Red Pocket Mobile is a cheap cell phone service provider that allows you to keep your phone while selecting services from any main carriers. The company is one of the popular mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) providing prepaid services. AT&T provides wireless service for the most popular red pocket mobile plans, but you don’t have to pay AT&T fees.

    Red Pocket offers cell phone plans with unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high-speed data for as little as $20 a month. You can have limitless everything for $50 per month, including 100GB of high-speed broadband. You won’t have to worry about a hard data cap with any Red Pocket plan, which means there will never be any overage costs. When you run out of high-speed data, your data speeds will only slow down instead of shutting down completely.

    This low-cost carrier, which has been offering prepaid cell phone plans since 2006, can help you cut your monthly phone bill in half. There are a variety of prepaid phone plans to choose from, making this an excellent carrier for data-hungry users. As a result, this post highlights some of the top red pocket mobile plans currently available.

    What Do Red Pocket Plans Offer?

    The lure of Red Pocket is evident from the start: unlimited call, text, and data for a fraction of the cost of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint Corporation plans. You can keep your old phone number and swap plans as your needs or finances dictate.

    red pocket mobile plans

    You can choose from a variety of mobile phone plans offered by the provider. The following benefits are available to subscribers of the company:

    i) Plans and Pricing

    Red Pocket Mobile’s plans are a decent deal for consumers who don’t use a lot of data. Monthly data plans start at $10 as of this writing. However, with the unlimited call, text, and 3GB of high-speed data, you’ll pay closer to $20 each month. Red Pocket also offers annual plans for as little as $30 on eBay, which works out to just $2.50 per month.

    The yearly plans offer the best value, but you should verify your data use before signing up for one. Before considering one of the 360-day plans, start with a monthly plan to determine if the service is exemplary for you. There are no contracts, credit checks, activation fees, or overage fees with Red Pocket Mobile because it is a prepaid provider.

    ii) Free International Calling, 

    Red Pocket Mobile provides free international calling, although the number of minutes available is limited based on the country and, in some cases, the phone number dialed. Personal numbers are limited to 24 per month, while calls to UK mobile networks are limitless.

    Calls to Celtel in Kenya are limited to 55 minutes, while calls to Safaricom are limited to 95 minutes. All capped destinations have a pooled credit for minutes, so if you talk for an hour with your Safaricom friend, your Celtel friend will have to wait until next month to hear from you.

    iii) Phone Selection

    Most Red Pocket Mobile subscribers will prefer to use their existing device. After all, keeping your phone and existing network is one of Red Pocket’s selling points. On the other hand, Red Pocket now only offers a limited quantity of smartphones.

    The company also sells high-tech cell phone models such as the iPhone through its website. You will also obtain massive mobile phone discounts if you acquire a service plan from this firm. Affirm also offers phone financing with interest rates as low as 0% for 24 months.

    iv) Network Coverage 

    Most smaller cell phone providers only function with one of the leading networks, and those that do work with all of them don’t usually let you pick which one you wish to use. Red Pocket is unique in that it allows you to select your own network: The company offers services through four different carriers and network technologies, including: 

    • AT&T provides the GSMA network technology.
    • You can choose the CDMA network that is made available by Verizon.
    • T-Mobile offers the GSMT network that Red Pocket subscribers can use.
    • Sprint Corporation offers the CDMAS network technology.

    What Is the Best Red Pocket Mobile Plans?

    With worldwide coverage possibilities, 5G (for some networks), and unlimited data, Red Pocket Mobile has the potential to be a cost-effective phone. Many carriers keep things simple by offering only three or four plans. Red Pocket isn’t one of them; it has six different plans with six different data tiers, ranging from 500MB to limitless.

    Red Pocket offers a plethora of cell phone plans across all three networks, to the point where the choices might be overwhelming. Red Pocket’s data plans are determined by whether you use a GSMA, GSMT, or CDMA network. The following are some of the best red pocket mobile plans.

    1) 500MB Plan

    The primary Red Pocket plan is $10 per month and includes 500 minutes of call time, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. It’s also the only MVNO in this pricing range having agreements with all major carriers, allowing you to choose the choice that provides the most excellent service in your location.

    Although some of the plans limit some features, this is the only one limiting your call, text, and data. You’ll only have to pay $10 per line per month, and you’ll have 500MB of 4G LTE bandwidth. After that, there are no more unlimited 2G speeds, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    2) 1GB plan

    If you’re a frequent texter who doesn’t require a lot of data and is okay with talk limits, this is the ideal plan. Because the 1GB plan is only $15 per month, you can have double coverage for only $5 more than the 500MB plan.

    You’ll have 1GB of 4G LTE data to work with instead of 500MB. Red Pocket will also provide you 1,000 minutes of speak time, which amounts to around 17 hours of talk time. If you prefer to communicate, this plan is the first to provide an infinite heap that can accommodate all of your gifs and emojis.

    3) 3GB plan

    It’s the best plan for people who don’t need T- Mobile’s network and can need to keep their high-speed data usage minimal. A plan that technically provides unlimited service costs only $20 per month. You have unlimited talk and text, and the first 3GB of data is available at 4G LTE rates.

    After that, you’ll be limited to 2G speeds, but they’ll never run out. This plan isn’t compatible with T-network, Mobile, so make your selection carefully on the signup page.

    4) 8GB plan

    When you upgrade to $30 per month, you’ll get approximately three times the quantity of 4G LTE data. Talk and text are still available, as is the 2GB data backup, but you’re approaching a data cap that you should be able to avoid.

    T-Mobile does not offer it either. It’s the ideal red pocket plan for moderate data users who want unlimited calls and text but don’t want to be covered by T-Mobile.

    5) 20GB plan

    For heavy data users who expect to stay with AT&T or Sprint, the 20GB plan is the best option. It’s your final limited-data option, albeit the 20GB restriction is quite generous. Users on Verizon and T-networks, Mobile’s on the other hand, will only get 10GB LTE for the same price. 

    6) Unlimited plan

    Red Pocket offers a truly limitless alternative for $60 per line per month if you’re ready to go all-in on your coverage. T-Mobile customers are once again out of luck, but it’s a reasonable price for unlimited calls, text, and data.

    Otherwise, there aren’t many variations, so the deciding factor is how much data you want to use each month. It is the perfect plan for consumers who do not wish to be restricted by mobile phone service limitations.

    7) Family plan

    If you want to bring the whole family along for the ride, Red Pocket has a great family plan that costs $30 per line for the first 30 days and $20 after that. Depending on whatever network you choose, you’ll get unlimited talk and text and 3GB or 8GB of high-speed 4G LTE data.

    It also doesn’t appear to need to put your complete family on the same network; everyone can keep their current carrier. It is the best red pocket plan for families that want to configure their carriers fully and use up to 8GB of high-speed data per person.

    Bottom Line 

    From this article, it is clear that Red Pocket provides a variety of low-cost cell phone plans. You’ll get countrywide 4G LTE coverage while saving up to $600 per year by using all major networks. Bringing your own phone will help you save even more money.

    Whether you want no data or unlimited data, you’ll find a low-cost plan, and the best part is that there’s no contract. Note that your plan might vary as your needs change.