The Xfinity Wireless network benefits senior citizens in the United States with tons of merits. To keep your phone costs low, you can pay for the amount of data you use with Xfinity mobile plans for seniors or even share data with a partner. Additionally, while switching for the first time, the company permits you to bring your own phone. Indeed, you will save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on a new phone.

    The company offers simple, reasonable plans that aren’t clogged with tiny print or multiple pricing tiers. Making it simple for seniors to acquire any plan without assistance. Xfinity does not have a specific plan for elders; nevertheless, seniors can choose from the company’s various plans.

    Before we get into our primary issue, which is the best Xfinity mobile plans for seniors, this post goes over the advantages of using Xfinity wireless, from picking the right Xfinity plan to finding the best phone for a limited budget. You’ll also get some of the most excellent suggestions for making your Xfinity Mobile plan go further, including special discounts and packages for seniors.

    What Mobile Phone Plans Make Xfinity Mobile?  

    Xfinity Mobile is a Verizon-powered Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). However, in 2010, the firm was founded by the merging of Comcast and NBC. Because they provided various services, the two companies picked the name Xfinity to minimize misunderstanding.

    The business offers Xfinity internet and cable packages and mobile phone services. This corporation is the most significant domestic cable service provider in the United States, with services available to all home customers nationwide.

    xfinity mobile plans for seniors

    Xfinity provides many phone plans that include mobile hotspots, allowing consumers to connect numerous devices at once. Only Comcast Xfinity internet subscribers are eligible for these options. The available mobile plans with hotspots, in addition to other Comcast offerings for existing customers, include:

    i) $15/month plan

    The plan comes with

    • 1GB 4G and 5G LTE high-speed data (charged$15 per GB when you go over).
    • Full-speed mobile hotspot
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
    • Wifi calling and texting
    • 720p video streaming quality
    • Calling to Mexico and Canada at $10/month

    ii) $30/month plan

    With this plan, you will be able to get;

    • 3GB high-speed mobile data (charged $15 per GB when you go over).
    • Full-speed mobile hotspot
    • Unlimited minutes and texts
    • Ability to use wifi calling
    • 720p video streaming quality
    • The optional data saver limits streaming to about 600 Kbps

    iii) $45/month plan

    The plan provides the following services;

    • 20GB of 4G LTE and 5G mobile data. (Download speed drops to 1.5 Mbps and upload speed to 750 Kbps when you go over).
    • Hotspot data capped at 600 Kbps
    • Unlimited minutes and texts
    • Wifi calling and texting
    • 480p video streaming quality

    iv) $60/month plan

    At only $60 per month, you will be able to get;

    • 10GB high-speed data but charged $15 per GB whenever you go over.
    • Full-speed mobile hotspot
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 720p video streaming quality
    • Wifi calling and texting

    What Benefits Do Seniors Get from Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans?

    Xfinity mobile has many perks available for seniors who wish to subscribe to their network. Some of the advantages that the seniors will get at Xfinity Mobile include;

    a) Suitable Data Speeds

    Varying networks have different data speeds. The download speed on the 4G LTE network is between 5 and 12 Mbps, while the upload speed is between 2 and 5 Mbps. Seniors who own 5G digital devices can connect to a 5G network and enjoy download speeds of up to 450 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps. The offer gives 3G speeds with a download speed of 600 Kbps for mobile hotspot customers.

    b) Network Coverage

    Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon Wireless network to provide its services. Because Verizon Wireless is the country’s second-largest network provider, Xfinity Mobile is one of the MVNOs with the best network coverage. To see if Xfinity internet is available in your region, go to their website, look at the coverage map, input your zip code, and click Find.

    The company’s Xfinity affordable connectivity program allows low-income persons and the elderly to access the best and most reasonable mobile phone plans and rates, ensuring that practically everyone has access to the internet and mobile services.

    c) 5G Network

    Through Verizon Wireless, Xfinity Mobile delivers 5G network speed on all cell phone data plans at no additional cost. You’ll need a 5G-compatible smartphone and live in a 5G-enabled location. Customers who have a suitable device can connect to Verizon’s Ultra-Wideband 5G network.

