i-Wireless LLC develops and manages Access Wireless, a free government smartphone, and cell phone program. To qualified low-income citizens in various states of the United States, the firm provides a free device and a monthly set of minutes and messages. As a result, you can either start utilizing the network’s free phones or migrate to the network using your existing phone. To use their services, you must first activate Access Wireless phone.

    Access Wireless offers entirely free cell phone service to qualified customers who meet the conditions of the Lifeline Assistance program. Compared to other phone carriers that offer free mobile handsets, Access Wireless comes out on top. In most of the states served, the company’s free phone service includes at least 350 call minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB of high-speed data every month.

    You cannot select any device during activation since Access Wireless is a Lifeline cellular service provider that provides free phones to those who qualify. They will provide you with a free device at random based on your eligibility, coverage area, and network standard. Before going over how to activate an Access Wireless phone, it’s vital to discover more about the firm, such as the eligibility criteria for receiving free phones and other details.

    About Access Wireless

    i-Wireless owns Access Wireless, an American telecommunications firm. i-wireless LLC is an MVNO that uses the Sprint Nationwide Network to deliver domestic telecommunications services. Sprint now uses T-Mobile towers to provide its services since the two companies joined. Access Wireless provides several different services.

    It gives you access to various connectivity services as well as the gadget. Low-income individuals can stay connected with free smartphones, minutes, messages, and data. It can suit all of your demands, whether you want to interact with friends, family, or future employers. Customers who qualify for Access Wireless service receive it for free.

    There are no monthly payments, long-term commitments, activation fees, recurring fees, or surcharges for Access Wireless clients. Customers receive a free monthly allowance of minutes, text messages, and data from the company. You may also be eligible for a free cell phone. You can upgrade your phone and add airtime to your plan once authorized as a subscriber.

    activate access wireless phone

    Compatible Phones Of Access Wireless

    A free smartphone is already included in the Access Wireless Lifeline Program. Enrolling in its Lifeline Program, however, does not allow you the choice of selecting a smartphone model. Instead, the corporation sends you one of their choices and the activation instructions.

    i) Phone Upgrades

    After all, enrolling in the Access Wireless Lifeline Program does not obligate you to use the smartphone they provide. This is because you can update your phone if you’re unhappy with the one you obtain. You can update your phone at any time with Access Wireless. Go to their web store, pick a phone that fits your demands and price, and place your order.

    ii) Bring Your Own Phone

    You can use the BYOP (bring your own phone) program if you don’t want to buy a new Access Wireless phone. Purchase a GSM SIM Kit to receive an Access Wireless SIM card. It was only $6.99, so it’s perfect for anyone who already has a smartphone. You must meet the following conditions if you choose the Access Wireless bring-your-own-phone plan.

    • Your phone must be a CDMA handset that supports GSM LTE.
    • The operating system on your phone should not have been tampered with or altered.
    • The cell phone should have completed all financial and contractual responsibilities with its original carrier. 
    • It shouldn’t have been reported as a lost or stolen phone, and the original manufacturer’s ESN should still be present.

    It is important to note that Access Wireless started upgrading its network in 2021. Therefore, it is now transitioning to a countrywide GSM LTE 4G/5G network to provide subscribers with quicker data connectivity. As a result, the phones you bring need to be GSM LTE compatible.

    To check if your cell phone is compatible with Access Wireless, follow the procedure below;

    • Visit the Access Wireless website.
    • Select the shop phones page (where you can find a variety of phones and the BYOP SIM purchasing option).
    • Then visit Eligible phones on the page titles.
    • Enter your device’s IMEI number.
    • Fill out the “I’m not a robot” captcha.
    • Finally, press the “Check My Phone” button to complete the process.

    Procedure To Activate Access Wireless Phone

    The Sprint Nationwide Network provides Access Wireless services. Access Wireless is responsible for the services it provides to its subscribers. Because each Access Wireless cellphone is unique, read and follow the activation instructions included in the box.

    Contact Access Wireless customer service at 1-866-594-3644 for additional assistance. Additionally, sign in to My Account to activate a mobile phone on your Access Wireless account. From the left menu, pick Manage My Device, then the Swap tab.  

    Many devices use an actual SIM card that comes with your new cellphone. The SIM card is frequently inserted. You might not be able to utilize the Access wireless network or all of the network capabilities if you use a different SIM.

    Learn how to enter your SIM card into your Access Wireless phone if it hasn’t already been done. To activate your phone, generally perform the following:

    • Visit the Device Support page.
    • Select your device.
    • Select Hardware & phone details from the getting started menu.
    • Follow the steps to insert or remove the SIM card.

    The Activation Process

    You’ll need to activate your new SIM if you’re updating your device or moving your number from another carrier. Follow the steps below to activate your newly upgraded phone:

    • Visit Access Wireless Backup Assistant to save contacts from your old phone. For instructions on downloading Backup Assistant, see “How to Back Up Your Contacts.”
    • Turn off the old phone once the contacts have been backed up.
    • To activate your 4G LTE service, dial 1-866-594-3644 from any phone and follow the directions.
    • Remove your old phone’s battery, cover, snap the SIM card out of the holder without touching the gold electrical connections or remove the SIM card from the SIM card slot on your old 4G LTE smartphone.
    • Remove your new phone’s battery cover and battery.
    • Align the notched corner of the SIM card with the notched corner of your new phone and place it in the pull-out tray or SIM card slot until it clicks into place.
    • Replace the battery cover and insert the battery.
    • Fully charge your new phone.
    • Switch on the new phone. The activation process will start automatically. If prompted, accept the Customer Agreement by following the steps. Follow the on-screen steps and download or activate Backup Assistant to transfer your contacts to set up your phone. Now, you can enjoy Access Wireless services.

    Wrap Up

    Access Wireless is a good option for low-income individuals that require communication services. Having free phones and services makes life much easier for those financially strapped. Access Wireless provides eligible customers with the company’s free phone service that includes at least 350 call minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB of high-speed data every month.