Cable One is an internet service provider available to nearly 5 million Americans in 21 states and provides service in rural and suburban areas. Besides Cable One being the corporate parent company, in 2019, Cable One rebranded its residential internet service, TV, and phone services to Sparklight. The Company offers affordable and more reliable cable one internet plans than Digital Subscriber Line for faster downloads and a smoother video experience.

    On the other hand, Cable one high-speed internet service provides smoother video, faster downloads, and lag-free gaming, even when multiple users connect at once. You can watch your adorable shows and stay connected to your family through Fiber Optic Network. Sparklight (initially known as Cable One) is a cable and fiber internet provider that offers Sparklight internet plans with high-speed internet services to browse what you want without any flaw.

    Moreover, the standard internet plans for Cable one offer download speeds that range from 100 Mbps and all way up to 300 Mbps. With its Gig internet plan, you’ll experience lightning-fast download speeds of 1,000 Mbps. Although all Cable One internet plans feature a data cap, there are no contracts involved with any of them. In other words, you can terminate the service anytime you want.

    Reasons To Choose Cable One

    i) Responsive Customer Support

    Cable One customer support team is always available to address all customer concerns as they arise.

    ii) Flexible Payment

    You can choose a monthly, quarterly, or monthly subscription plan that works best.

    iii) Faster Installation

    You can contact for an installation, and the Company’s technicians will install CableOne internet at your convenience.

    iv) Convenient Payment

    Paying your CableOne bills is easy with multiple, secure payment methods available.

    Our Recommended Cable One Internet Plans

    Plan Connection Type Features Price per Month
    GigaOne Plus CABLE connection Internet speeds: Up to 1 Gbps $125.00/month
    Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus CABLE connection Internet speeds: Up to 200 Mbps $45.00/month
    Turbo 300 Plus CABLE connection Internet speeds: Up to 300 Mbps $80.00/month
    Fiber Internet 300 FIBER connection Internet speeds: Up to 300 Mbps $55.00/month
    Fiber Internet 600 FIBER connection Internet speeds: Up to 600 Mbps $65.00/month
    Fiber Internet 1 Gig FIBER connection Internet speeds: Up to 1 Gbps $85.00/month

    Cable One Internet features

     Below are some features you might benefit from Cable One internet plans:

    1. One year of binge-watching: If you join Cable One, the Company will offer you a $12.99 per month credit for a streaming service such as Netflix for 12 months.
    2. Connect Your Home: Sparklight offers a Wi-Fi connection in every room with a Cable One modem for $10.50 per month.
    3. Unlimited data package: If you exhaust data quickly, you can consider the unlimited data option for an additional $40/month once you attain your data cap.

    The Best Cable One Internet Plans Support

    1) Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus- Ideal for most people

    Generally, most households consume around 400GB of data every month. Therefore, the 700GB included with the Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus plan offers you a decent amount of data. Featuring 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed, you’ll also receive plenty of bandwidth to simultaneously game, stream, or work on multiple devices.

    2) Turbo 300 Plus- Ideal for gamers and heavy streamers

    If you are a customer who does lots of gaming or uploading files, it might be worth considering the Turbo 300 Plus plan. This plan comes with 30 Mbps of upload speed, which is sufficient for video conferencing and live gaming. It also gives you 1200GB of data per month, enough for all but the most connected households.

    3) Gigaone Plus- Ideal for large households

    Typically, most users don’t require 1000 Mbps speeds. But for households that connect more than 10 devices simultaneously and do frequent gaming, binge-watching, streaming, and video-chatting, the additional bandwidth beyond the 300 Mbps plan might be worth the extra price. It also gives you 1500GB of data. Thus, no worries about how much data you’re using.

    About Cable One Fees

    a) Equipment

    Cable Wi-Fi ONE 2-in-1 router will add $10.50 per month to your internet bill, which is actually on the cheap end. Usually, most companies charge from $15/month for equipment. Cable One internet will also include up to two Wi-Fi extenders at no additional cost. In this way, you can spread your internet connection to every corner of your house.

    b) Installation

    Cable One is currently waiving its $90 installation fee. However, you will still have to incur a $30 activation fee. Besides, most internet service providers charge a similar fee when setting up a service.

    c) Contracts

    Interestingly, there are no contracts with Cable One internet plans, and the Company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with your service.

    d) Data caps

    Cable One’s low data caps are probably the major setback to its internet service. However, with just 350GB on its lowest plan, households who often stream TV and connect more than a few devices simultaneously will almost certainly reach their limit.

    Thus, if you go beyond your data cap, Sparklight will impose a $10 and give another 100GB for the remaining part of the month. Each additional 100GB you consume will cost another $10, with a max of $50/month. 

    Additionally, you can obtain unlimited data for an extra $40/month, but this is a lot of cash to pay for a package that most internet providers offer for free.

    What Are Other Internet Options Apart From Cable

    Some providers offer the best internet option for rural areas and operate better for different uses than others. The most readily available internet connection categories in rural areas are cable, DSL, and satellite. However, Fiber-optic is the least widely spread option, but it still may be a viable option based on where you live.

    Cellular hotspot internet and dial-up are also present in rural areas, although it may attract a cost. Generally, the following are the types of Internet Connections:

    1. Cable internet

    Cable is the first category for the fastest speeds and (usually) the most data at a low price. On the downside, it’s not available in most remote areas, and if it is available in your area, you might pay more for it than the city residents.

    2. Fiber internet

    Fiber-optic Internet provides some of the fastest speeds and is one of the most reliable internet options. However, it isn’t as widely spread as cable, DSL, or satellite. Most ISPs like Kinetic by Windstream are tirelessly working on improving the infrastructure required to bring this option to more rural areas. If it’s unavailable where you reside right now, fiber-optic Internet may be an option soon.

    3. Fixed wireless

    Fixed wireless is the most recent technology that’s still scaling up its availability. However, its prices tend to be lower than what the satellite internet providers charge. Some fixed wireless providers even provide unlimited data and free Internet at home without paying.

    4. DSL internet

    Although DSL may be ancient and slower than cable, it’s still a solid choice due to lower prices and potentially higher data than satellite internet. Again, DSL also tends to be more widely spread in rural areas, but many providers are phasing out their DSL internet service.

    5. Satellite internet

    Satellite it’s not the best choice due to its high prices and low data caps. However, satellite internet is available to more rural and remote areas than any other internet connection. Therefore, if the satellite is your only option, you will still experience a great internet option for the country.

    Bottom Line

    When Internet speed is a concern, every household packs different needs. From several device connections to streaming, surfing, or playing online games, Cable ONE has Internet plans with just the right speed for everyone.

    Besides, Cable One is among the top cable broadband providers that avail internet plans and speeds without buffering. This carrier delivers an always-on high-speed internet connection with affordable price points. However, the Company currently also provides an unlimited data option for all the plans at an extra cost of $40.