    Verizon’s mmWave network offers speeds of over 2Gbps. On the other hand, Xfinity Mobile subscribers will have a lower speed on the tower than Verizon postpaid customers; but they will have a speed of over 500Mbps, which is fantastic for a mobile device.

    d) Mobile Hotspots

    Xfinity Mobile uses your home wifi network and Xfinity Mobile Hotspots when you’re out and around the country to provide its internet services. Millions of 3G hotspots are available through the company. Individuals who have Comcast in their houses have access to the Hotspots network. The company’s router/gateway connects to a public cell phone network, allowing other devices to connect.

    c) Customer Care Service:

    Customers can get support at customer service desks in the company’s stores. You can also get help with any problem by visiting the company’s website, using the Xfinity mobile app, or calling (888) 936-4968. You may also use their number to contact Xfinity customer service via text, Facebook Messenger, or phone.

    What Is the Best Xfinity Mobile Plans for Seniors?  

    Xfinity Mobile doesn’t provide any unique plans for seniors, such as T-Mobile’s 55+ plans, which offer an unlimited 4G plan (data, call, and text) with two lines for $70 per month with no yearly obligation. Xfinity Mobile plans are more limited and can be considered more expensive, but they do have one advantage that almost no one else does: reduced bundles with super-fast internet, TV, and phone service.

    If you’re thinking about transferring to Xfinity, you’ll also want to look at their internet services. Family members can add a phone to Verizon’s plan, which offers a variety of data capacities ranging from 2 to unlimited gigabytes. You can change your plans at any time if you need additional data.

    You can get unlimited data at a lower rate if you join the Unlimited Senior Plan. Furthermore, if you use a lot of data each month and discover that your new phone is appealing, an unlimited plan can be the best option. All plans include unlimited talk and text and data sharing with your devices.

    Verizon offers prepaid options for smartphones and basic phones to seniors who don’t want to commit to an annual contract. Verizon offers several senior-friendly options, including:

    1) Unlimited Plans

    Most seniors need a phone for communication, while some may also require internet access. Seniors can obtain unlimited text messages and talk time minutes with Xfinity unlimited plans at a low cost. With an Unlimited plan, you can add up to 10 lines, with pricing per line decreasing as you add more. This plan’s rates are dependent on the number of lines you use. That is;

    • $45 per month for one line,
    • $80 per month for two lines
    • $100 per month for three lines and $120/month for four lines
    • Free unlimited talk and text for all plans

    This mobile phone plan also includes: 

    • A maximum download speed of 600 kbps on personal hotspots.
    • Streaming via LTE is in high definition (480p).
    • A 5G connection is required for high-resolution streaming.

    2) The Gig Plan

    Senior citizens in the United States who enjoy using the internet might choose this option, which offers excellent data bundles. With this arrangement, you can rest assured that your cell phone will be ready when you need it.

    You get your own phone number, and whether you keep it turned off in a drawer or have it constantly running your favorite apps, you’re linked to the rest of the world when and how you choose.

    The plans are priced as follows: 

    • 1GB for $15 per month, 3GB for $30 per month, and 10GB for $60/mo. 
    • $15 per GB if you go over your allocated data; there is no rollover data 
    • Free unlimited talk and text

    Furthermore, the By the Gig Plan offers the following benefits:

    • Account holders can share data with other account holders.
    • Streaming via LTE is high definition (720p for phones, 1080p for tablets).
    • When connected to personal hotspots, LTE Data Saver mode saves data by restricting streaming quality and decreasing speeds.

    Bottom Line

    Verizon provides Xfinity Mobile with extensive 4G coverage and 19 million wifi hotspots around the country. While not the cheapest prepaid service, Xfinity Mobile offers the seniors-only rivals a run for their money if you pick the perfect plan. Buying multiple lines on Xfinity Mobile’s Unlimited plan, for example, is one-way older adults can save a lot of money.