Hello Mobile is an excellent T-Mobile-powered mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). You’ll get a top-notch 5G network, reasonable unlimited data rates, and even a free month of service with Hello Mobile.

    Hello Mobile offers an unlimited plan for as little as $25 per month, but are its low costs enough to persuade you to ditch your existing carrier? Let’s take a closer look at Hello Mobile plans.

    Hello Mobile is an attractive choice for budget-conscious shoppers, with plans starting at $10/month for 500MB of data. Multi-line discounts on family plans lower prices even further. Whether you’re signing up alone or in a group with friends or family, Hello Mobile will save you money.

    Customers who sign up for Hello Mobile get a free second month of service. Simply switch to Hello Mobile and pay for your first month to receive your second month free. Unlike most major carriers, Hello Mobile doesn’t offer many, if any, incentives.

    All plans provide unlimited international calling to several countries worldwide; however, there are no streaming service subscriptions, cloud data storage, or other extras. Mobile hotspot data is an additional charge, except for the top-of-the-line $40/month unlimited service. However, Hello Mobile’s bare-bones offering has one redeeming feature: its jaw-droppingly low monthly rates.

    Reasons to buy Hello Mobile plans in 2023

    i) Same quality coverage

    Hello Mobile, which T-Mobile powers, has the same high-quality coverage you’ve expected from T-Mobile. Because Hello Mobile uses T-towers, Mobile’s you’ll get the best-in-class 5G coverage. Hello Mobile is an attractive carrier alternative if you require lightning-fast mobile internet connections without breaking the bank.

    ii) Lower prices

    A low-cost carrier plan can cost anywhere from $10 to $45 per month. A traditional cell phone plan costs around $80 per month. While Hello Mobile’s single-line prices are already lower than its competitors, expenses for additional plan customers are even lower. The more family lines you add, the more you’ll save, with five lines providing the most savings.

    iii) Simple switching process

    You’ll be up and running with your new plan within a few days. Your phone number is also safe to keep. Bring your existing phone number to Hello to avoid the headache of getting a new one. It’s simple and free.

    iv) Customize your plan

    Most plans include unlimited talk and text, which gives you many options. You can tailor the data to your specific requirements and change your plan as much as possible. You’ll have to buy extra minutes or data if you run out. They make it simple to reload, so you don’t have to be concerned if you run out of data.

    v) No commitment

    Any contracts do not cover alternative carriers. If your needs change, you can switch at any time to discover a better offer. They also don’t charge an activation cost and provide you with a free second month. Furthermore, there are no extra fees or taxes associated with the service.

    vi) Buy online

    You may quickly and conveniently select and purchase your plan online. No more commuting to the store! Switch online to save money from the convenience of your own home.

    The best Hello Mobile plans and pricing in 2023

    Let’s start with the most significant aspect: mobile plans. Plans or offers are always the most critical differentiator between MVNOs in the business, and how they are priced might persuade consumers to try or move to a specific brand.

    Hello Mobile touts the affordability of its unlimited data and capped prepaid plans. On your subscriptions, you can add up to four additional lines. There are some features that almost all Hello Mobile phone plans have in common. They include the following:

    • 4G LTE and 5G data network access
    • Free SIM card kits with plan purchase
    • The second month of service is free.
    •  Unlimited international calling (except for the $5 plan, which excludes international calls )
    • Taxes and fees included
    • Ability to automatically connect to 10 million hotspot locations across the country to help save data
    •  Multiple line/Family Plan discounts (except for $5 and $15 plans)

    As long as you have an unlimited subscription with Hello Mobile, you will always have access to mobile data. However, as with other MVNOs, limitless does not imply that there are no limits.

    While the numbers don’t restrict data on an unlimited plan, you’ll eventually face bandwidth throttling or the carrier purposely slowing down network speed. When you consume more than 15 GB of data, you will experience bandwidth throttling.

