Simple Mobile is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the US, offering affordable unlimited plans at a fraction of the cost of major wireless network providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The company is currently known for offering low-cost prepaid plans with numerous benefits from high-speed internet access; Simple Mobile unlimited data plans to no-contract options.

    If you’re looking for a network with an affordable unlimited data plan, go no further than Simple Mobile, which offers unlimited data with all its plans, and starts at just $28.5 per month. It’s worth noting that some of the plans include a data allowance, beyond which your speed will be reduced to 2G. However, you will never be charged extra for exceeding your data allocation.

    Furthermore, the company has partnered with several cell phone manufacturers to offer a variety of cell phone devices, ranging from basic flip phones to the most up-to-date and high-tech iPhone and Samsung phones. In general, this article discusses some of the best simple mobile plans with unlimited data, phones offered by the company, and some of the advantages of switching to the network.

    Advantage Of The Simple Mobile

    Simple Mobile comes with tones of benefits, from no contract deals to nationwide connectivity, as shown below;

    1. No Contracts

    You do not need to sign a long-term contract with the carrier because it’s a prepaid mobile service provider. You pay at the start of each month, and you’ll have unlimited data locked and loaded. Because a contract does not bind you, you can switch providers at any time.

    2. Nationwide Network Coverage

    Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which implies it uses another company’s network. In this case, it’s on the T-Mobile, which covers 94 percent of the United States’ land mass. As a result, Simple Mobile subscribers have access to nationwide coverage via T-Mobile towers.

    3. International Calling and Roaming

    All of the carrier’s plans come with Unlimited international calling to 69 destinations and international roaming in 16 Latin American countries. They also come with a $10 international calling credit that can be used to call over 100 different countries. International roaming is offered as well, but only for a limited number of countries.

    4. Plans and Pricing

    Simple Mobile offers five data plans with monthly prices ranging from $25 to $60. They’re all prepaid plans that provide service for 30 days before your next charge is due. The cheapest package is $25 and includes 3GB of data; additional data options include 5GB and 15GB. Two “Truly Unlimited” plans are available with unlimited talk, text, and data. Both offer video streaming at a resolution of up to 480p.

    One of these unlimited data plans includes a 5GB hotspot for $50 per month, while the other unlimited data plan includes a 15GB hotspot for $60. You should anticipate being throttled a lot after you’ve exhausted your hotspot.

    5. Customer Care 

    They have a simple Mobile customer support phone number, (877) 878-7908 that you can use to reach their representatives at any time.

    Best Simple Mobile Unlimited Data Plans for Subscribers

    Simple Mobile has five cell phone plans with unlimited data at different prices to satisfy all your internet needs. You will note that the plan prices do not match their name since they are paid plans with an Autopay. They include;

    1) $50 Unlimited Plan

    Simple Mobile $50/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    It is the most affordable unlimited plan and is purchased with an Autopay of $45 per month. The plan comes with;

    • Unlimited talk, text, and data
    • No data cap
    • 5GB of mobile hotspot data.
    • Unlimited international calling to landlines and mobile numbers in over 60 countries.

    2) $60 Unlimited Plan 

    Simple Mobile $60/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    If you need an extra feature plan, this is the best option, at only $57 with an Autopay. The plan offers;

    • Unlimited text, talk, and data
    • 15GB of mobile hotspot data
    • 50GB of cloud storage data
    • No data caps

    3) $40 Unlimited Plan

    Simple Mobile $40/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    It is the cheapest Simple mobile plan for $37 per month with an autopay. The plan provides;

    • 15 GB of data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 5GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Unlimited international calling to supported lines

    4) $50 Unlimited Plan

    Simple Mobile $50/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    If you have many internet users in your household and wish to save on monthly internet bills, this is the best plan for your family. You will only be required to pay $33.33 per month for three lines, therefore saving almost $10 per month for the three lines, which adds up to $120 in savings every year. The plan comes with;

    • 40GB data cap per line
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • unlimited international calling

    5)  $30 Unlimited Plan

    This is the plan with the best overall budget goes for $28.5 per month with an Autopay. With this plan, you will get;

    • 5GB data cap
    • Unlimited international calling to supported lines
    • Unlimited voice and text

    Best Way To Switch On Simple Mobile

    Switching to Simple Mobile is simple, but there are a few things to consider. You will need to make sure your current phone is unlocked, which means it’s not tied to a particular wireless provider and is compatible with the Simple Mobile network. You can use your IMEI number to verify if your phone is compatible using the company’s IMEI checker.

    If your current phone is not compatible, you can acquire a new phone from Simple Mobile at a reasonable price. If you are a new customer eyeing to enjoy Simple Mobile services, you can join this carrier through any of the ways below;

    1. Bring your own Cell Phone

    • Text “BYOP” to 611611 to check if your phone is compatible.
    • Purchase a SIM card from Simple Mobile and select a plan.
    • Insert your SIM card and activate your phone using the Simple Mobile activation; choose a device or call 1-877-878-7908 for help.

    2. Use of An Unlocked Phone

    • Purchase a SIM card from Simple Mobile and select a plan.
    • Use the simple mobile website to enter your SIM card and activate your phone, or call 1-877-878-7908 for help.

    3. Purchase a Simple Mobile Cell Phone

    • Text “COVERAGE” to 611611 to see if your phone is compatible.
    • Buy a Simple Mobile phone and select a service package.
    • To activate your phone, go to the easy mobile website or call 1-877-878-7908.
    • There are two simple options for existing Simple Mobile customers to enhance their services through this carrier.

    4. Upgrading To an Unlocked Phone

    • Determine if your phone will require a new SIM card or if your current SIM card will suffice.
    • If necessary, buy a SIM card or transfer your existing SIM card to your unlocked phone.

    Simple Mobile Compatible Phones

    Simple Mobile is easy to switch to using a T-Mobile-compatible handset because it runs on T-(GSM) Mobile’s network. However, if you have a phone from the previous few years, switching carriers should be very simple, as most newer phones support both GSM (T-Mobile and AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon and Sprint) networks.  The company is compatible with the following devices:

    A. Unlocked GSM devices

    Simple Mobile’s services are only compatible with GSM-enabled handsets because it runs on T-network Mobile and leverages its infrastructure. If you have an older cell phone, you should check if it uses GSM or CDMA radio technology.

    B. Unlocked GSM and CDMA devices

    All radio technologies, including GSM, CDMA, LTE, and 5G, are supported by specific mobile devices, including most newer models. Simple Mobile is compatible with your device if it supports all of these technologies; the only need is that it be GSM-enabled.

    C. Compatible Android Phones include;

    • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A10E, A20, A50
    • LG STYLO™ 5 LTE
    • MOTO E6

    D. Compatible iPhones

    • iPhone SE 64GB
    • iPhone XR 64GB
    • iPhone XS 64GB, Max 64GB
    • iPhone 11 PRO Max 64GB
    • iPhone 12 64GB, Mini 64GB, Pro 128GB, Pro Max 128GB

    E. Compatible Flip Phones

    • LG Classic Flip™
    • Alcatel My Flip 2

    Bottom line

    Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that uses the T-Mobile network for excellent coverage and signal strength. Since its introduction, Simple Mobile has provided services to more than 2.5 million customers. The firm is renowned as one of the greatest MVNOs in the United States since it provides affordable cell phone plans with remarkable features ranging from unlimited data to no-commitment options.