Are Straight Talk Phones unlocked

For many people, the word ‘phone’ sends chills down their spines. But for others, it’s a source of pride. For those who are willing to do whatever it takes to make the most of their lives and make the most of their voices, the ability to speak to anyone from anywhere at any time is an essential tool.

So how many can you think of that already know their own cell phone number? Many would say there are only a few in the entire world that even exist. The Straight Talk has made it pretty simple to get started with their phone. Some consumers are unknown of one thing and that is whether are Straight Talk phones unlocked yet or not. Read on to go beyond of this vital topic.

Are Straight Talk Phones unlocked

Straight Talk phone is a phone service that only allows you to make and receive calls from the people you choose. Being launched in October 2009, the company offers its service through the CDMA network.

While most people assume that means regular phone service, there are a few distinct types of Straight Talk phones. There are more than 50 states that offer some form of Straight Talk phone service. A prepaid unlimited plan with unlimited calls is also available here.

The phone of Straight Talk is often named an ‘unlocked’ device, as it gives you complete control over how you use the phone. This means you can use it with a cellular network without a particular service contract, device, or agreement from your wireless provider. Actually, this isn’t the case at all.

If you buy a phone from Straight Talk, the device will be locked. This is why so that you can use the device only with the Straight Talk network. You can request for an unlock service when the using duration of that phone passes 12-months.

To get your Straight Talk phone unlock code, the first process you should try is to get it through the IVR system. The full form of IVR is Interactive Voice Response. To get this service, you have just to dial 1-877-430-2355, which is the customer care number of Straight Talk. When you get connected with customer service, ask for the network unlock code from the person you’re talking with.

If you own a Straight Talk phone and want to change providers, it is good to get a device that can unlock your phone number. This will allow you to use any wireless network without a contract and let your current provider lease your number to other customers. If you have a plan that includes a lifeline service, you can often ask your service provider to borrow your number for 24 hours.

The benefits of a Straight Talk phone are many, and the options for a Straight Talk phone are also a lot. There are 3 categories of phones in Straight Talk and we have go depth in every category. From these three categories, you need to choose which will be accurate for you.