Affinity Cellular has been offering AAA members cellular phone service since 1993. Affinity Cellular is a one-of-a-kind wireless provider that caters exclusively to AAA members with carefully customized services and plans. It provides low-cost speak, text, and data options and a free flip phone. It also runs on the Verizon network, which saves consumers money by allowing them to purchase minutes at discounted rates and bundle them into contracts. However, this article aims to go over how to receive Affinity Cellular free phones in detail.

    Contract-free plans are available from Affinity Cellular for casual phone users who don’t need a lot of minutes or data and want to save money. It offers a variety of flexible plans with reasonable pricing, a free flip phone, and free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance. Voice-only options start at $10 per month, while a $60 per month unlimited everything plan is also available. With Affinity Cellular, you cannot get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything.

    Family plans are supported by adding extra members to your current plan for $14 per user for up to five persons. However, there is the exception of the $10 and $15 voice-only plans and the unlimited plan. AAA members also get access to exclusive offers. If you are a member of AAA, you can take advantage of these special offers on the greatest iPhone phones available on their website.

    Why should you get a free phone from Affinity Cellular?

    You must be a current AAA member to receive a free phone from Affinity Cellular. After that, you must sign up for their services to receive a free phone. The following are some of the benefits of switching to Affinity Cellular and receiving a free phone.

    affinity cellular free phones

    i) No contract phone plans

    You are not obliged to enter a contract with Affinity Cellular. With low rates and excellent service, they earn your business.

    ii) Most Reliable 4G Network

    Affinity Cellular services run on the country’s most reliable network (Verizon) to ensure good connectivity. You will never pay roaming fees because coverage is available to 98 percent of households in the United States.

    iii) Change Your Plan Anytime

    Affinity provides versatility. You can change your phone plan at any moment to be sure you’re not overpaying for services you don’t need or use.

    iv) USA Customer Support

    They’ve come to assist you. Simply dial 611 from your phone, and their Customer Support team in the United States will assist you.

    v) 30- Day Guarantee

    Affinity Cellular offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return your phone for a refund.

    How to get Affinity Cellular free phones

    It’s worth noting that Affinity Cellular does not offer free government smartphones to its customers. The MVNO does not participate in Lifeline Assistance or Affordable Connectivity Programs. Affinity Cellular, on the other hand, offers free flip phones to AAA members in the following ways:

    1)  By purchasing the Affinity Cellular plan.

    You get a free flip phone when you buy any plan starting at $10 per month from Affinity Cellular. You can get one of the voice phone plans, which come with only minutes and start at a low price of $10 per month, for basic phone users or clients who don’t need data.

    • Freedom 10 plan for $10 per month
    • Freedom 350 plan for $10 per month
    • Freedom talk plan for $20 per month
    • Unlimited talk and text for $24 per month

    For an extra monthly fee, you can share any voice plans with up to 5 lines (devices). If you choose the Freedom 10 plan, you will be charged $10 per month for each additional line. If you choose any other plan, you will be charged $14 per month for each additional line. Only flip phone users may get the $24 plan, including unlimited calls and text.

    The ZTE 233 Cymbal and Nokia 2V flip phones are free through Affinity Cellular. Affinity Cellular users only have to pay a nominal monthly fee of $20 to obtain unlimited talking (Freedom Talk Plan). The features and specifications of the phones are listed below.

    • Flip phones that are simple to use.
    • They are 4G capable.
    • External SD card is supported.
    • Bluetooth and GPS capabilities are available.
    •  Basic camera.
    • Built-in headphone jack

    2) Through Affinity Loyalty Credit

    Affinity Loyalty Credit some of the phones on their websites for a discounted price or free. If you earn a loyalty credit from them, you can use it to get a free phone. All Affinity Loyalty Credit Redemptions are valid for 120 days from purchase.

    Complete the Loyalty credit form on their website and attach the following things to earn your loyalty credit:

    • Complete sales receipt for the purchased item; copies are OK.
    • For each good purchased, fill out this online form.
    • Dates are eligible for purchases made between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, and must be entered within 120 days of purchase.
    • After 12 (twelve) months of continuous service, a loyalty credit will be applied to the original purchaser’s account. The original purchaser’s account must be active and in good standing when the loyalty credit is applied. Any submissions that are incomplete or wrong will be rejected.

    It’s vital to remember that loyalty credit cannot be combined with any other phone offers on their website.

    What phone deals does Affinity Cellular offer?

    Affinity Cellular has a small phone range, with Apple iPhone SE, 6, 7, 8, and XR models starting at $50 and up to $499.99 and phones from other manufacturers. A lifetime warranty is included with the phones. Affinity Cellular is currently offering an Affinity Wireless iPhone 7 Bundle for $114.99. The following things are included in the bundle:

    • Apple iPhone 7 (32GB)
    • 5 months of service with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and 3 GB of Data per month
    • FREE USB Car Adapter, Free Case
    • FREE Screen Protector
    • FREE Activation
    • FREE Shipping

    Bottom line

    Affinity Cellular uses Verizon’s dependable network, which provides excellent reception and access. Its goal is to cater to a specific group of customers: AAA members. It offers a variety of flexible plans with reasonable pricing, a free flip phone, and free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance. You can get a free phone from Affinity Cellular by taking advantage of the ways discussed in the article.