    • 1 line-  $25 for 1 line
    • 2 lines- $40/month for 2 lines
    • 3 lines -$55/month for 3 lines
    • 4 lines – $70/month for 4 lines
    • 5 lines- $85/month for 5 lines

    2) Capped Data Plans

    Hello Mobile also offers a variety of plans in which you can pay per 500 MB or GB of data used. There is no degradation in network speed or perks, and the inclusions are the same as the unlimited data plans, respectively. Simply put, the amount of data you may use is restricted.

    i) Best value: 4 GIGS plan

    • 1 line- $15/month for 1 line
    • 2 lines- $30/month for 2 lines
    • 3 lines -$45/month for 3 lines
    • 4 lines – $60/month for 4 lines
    • 5 lines- $75/month for 5 lines

    ii) Basic plan: 1GIG plan

    • 1 line-  $10/month for 1 line
    • 2 lines- $17.5/month for 2 lines
    • 3 lines -$25/month for 3 lines
    • 4 lines – $32.5/month for 4 lines
    • 5 lines- $40/month for 5 lines

    iii) Best-selling plan: 500MB plan

    • 1 line-  $5/month for 1 line
    • 2 lines- $10/month for 2 lines
    • 3 lines -$15/month for 3 lines
    • 4 lines – $20/month for 4 lines
    • 5 lines- $25/month for 5 lines

    The best Hello Mobile family plan

    Hello Mobile does provide savings on family plans with up to five lines. The larger the discount, the more lines a consumer has. On the $25 unlimited plan, the highest possible discount is provided. Customers with 5 lines in their accounts will only pay $17 per month for that plan.

     Does Hello Mobile have unlimited data

    Yes! For about $25 per month, Hello Mobile offers an unlimited talk, text, and data service. There’s a reason Hello Mobile’s unlimited plan costs so little. It isn’t actually limitless. If you read the fine print on their deal, you’ll notice that their unlimited plan is throttled after 15 GB.

    Other plans prioritize traffic after a specific threshold is reached; however, Hello Mobile reduces your data plan to 264 kbps. That’s right; you read that correctly. The bitrate is 264 kbps. Go for it if you think $25 a month is worth the 15 GB of data you’ll get. You’ll have to search elsewhere if you’re looking for a real unlimited plan.

    To put it in perspective, Sprint Kickstarter Unlimited costs $35 per month and only deprioritizes your data after 20 GB. That is, it is not automatically slowed down to a crawl. When the network gets congested, they merely slow you down.

    The drawbacks of the best Hello Mobile plans in 2022

    In terms of disadvantages, Hello Mobile’s best-selling plan is the only one that does not contain support for a mobile hotspot. Because a mobile hotspot is useful while surfing on numerous devices in places where Wi-Fi is unavailable may influence a potential subscriber’s decision. The plan’s mobile phone can share the connection to be more specific.

    However, in the case of the MVNO, a hotspot is an extra cost, bringing the total subscription to $40. That means it’s now more expensive than comparable deals that include hotspot support as part of the plan. Furthermore, compared to most competitors, Hello Mobile throttles network speed the fastest at 15 GB.

    Hello Mobile’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

    In the frequently asked questions area of Hello Mobile’s website, they say that they provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy. However, it doesn’t say much more than “don’t like your service?” We’ll reimburse your money.” To understand what they mean, you’ll have to dig through their terms of service.

    According to those terms, all Hello Mobile plans come with an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee. Customers have seven days from the time of activation to receive a complete refund, excluding any shipping and handling fees. Customers are asked to wait 10 days after requesting a refund to allow Hello Mobile time to complete the request.

    Hello Mobile supported phones and BYOD devices

    Hello Mobile accepts phones that are no longer under contract, have no outstanding debts, and are compatible with the Sprint or T-Mobile networks. Hello Mobile should operate with almost universally unlocked phones on the market.

    There are also several phones to choose from. Sim cards and plans can be purchased directly from Hello Mobile’s website. The company owns no shops.

     Bottom line

    Hello Mobile offers a wide choice of plans, from the most basic to unlimited everything. If you’re transferring more than one line to this carrier, select the plan type first, then add more lines. Except for their super-basic plan, all other plans include unlimited talk and text.

    Minutes can be used to call 70 countries within the United States. This carrier does not enable Wi-Fi calling, and a mobile hotspot is offered as an add-on.