By keeping your cellular service expenses low, the best family phone plans with free phones plan can help you handle your monthly budget as described in the article. You and your family will be able to pay a low price for unlimited data or, at the very least, get more value out of cell phone service through a plan with numerous advantages and bonuses.

    A slew of new phones has been revealed, from the Samsung Galaxy S22 to the iPhone SE 2022. Carriers frequently offer bargains on these new phones in exchange for a commitment to their wireless service, so looking into what each plan offers families might help you discover a good value. Unlimited bandwidth is usually the way for families since you don’t have to track who’s using up all of your data.

    Considering various carriers offer unique bonuses and benefits with their best unlimited data plans, you’ll want to think about how fast you want to go and whether you require hotspot data. Therefore, this article considers various characteristics, such as unlimited plans and inexpensive costs, to rank a carrier as one of the best companies with the best family plans.

    Factors To Consider for Before Choosing a Family Cell Phone Plan

    The more information you have before committing to a plan, the better. Here are some brief pointers on things to look for when choosing the most acceptable network provider and family package for your family.

    i) Data Allowances

    While shopping for a family cell phone plan, it’s always a good idea to know your family’s monthly data usage. While most family cell phone plans on our list appear limitless (at least on paper), they all contain data use restrictions. Additionally, you won’t be disconnected from your cellular service if you go over your soft cap, usually around 35GB to 50G.  

    Depending on the plan, you may be demoted to 3G speeds or worse. Most carriers make data use reports easily accessible via their client sites, so login into your existing account should provide you with the required information.

    ii) Perks

    While arbitrary, the number of benefits provided by a carrier can make or break the plan’s total worth. For some, features like bundled subscription services, international calling, and large mobile-hotspot allowances are a nice bonus, but they are a must for others.

    If you think your family would use that Hulu, Netflix, or 5G mobile hotspot allowance to its maximum potential, it might be worth it to spend a bit extra and go with one of the larger carriers rather than, the more basic prepaid plans.

    iii) Parental Controls 

    You don’t need a specialized child-friendly mobile phone plan to receive some protection because most Android and iPhone devices include parental control features readily available via the phone settings.

    Moreover, if you want to monitor your child’s usage easily or have an added layer of security, the Verizon Just Kids plan is the only one on this list that offers this for free. T-Mobile also has a Family Mode app, and AT&T has a Secure Family app, but both services cost $7.99 and $10 per month, respectively.

    iv) Should You Pay Separately or Jointly

    Separate billing for each line is available on some of our list’s most affordable family cell phone plans. While this is less expensive, it can be more complicated in terms of paperwork, and some people prefer to have everything in one monthly payment.

    If you like to keep things simple, the more traditional (but more expensive) family cell phone plans may be worth it.

    v) Watch out for Extra Fees

    Some cell phone plans are more complicated than others. Many plans, particularly the cheaper ones, have numerous hidden characteristics in the fine print, such as sluggish data and plan price increases. As a result, it’s a good idea to double-check user ratings before deciding on a family plan.

    The Best Family Phone Plans with Free Phones Providers 2022    

    Finding the ideal one can be difficult with many options and lengthy service contracts, so we’ve whittled down some of the best available family plans.

    1) T-Mobile

    The T-Mobile Magenta family plan, which includes four lines for $160 per month, is considered the most excellent bargain. All plans include unlimited 5G data for each family member. Despite this, T-Mobile isn’t particularly pricey.

    If you sign up for auto-pay, the first line will cost you $70, the second will cost you $50, and any more lines will cost you only $20. This brings the total to $160, including a discount for enrolling in autopay and taxes and fees.

    When searching for the best family phone plans with free phones, consider that T-Mobile occasionally waives the $20 monthly fee for the third line of data, saving you on your monthly bill. T-Mobile provides you with free phones when you switch to their network.

    2) Verizon

    Verizon frequently gives away a few free phones to new subscribers who don’t have to trade in their old phones. Furthermore, if coverage is one of your criteria for selecting the finest provider with the most incredible family plan, Verizon is your best option. You can use up to four lines with the Verizon 5G Play More plan for only $180 per month.

    The 5G Play More plan isn’t the cheapest Verizon offers, but it has the most benefits. Subscribers to Play More gain access to Disney’s streaming services and an online gaming subscription from either Apple or Google. A six-month Apple Music trial is also available.

    Sometimes you can receive 5G coverage, which includes Verizon’s speedier Ultra-Wideband service, which is now available to more users thanks to the debut of C-Band 5G earlier this year. Suppose you go over 50GB on this plan. In that case, Verizon reserves the right to throttle your internet.

    So, if that restriction is too much for you, sign up for 5G Get More, which gives genuinely unlimited data and additional bonuses for a higher price. The Verizon 5G Start Plan costs $140 per month for four lines but has significantly fewer amenities.

    3) Visible

    The $100/month Visible Party Pay plan with four lines is the most significant family plan for non-families who want to speak with pals. The Party Pay plan from Visible allows you to get together several Visible customers. The plan allows you to earn a discount on your lines whether you are related. Each participant receives their own bill, making it ideal for families and groups of friends.

