In the ancient days of Internet service, there was no option but to obtain your dial-up service with your Internet service provider and your cable television through your cable company. Currently, cable and the internet get delivered using the same infrastructure. You can get no contract cable and internet packages from renowned wireless providers in the US.

    However, the emergence of streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Sling TV has been the reason behind many wireless companies providing affordable cable and high-speed Internet service packages. You can bundle cable and internet packages to save money. Besides, there is an option of getting internet without cable or phone line when you subscribe for service with most internet providers.

     Most importantly, when you sign a contract and terminate early before the end of the agreement, it features a high price. Interestingly, you can have internet without contracts when you subscribe to a package deal of internet and cable from the providers listed in this guideline. Getting tied into a one or two-year contract can make switching more expensive due to paying early termination fees if you cancel your current contract.

    Things to Consider When Looking For The Best Cable and Internet Packages

    i) Hidden Fees

    Most cable and internet providers charge extra fees that may lead to higher monthly bills. You should consider equipment rentals, installations, and early termination fees that can add up so quickly. Also, read the fine print and compare your package options before getting into a deal.

    ii) Active Promotions

    Many providers often add rewards on top of internet and cable discounts to save customers time and money. If you bundle your cable and internet services, you could receive plan perks such as a gift card, free installation, or free channel upgrade.

    iii) Service Options

    The more services you combine with a single wireless provider, the more savings you receive. On top of the internet, some providers offer TV, home phone, smart security, and cell phone services you can bundle under one monthly bill.

    iv) Availability Near You

    Your internet and Cable options need to be present where you live. You can use your zip search tool to identify what providers and connection options are near you, including the best internet option for rural areas. Ultimately, you will save both time and money on your monthly bill.

    Below are some basic cable internet download speed guidelines to follow:

    1. 25–50 Mbps: Suitable for one- or two-person households, used for internet browsing and video streaming.
    2. 50–100 Mbps: Suitable for four- or five-person households for the internet, video streaming, and gaming.
    3. 100–200 Mbps: Suitable for six or more household members; used for internet, gaming, video streaming, and work-from-home activity.
    4. 200–500 Mbps: Suitable for many users carrying out Internet-intensive content.

    The Renowed Best No Contract Cable and Internet Packages Providers

    1) Xfinity

    Xfinity offers six internet packages and three or more cable TV packages for their customers to choose from. You can bundle them in any package. In most service parts in the Eastern US, your bundle discount will remain the same for $10/month off for each service.

    However, in some areas, especially west of the Mississippi, Xfinity internet and cable pricing and discounts vary, but you can still save around $10 for each bundled service. Additionally, most bundles comprise free access to the Peacock Premium streaming service.

    The Peacock Premium subscription includes Xfinity Flex customers, Xfinity X1, and video subscribers with Xfinity internet or Digital Starter TV or equivalent or above. Now comprise Peacock Premium at no extra cost, a $4.99 per month value.

    On the other hand, Xfinity’s cable bundles deliver speeds of 100 to 1,000 Mbps, which is enough for everyone’s internet needs. The Xfinity cable TV channel lineup includes fan favorites such as A&E, CNN, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, Cartoon Network, and Telemundo. Again, the number of channels you get depends on the specific bundle, but expect high-quality channels.

    2) RCN

    RCN is among the best cable and fiber internet providers in the country, connecting large metropolitan areas such as Boston, DC Metro, Lehigh Valley, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. Besides, the provider is best known for providing fast internet speeds at affordable prices. RCN internet plans provide speeds from 10 Mbps and go up to 500 Mbps.

    Additionally, with low upfront fees and no-contract plans, RCN provides internet and cable packages as popular choices for users who don’t want long-term contracts. With RCN cable and internet packages, you will get:

    • Up to 250 Mbps internet speed
    • 62+ Digital Basic TV channels, including FOX, Univision, and Movies!
    • Unlimited nationwide calling with 17 FREE features
    • No annual contract

    3) Cox

    Cox Communications serves over 6 million businesses and residences in 18 states. However, the company is the best for tv and internet bundle savings. Cox doesn’t need you to sign a contract to get internet service, but it encourages customers to sign a one-year agreement, slashing $10 off your monthly bill.

