100 or $150 per month. The following services are provided by these international plans, which are classified into two categories:

Cricket International

Unlimited international texting and calling from the United States to landline lines in Cricket International nations, including the Dominican Republic, are included in the plan. The service is accessible on a regular monthly basis. For the best deal and a whole month of use, add on the first day of your monthly cycle.

Cricket International Extra 

With this subscription, you will have unlimited international texting, photo, and video messaging. The plan also provides unlimited calling to landline lines in the United States and 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to wireless numbers in Cricket International countries. The feature is available monthly, with the best value and a whole month of use if you add it on the first day of your paying cycle.

Bottom Line

Cricket Wireless is a brand of AT&T, one of the country’s leading network providers. Thanks to the 4G LTE and 5G networks, the company offers a nationwide service at super-fast speeds. Most mobile phone manufacturers use the GSM network, which the carrier uses. As a result, there are numerous Cricket Wireless compatible phones available worldwide.