    The discounts can be significant, with prices as low as $25 per month. Visible charges $40 for a single line of unlimited data, and there’s a free 15-day trial to try it out with your current phone. Can pay just $5 per month after referring a new customer to Visible as a Bring a Friend program. When you switch to Visible, you can get a new phone-free by trading in your old device

    4) Xfinity

    The best option is if you have Comcast, the Xfinity Mobile plan, which lets you use four lines for $120 per month. Xfinity Mobile has made its unlimited plan appealing to families by offering discounts when adding several lines.

    A single line of unlimited data costs $45, but rising reductions decrease the cost to $30 per line or $120 per month for a family of four. You can expect speedy coverage because Xfinity leverages Verizon’s network, including the expanding 5G network. Any household that subscribes to a family plan as a new customer gets a free phone.

    5) AT&T

    Families that enjoy video streaming find the AT&T Unlimited Elite 4-line plan for $200/month as the best streaming family plan. The plan provides HBO Max, 40GB of LTE hotspot data, HD video streaming, and a 5G service. AT&T offers an Apple iPhone 13 for $100 ($700 off) with an eligible device trade-in.

    Furthermore, AT&T no longer throttles Unlimited plan users’ speeds based on how much data they use. Customers with Unlimited Elite can speak, text, or data for free in 19 Latin. 

    For about $140, you can get four lines without many bonuses with the Starter plan. AT&T, like Verizon, allows you to mix and match plans to find the best fit for your family.

    6) Cricket Wireless

    Cricket Wireless is the most acceptable option for clients who seek the best MVNO with the best family phone plans with free phones under the AT&T company. The company wants you to activate a line on a plan with a particular minimum monthly fee to acquire a free phone. The company’s $130/month Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot plan offers unlimited data for less on AT&T’s network.

    The Alcatel Apprise and Cricket Icon 2 (minimum $30/month plan required) are complimentary smartphones for new users and those who bring their number to Cricket. In addition, with a $60/mo and unlimited plan, the Samsung Galaxy A01, LG Fortune 3, and Nokia C2 Tava are all free.

    7) Metro PCs

    Metro by T-Mobile is an excellent option for customers who prefer to pay for their phone service. Metro by T-prepaid Mobile’s prowess becomes evident if you upgrade to four lines for $120, including unlimited internet, 100 GB of Google One cloud storage, 15 GB of hotspot bandwidth, an Amazon Prime membership, and 480p video streams.

    With a total cost of around $30 per line, all four users will be able to listen to millions of songs, post them on social media, and watch their favorite shows without missing a beat. Taxes and fees are already included, so your $120 price is exactly $120, making it simple to budget each month.

    Additionally, if you purchase and activate your new phone at a Metro by T-Mobile shop, you will receive an immediate rebate, making the phone free.

    8) Boost Mobile

    Because not every “family” comprises four people, couples wishing to join plans or save money should go to Boost Mobile for a great deal. Unlimited talk and text, 35 GB of LTE internet, HD streaming video, and 30 GB of the mobile hotspot are all included in Boost’s $60 monthly pricing ($100 for two lines). The HD capabilities boost the video quality to 1080p, audio at 1.5 Mbps, and games to 8 Mbps.

    The company has a nationwide 5G network, and no yearly service contracts taxes and fees are included so that you can expect consistent monthly pricing. Boost Mobile provides you with free phones when you trade in your old eligible mobile phone when purchasing the family plan.

    9) Ting

    Ting is a wireless service provider that allows you to create a rate plan suited to your requirements. The Flex plan costs $10 per line per month, plus $5 for each GB of data used. The Set 5 Plan is $25 per line per month and offers 5 GB of LTE/5G data and unlimited call and text.

    The Set 12 Plan costs $35 a month and comes with 12 GB of LTE/5G data and unlimited talk and text. Unlimited and Unlimited Pro plans are also available, starting at $45 per month per line. As a new member, when you subscribe to any of this ting mobile family plans, you will be provided with a free phone.

    10) Mint Mobile

    Unlike many other carriers, Mint Mobile does not provide particular family plans. Still, its low rates, straightforward pricing structure, and overall value make it an excellent choice for single or dual-line users. Its unlimited package, for example, costs $35 per month at its cheapest rate and includes 35GB of 5G internet, unlimited call and text, and 5GB of mobile hotspot bandwidth.

    Mint Mobile allows you to purchase data in three, six, or twelve-month increments, with the more extended plans averaging a lower monthly charge. You can also trade in your old phone to get a free mobile device with any of the Mint Mobile family plans.

    Bottom Line

    This article provides some of the most significant companies that offer customized family plans. The companies on this list were chosen based on plan costs, network provider coverage, plan transparency (i.e., hidden charges like tax), the maximum number of lines you may use with a plan, and other factors. Therefore, reread this post if you want to find the best family plan offer currently available.