Assist Wireless is a low-cost cell phone service in Arkansas, Maryland, and Oklahoma. The company is a smaller Lifeline provider with aspirations to expand to nine other states this year. A qualifying consumer, mainly those who participate in government-funded programs, is eligible for the assist Wireless free phone and subsidized mobile phone under the lifeline program.

    The company engages in this lifeline program to ensure that all residents in their area of operation, particularly low-income ones, have access to inexpensive mobile phone services. However, like any other Lifeline service, Assist Wireless has specific eligibility regulations and restrictions when it comes to enrolling in their lifeline program. Make sure you meet the requirements outlined in the article before filling out an Assist Wireless application online.

    The basic free plan provided by the company includes 250 minutes per month. The plan is an excellent value for seniors and low-income citizens. As a result, the focus of this article is on how to obtain free mobile phones from Assist Wireless, the company’s way of operation, and other services. 

    How Does Assist Wireless Operate?

    Assist Wireless is a lifeline program provider that uses T-network Mobile to provide service; as a result, their free phones use T-GSM Mobile’s technology. This also means that the company has good network coverage, as their clients can use T-Mobile towers, one of the largest mobile network providers in the United States.

    The company primarily serves low-income individuals, pensioners, and veterans through its lifeline program. If you follow the regulations and follow the law, you’re only allowed to have one phone and one Lifeline plan. Only one member in a household can receive Lifeline support and a free device.

    Does Assist Wireless Offer Free Phone Plans?

    Assist wireless free phone

    The corporation participates in the lifeline program, allowing qualified residents to receive free mobile phone plans. They have no plans for people who do not qualify for the Lifeline program’s support. Your Assist Wireless device and Lifeline phone service come with several standard services. They are as follows:

    • Unlimited 911
    • Caller I.D.
    • Caller Waiting
    • Voicemail
    • Live Customer Service

    The pricing of these plans depends on the state you are in, as indicated below;

    i) Oklahoma

    a) Tribal Oklahoma plans

    With the Oklahoma tribal plans, you will get a free plan with unlimited talks, unlimited texts, and 4 G.B. of data. Moreover; you can also get cheap plans such as;

    • $1 plan providing unlimited talks, texts, and 4.5GB of mobile data
    • You will get unlimited talks, texts, and 5 G.B. of data for only $5

    b) Non-Tribal Oklahoma

    Non-Tribal Oklahoma plans provide two free plans; The talk-based plan provides 1000 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 50 M.B. of mobile data. The other is a data-based plan that comes with 100 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 3 G.B. of mobile data. However, eligible customers also have access to:

    • Talk-based that costs $1 provides 1000 minutes of talk time, unlimited SMS, and 50 M.B. of data
    • $1 data-based plan comes with 100 minutes, unlimited messages, and 3 G.B. of data
    • With $5, you will get 600 minutes of call time, unlimited texts, and 3 G.B. of data.
    • The $10 plan offers 1100 minutes of call time, unlimited texts, and 3 G.B. of data.
    • The $25 plan provides unlimited minutes, texts, and 4 G.B. of data.

    ii) Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri:

    These states receive the following services from the free plans below;

    • 1000 minutes of talk, 500 texts, 50 M.B. of data
    • 1000 minutes and 500 texts

    All states also receive refill options which include;

    a) Data Refills:

    • $4 for 100MB
    • $12 for 500MB
    • $15 for 1GB

    b) Talk Refills:

    • $4 for 100 minutes
    • $8 for 400 minutes
    • $15 for 1000 minutes

    c) Text Refills

    • $5 for 1000 texts
    • $8 for 2000 texts
    • $12 for 4000 texts

    d) Combo Refill:

    With $25 per month, you will get 100 minutes, 1000 texts, and 1 G.B. data.

    How to Get Assist Wireless Free Phone?

    You must be eligible for the Lifeline Assistance Program and apply for it to receive the free government smartphones offered by Assist Wireless. It is a federal government assistance program that gives free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes to qualified low-income households in the United States.

    The Lifeline program offers eligible low-income consumers a $9.25 monthly discount on service and $34.25 per month for subscribers on tribal grounds.

    Customers may obtain a Lifeline discount on either a landline or wireless service, but not both at the same time. As a result, Assist Wireless is offering to subsidize phone service for low-income consumers through the Lifeline program, a federally funded program.

    California, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Texas will be added to the company’s service area.

    For you to qualify for the Assist Wireless Lifeline program, your household must meet one of the two qualifying requirements:

    • You qualify if your Gross Family Income falls at or below the 135% of U.S. Government Poverty Guidelines 
    • You can receive a phone if you are receiving help from assistance programs, such as;
      • Federal Public Housing Assistance
      • Veterans Benefits or Survivor’s Pension Benefits
      • Medicaid
      • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
      • Social Security
      • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)Tribal-
      • Tribal Head Start
      • Administered Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

    If you certify the conditions mentioned above, you qualify to proceed with the application process. Follow the procedure below to apply for the free phones through Assist wireless either online or through the mail;

    Online Application

    • Visit Assist Wireless
    • Select the “Enroll Now” button on the right-hand side of the menu bar.
    • Through standard mail or even visit a local dealer
    • Print the Lifeline application form
    • Fill out the application form
    • Send the application form and the documentation to a Lifeline Support center

    It’s worth noting, though, that you’ll need the following documentation and information to apply for Assist Wireless’ Lifeline program:

    • A copy of a proof-of-low-income document
    • Have a document demonstrating participation in one of the support programs mentioned above programs.
    • Provide a photocopy of a government-issued I.D.
    • Provide the number of your household members if you are applying for Lifeline based on income.
    • If seeking Enhanced Lifeline support, certify that the subscriber resides on federally recognized tribal lands.
    • Customers who do not have a permanent residential address must offer a temporary address, which cannot be a P.O. Box. If a consumer temporarily resides at an address, the telephone service provider or a state agency may seek address confirmation.
    • The consumer’s date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

    How Do I Activate Assist Wireless Free Phone?

    You must connect your free phone to the company’s network to take advantage of the company’s lifetime free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, and low-cost mobile phone plans. After the approved application, it usually takes a few days for the phone to arrive in your mailbox.

    You can always expedite the procedure by going to a rail station and completing the necessary paperwork. Assist wireless phones usually are free; however, the provider may charge a Service activation cost, which varies by state.

    The activation price in most jurisdictions will range from $15 to $80. A company activation credit may be available if applicable. It’s also worth noting that activation fees may be postponed dependent on product offerings, and they may even be waived in some states.

    Subscriptions are entirely responsible for the total activation charge if discounts, waivers, or deferred program offerings are not available or applied. Assist Wireless retains the right to adjust the activation costs that new subscriber will be paid.

    If you apply and provide proof of eligibility, you will be given a free phone. As a result, once you receive your phone, you can activate it by doing the following:

    • Place the battery in the slot.
    • Press and hold the red power button to turn on your phone.
    • Choose your favorite language.
    • Your phone will be ready to make calls when you choose either English or Spanish.

    Note that Assist Wireless provides free smartphones only to Lifeline-qualified customers, and if those phones break down, users may be eligible for a free replacement phone.

    Assuming the phone did not stop working due to a user error. However, if you want a device that is better than the one given to you for free, you will have to pay for it.

    Bottom Line

    Assist Wireless is a well-known lifeline provider in the United States specializing in giving free mobile phone offers, plans, and low-cost services. The company’s services are only available in a few areas in the United States, so before joining their network, check the coverage map on their website.

    Because the company is part of the T-Mobile network, one of the largest in the United States, eligible users may expect excellent service.