    Cox also provides StraightUp Prepaid Internet, which offers one plan with 25Mbps download. Interestingly, all the installation, equipment, and taxes are included in the final price. For TV, you can pick between local and basic cable or choose local channels, basic cable, and premium channels. The premium channels include HBO MAX, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX.

    4) Optimum

    Optimum is among the providers of the internet at home without paying that serves eligible customers with free internet. The carrier has an Altice One program that combines your router, modem, cable TV box, and streaming services.

    The Altice One lets you rent with all Optimum TV and internet bundles for an additional $20/month. With Optimum’s Flexability options, you can combine your TV choice and your internet plan, plus get a $200 VISA Prepaid Card and three months of HBO Max in the deal.

    Most importantly, all Optimum plans include no data caps and no contracts. The bundle savings go for $34.99/month or more, depending on your select package. The optimum bundle provides higher savings than most providers but is somewhat inflated as their standalone TV packages are costlier than many other cable TV providers.

    5) Suddenlink

    Suddenlink cable and internet serves the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arizona, North Carolina, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, and parts of California and Mississippi. Besides, Suddenlink offers Internet and TV service to small-town America. Thus, if you’re looking for a new wireless provider but don’t reside in the city, this provider is ideal.

    On the other hand, Suddenlink also offers a mix-and-match bundle building setup, similar to Cox. So, you can customize and select precisely what Internet and TV package you want. The slowest speeds you’ll receive are 100 Mbps, suitable for a small household of gamers and streamers. Besides, the smallest TV package features 200+ channels.

    Suddenlink offers favorites such as CNN, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, Disney Channel, TNT, and USA Network. Internet speed starts from 20Mbps to 1000Mbps for $49.99 per month, and equipment and paperless billing. You can top up any TV package beginning at $30 per month. Therefore, you can now have the flexibility to choose what speed works best for you and the TV package that matches your household needs.

    6) Spectrum Mobile

    Spectrum is one of the best wireless internet providers that now provides no-contract plans without early termination fees or data caps. As the second-largest internet provider, it offers services to customers in 41 states. It has several options, with speeds starting from 60 Mbps to 940 Mbps. At $44.99 per month for its basic plan, it is one of the lowly-priced no-contract plans available.

    Spectrum is the best no-contract carrier that offers Internet and TV packages. Besides, Spectrum provides up to $500 to come out of your contract with another provider when signing up for select cable TV and internet bundles. However, broadcast charges can add up to $16.99/month to your bill, but a free wireless modem comes with all bundles.

    Moreover, the Spectrum Silver and Gold packages feature HBO SHOWTIME, Max, and the NFL Network, making these packages a real deal for movie and sports fans. Spectrum doesn’t give bundle discounts, but their TV and internet packages include unlimited data and HD at no extra cost.

    Reasons To Choose A No Contract Cable and Internet Packages

    The most crucial thing in picking a no-contract internet and cable package is choosing one that matches your internet speed and cable needs. Besides, avoiding long-term contracts simplifies your life. No-contract internet plans vary based on price and speed, so ensure that you select the one that suits your lifestyle. 

    Another feature of a no-contract cable and internet plan is transparent billing. Every month, you pay a constant rate with no hidden price hikes or early termination fees. However, you might incur an equipment fee if you rent your service provider.

    Bottom Line

    Most cable and internet companies recognize the need to have cable and internet packages without contracts offered to customers. In this way, you can combine your cable and internet services into one monthly bill. However, you won’t get the same savings and special discounts with traditional cable and internet bundles. Still, the packages offer a way to obtain cheap Internet and TV together.