Twigby is exclusively an online-only company founded in 2014, operating on the Verizon network. As a result, the company offers cell phone plan prices very low than other companies. Thus, utilize the nation’s largest and most reliable network. However, Twigby features 4G LTE and 5G coverage that offers its customers speed and reliability. All Twigby phone plans include a set amount of high-speed data.

    Therefore, if you consume all of your high-speed data and do not upgrade to the next plan, you will still get access to unlimited 2G speeds for the remainder of your bill cycle cost-free. Twigby plans start as low as $20 per month for 3GB of high-speed data, but you can often get deals for 25%-50% off. Additionally, customers on Twigby can expect excellent coverage, with the Twigby nationwide network covering over 270 million people.

    Twigby is taking over the business plan mobile phone hierarchy with affordable pricing and flexible plan options. In this case, Twigby’s business program provides highly customized business cell phone service for small, medium, and large businesses. Interestingly, Twigby also provides a free app to manage your account when you’re on the go. Through this app, you can confirm your account balances, pay your outstanding balances, etc.

    Features Of Twigby Phone Plans

    Generally, all Twigby plans feature the following free features:

    • Domestic texts
    • Spanish or English voicemail
    • Three-way calling
    • International calls and texts
    • No hotspot or tethering fees

    Twigby Smartphone Value Plans

    International Talk, Text and hotspot access are both included for free. However, if you require more data in a month, you can automatically upgrade to the next plan and only pay the difference. Since all Twigby phone plans provide unlimited texts, you will have to customize your monthly minutes and data allowance to select the best price.

    twigby phone plans

    Additionally, the cheapest Twigby plan starts at $10 per month for talk and text only. On the other hand, the most affordable option featuring a data package is $15 monthly. Twigby provides three pre-built plans called Smartphone Value Plans. The plans include:

    • Twigby 300 Mins – $10 for No Data data
    • Twigby 1GB plus 300 Mins – $15 per month
    • 3GB of 4G LTE/5G data – $20 per month
    • 5GB of 4G LTE/5G data – $25 per month
    • 10GB of 4G LTE/5G data – $35 per month

    Furthermore, these plans pack unlimited talk and text plus unlimited 2G data speeds after depleting your monthly allowance of high-speed data. Fortunately, Twigby often runs various promotions that lower the cost of these phone plans. Twigby plans are available for 50% off for the first six months.

    Notably, the 3GB plan was available for $10 per month from an original price of $20, and this promotion applies to the available Twigby phone plans. Therefore, if you want to buy a new Twigby phone plan and no discounts currently available, you can catch a deal by holding on a little longer. Also, you can terminate your service with Twigby at any time without worrying about contracts or additional fees.

    Apart from the Smartphone Value Plans, you can also create your own plan with Twigby. These plans feature unlimited texting, but you can mix-and-match between 300, 500, or unlimited minutes and no data, 200MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB. Besides, if there’s a current discount (such as 50% off for the first six months), you’ll still receive it if you customize your own plan with Twigby.

    Twigby Available Current Deals

    When it comes to giving a discount to customers, Twigby provides coupons and discount regular offers to existing and new customers. Twigby offers discounts and promotional deals on cell phones and plans each month. The available deals on the carrier website include:

    1) Up to 50% Off Your Plan for 6 Months

    Subscribe for a Twigby phone plans today and bring your number to receive a discount on your Twigby phone plan for the next 6 months. You will receive 25% off upon activation of your select Twigby cell phone plan for your first 6 months of service; then, an extra 25% will apply when you successfully transfer your number.

    Additionally, for unlimited talk and text and 10GB of data, you could be paying just $17.50 per month for the first 6 months. If you don’t require much data, your bill could get lowered to $12.50 per month for 5GB of data.

    2) $250 off for a Renewed iPhone 12 Mini 64GB

    Twigby is bringing you a chance to own an Apple iPhone at a very bargain price. You can get the certified reconditioned iPhone 12 Mini 64GB for only $549. With this deal, you can save $250 for this refurbished iPhone 12 Mini 64GB upon switching to Twigby.

    3) Save $124 on a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

    If you are searching for a real deal on a Samsung 5G smartphone, you can save with a new Samsung Galaxy A13 5G from Twigby. You can take advantage of the sale price on the latest Samsung Galaxy A13 5G for only $265.

    4) Motorola Phone with $78 off

    Switch to Twigby and receive this new Motorola Moto G Play (2021) with $78 off during Twigby phone sale promotional deals. You can obtain a new Motorola Moto G Play (2021) from Twigby for $181. Thus, order the cell phone online, and you’ll enjoy free shipping when you enter promo code SHIPFREE during the checkout process.

    Benefits Of Twigby

    • Quality Coverage – Twigby is powered by the Verizon network so that you can expect the same great nationwide coverage as Verizon customers.
    • Bring Your Own Phone – You can switch to Twigby using your current phone if you don’t want to upgrade your phone. You can quickly bring your own phone to Twigby phone plans. However, you’ll have to ensure your current phone is fully compatible.
    • Easy Set Up – Twigby is an online-based carrier, and therefore, it’s quick to select and purchase your Twigby SIM starter kit. Immediately your SIM card arrives, it’s easy to activate, and start enjoying Twigby high-speed internet and extensive coverage with a few simple steps.
    • 5G High-Speed Data – If you possess a 5G compatible device, you can experience access to the fast 5G network in areas where it’s available at no additional cost with Twigby 5G phone plans.

    Bottom Line

    Twigby is a no-contract wireless carrier that operates using the Verizon network. In other words, you will pay for Twigby phone plans at the beginning of each month. However, you can select your ideal cell phone plan from the available Twigby phone plans or build your own. Apart from the cheap cell phone plans on a reliable network, each plan is prepaid, and you won’t need to sign a contract or pay cancellation fees if you cancel your service.