PureTalk is one of the low-cost wireless service providers in the US which works as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The carrier is a subsidiary of Telrite Holdings and relies on the AT&T network to offer services to its customers. It offers affordable services and helps its customers save on their monthly phone-related bills. Today, we will look in detail at Pure Talk phone plans, which you can choose and their prices, among other related facets.

    You can get everything you need from a wireless service provider with PureTalk. Apart from the phone plans, you can get the latest iPhones and Android phones from the carrier if you want to have a new device. You can acquire these phones at discounted prices, including monthly payment terms. If not, you can switch with your own phone if you are a new customer. You are only require to have a compatible device with the carrier’s network.

    PureTalk offers several prepaid plans, which are unlimited. You won’t be charge anything if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, your data will be slowed considerably after reaching your data threshold. Additionally, the carrier offers family plans where families receive a discount depending on their lines. Also, you can get tablet plans if you are a tablet lover. Let’s understand more about these plans from PureTalk.

    Reasons Of PureTalk A Reliable Service Provider

    There are various reasons why PureTalk is considered reliable. These include:

    i) Wide Coverage

    Since it operates using the AT&T network, PureTalk has extensive coverage. AT&T is one of the leading network providers in the US. Its network spreads to about 21 states; hence a PureTalk subscriber will get the same coverage. You can confirm if the carrier is available in your state by entering your location’s address or ZIP code on the coverage map on the PureTalk website.

    ii) High Data Connectivity

    AT&T is a GSM network provider, and since PureTalk uses its network, the latter’s customers are assured of a high 4G LTE and 5G connectivity to all enabled devices. Therefore, they will have no problem performing online activities; hence it’s a reliable carrier. Remember, with AT&T, you can get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything.

    iii) No Contracts

    You can acquire all PureTalk cell phone plans with no contracts. This one mean that you can change your plan or alter it as you aren’t committed to it.

    pure talk phone plans

    iv) Bring Your Own Phone

    You do not need a new device when switching to the carrier’s network. PureTalk has the Bring Your Own Phone plan, and hence you can join the network with your current device. However, you must ensure your phone is compatible and is unlocked to operate well with the PureTalk network. Notably, the process of switching is also simple.

    v) Variety Of Phones

    PureTalk offers the latest iPhones and Android devices at discounted prices. You can visit its website and acquire one of your preferences.

    Best Pure Talk Phone Plans

    PureTalk offers prepaid plans and family plans to its customers, which are affordable compared to other carriers offering cell phone plans with free phones. These plans include:

    1) Prepaid Plans

    The carrier has seven prepaid phone plans, and each plan has a set amount of high-speed data. All the PureTalk prepaid plans include:

    • Unlimited Talk and text
    • Unlimited 2G data after data limit is reached (speeds at 256Kbps)
    • 5G access
    • Mobile hotspot included
    • 1080p video streaming quality
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Video content streams at up to 4.5Mbps
    • International calling
    • VoLTE access
    • Visual voicemail
    • Group and picture messaging

    The plans are:

    i) $20/month plan

    This plan comes with 2GB of high-speed data and a mobile hotspot.

    ii) $25/month plan

    This one offer 4GB of mobile data and all the above features.

    iii) $30/month plan

    This plan gives out 6GB of premium data with full-speed connectivity. A hotspot is also included.

    iv) $35/month plan

    This plan has 10GB of high-speed data and mobile hotspot data included.

    v) $45/month plan

    The plan gives you 20GB of high-speed data, enhancing browsing speed. A hotspot is also included.

    vi) $55/month plan

    With this plan, you will get 60GB of high-speed data. The plan also has a mobile hotspot of 15GB.

    vii) $65/month plan

    This plan comes with 60GB of high-speed data. It is the highest PureTalk prepaid plan, but it is affordable. The plan also includes 25GB of mobile hotspot.

    2) Family Plans

    For the PureTalk family plans, families receive a discount on their bills depending on the number of lines. For instance:

    • Two lines get a 10% discount
    • Three lines get a 15% discount
    • Four lines get a 20% discount

    The PureTalk family plans include services like:

    • 1080p video streaming quality
    • Unlimited talk and texts
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • Mobile hotspot
    • VoLTE access

    These plans differ in price according to the lines a family has, as explained below:

    1. PureTalk 2GB Family Plan

    The plan comes with 2GB per line and costs $36/month for two lines, $51/month for three lines, and $64/month for four lines.

    2. PureTalk 4GB Family Plan

    This plan involves 4GB of data per line and costs $45/month for two lines, $63.75/month for three lines, and $80/month for four lines.

    3. PureTalk 6GB Family Plan

    The plan comes with 6GB of data per line and goes for $54/month for two lines, $76.50/month for three lines, and $96/month for four lines.

    4. PureTalk 10GB Family Plan

    The plan has 10GB of data per line and costs $63/month for two lines, $89.25/month for three lines, and $112/month for four lines.

    5. PureTalk 20GB Family Plan

    The plan involves 20GB of mobile data per line and goes for $81/month for two lines, $114.75/month for three lines, and $114/month for four lines.

    6. PureTalk 60GB Family Plan

    This one offer 60GB per line and costs $99/month for two lines, $140.25/month for three lines, and $176/month for four lines. It also includes 15GB of mobile hotspot data.

    7. PureTalk 60GB Family Plan with 25GB Hotspot

    This plan gives 60GB per line and includes 25GB of hotspot data. It costs $117/month for two lines, $165.75/month for three lines, and $208/month for four lines.

    Devices That Work Well On PureTalk

    Most GSM unlocked phones and other devices will function with PureTalk. This one is mainly meant for new customers switching to PureTalk. Consider contacting your current carrier to find out if your phone is unlocked or how to request that it be unlocked. Remember the phone should not be tied to your previous carrier when switching. You can also buy a phone straight from PureTalk if you like. PureTalk has several popular iPhones and Android phones.

    If you choose the $45 20GB plan or higher, you will receive an automatic $100 discount on a PureTalk phone. Pure Talk phones are all unlocked, which is an advantage. This means you may take your PureTalk phone and use it with another carrier if PureTalk doesn’t work for you, such as if AT&T coverage isn’t good in your area or you need international functionality.

    You can acquire these phones either at the total retail price or in monthly installments. Visit the PureTalk website, see their pricing, and choose the one that suits you. You can also get PureTalk eSIM for free or the Pure Talk SIM for $3.00. Some of the discounted devices sold by PureTalk include:

    i) Apple Phones

    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Apple iPhone 13 series
    • Apple iPhone 12 series
    • Apple iPhone 11

    b) Android Devices

    • Samsung Galaxy A12
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
    • Nokia G20
    • Nokia G50
    • Nokia G10
    • Nokia 6300
    • Nokia 5.4

    Final Words

    PureTalk is a popular Mobile Virtual network operator in the US, a subsidiary of Telrite Holdings. The carrier uses the AT&T network to offer wireless services to its customers. It has several phone plans which are cheap and affordable. Notably, all these plans require no contracts when you purchase them; hence you can change or shift to another plan. Additionally, you can get various discounted phones from PureTalk, as elaborated in this article.