Ultra Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that leases T-Mobile towers for service. Since T-Mobile is one of the largest carriers in the United States, most individuals should have excellent coverage, and most phones should work without trouble on this network. Each Ultra Mobile package comes with unlimited talk, text, and variable amounts of high-speed mobile data. In addition to its usual monthly plans, the company offers a discounted Ultra Mobile family plan and other multi-month bundles.

    The company offers prepaid cell phone plans that include unlimited nationwide talk and text and free international calling to more than 80 destinations. Paying by the month or prepaying for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan are options. Ultra Mobile’s plans offer 5G and 4G LTE coverage and unlimited global text and mobile hotspot.

    There are just two types of plans to consider: limited data and unlimited data plans. Furthermore, an Ultra Mobile prepaid plan’s price is determined by the monthly high-speed data limit and the number of months you’re ready to commit. As a result, this article evaluates Ultra Mobile’s plans, particularly the family plans.

    Plans That Make Ultra Mobile

    Ultra Mobile offers different data plans with a variety of options. All plans include free international calling and texting, while the more expensive plans include additional monthly credits for any non-free international calls. For the same price, all plans include hotspot data and 5G support.

    These plans can be upgraded with additional high-speed data for $10 or $20. The Unlimited plan includes 40GB of high-speed data and 10GB of data for use as a hotspot. You can add international roaming credit in $5, $10, and $20 increments. Add-ons can be purchased by logging into your account online, calling customer service, or sending a text message from your Ultra Mobile phone.

    ultra mobile family plan

    Ultra Mobile also offers a pay-as-you-go plan known as PayGo, which starts at $3 per month. This plan is not an Ultra Mobile standard plan and cannot be upgraded to one. You get 100 minutes, 100 SMS, and 100MB of data for $3.

    For $2, you can have unlimited phone and text for one day, or for $10, you can get it for seven days. You may also purchase a 1-day data add-on for $5 for 500MB of data. You can acquire 1GB of storage for $10 a week. Generally, Ultra Mobile provides the following as the best phone plans;

    i) 6GB Plan

    The starting price of this plan is $29 per month, providing 6GB of mobile data with free unlimited nationwide text and global text.

    ii) Unlimited Plan

    Heavy data users will find this plan sufficient for their online activities since the plan provides unlimited data at only $49 per month.

    iii) 2GB Plan

    The plan is sufficient for data users, providing 2GB of data for only $19 per month. If you ay three months in advance, you will get unlimited stifled data once 100MB of high-speed data gets used up

    iv) 250MB Plan

    If you want a plan with the best budget at Ultra Mobile, this is your best plan. With this plan, you will get 250MB of mobile data at only $15 per month.

    Best Ultra Mobile Family Plan

    You can use numerous lines on a single plan with a family plan, saving money. Because Ultra Mobile does not provide particular family plans, users can take advantage of Ultra Mobile’s Ultra Flex Family Plan, which allows up to four lines to be used simultaneously.

    With Ultra Flex Family, you can get unlimited talk and text for up to five lines on a single account for the lowest prices we’ve ever offered—as low as $12.50/mo when you add four or more lines.

    Ultra Flex Family is the first prepaid family plan, providing worry-free flexibility for the entire family. So that no one loses service, your plan’s parent can pay for the entire plan, or each member can pay for their line. In addition, any family member can add to the shareable 4G LTE data and INTL calling credits. These strategies include:

    1) 4 + Lines Plan

    The plan is available at only $12.50 per month per line and comes with 1GB of shared data allowing you to use more than four lines.


    • Usage of more extra lines
    • Cheap
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and global text
    • Free international calling


    • limited data

    2) 3 Lines Plan

    You will get this plan at $15 per month per line, which comes with 750MB of shared data. The plan allows you to use up to a maximum of three lines.


    • A good number of multiple lines
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and global text
    • Free international calling


    • Limited line usage
    • Low amount of shared data

    3) 2 Lines Plan

    The plan is available at only $17.5 per month per line, offering 500MB of shared data and allowing you to use up to 2 lines.


    • Unlimited nationwide talk and global text
    • Free international calling


    • Expensive compared to other plans
    • Limited shared data

    4) 1 Line Plan

    The 1-line plan is offered at $22 per month, and it provides 250MB of shared data.


    • Unlimited global text and nationwide talk
    • Free international calling
    • Mobile hotspot


    • Limited and low shared data
    • Expensive
    • Limited to only one line

    Ultra Mobile also offers a multi-month Ultra Flex package that includes unlimited local calls, unlimited text worldwide, unlimited calls to 10 countries, and 250MB of 4G LTE data rollover each month. The monthly package is $22, $35 for two months, $45 for three months, and $50 for four months. The fees are $12.50 per month for any period longer than four months.

    Bottom Line

    Ultra Mobile is a practical and affordable alternative to the country’s major mobile carriers. It isn’t for everyone, though, it is specially designed for those who require international calls and messages. It offers low-cost services because it is an MVNO with few overhead costs such as monthly rent. Although the company does not provide a specialized family plan, consumers who require multiple line plans can use the Ultra Flex prepaid plan.