Sparklight, previously known as Cable One, is a wireless service that provides fiber internet, phone services, cable TV, and cable internet to 21 states across the US. Sparklight is the ninth-largest cable provider, offering services to over 900,000 customers. However, Sparklight internet plans feature high-speed cable without a contract. The most significant coverage spreads in Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Mississippi.

    Moreover, Sparklight packs several internet options depending on user needs and household budgets, whether you’re on a budget or looking for reliable internet. The internet comes with perks such as free Wi-Fi extenders for whole-home coverage. Besides, this carrier provides more competitive plans than the competitors like AT&T and Cox Communications. On the other hand, you can get internet without cable or phone line if Sparklight is not available in your location.

    Sparklight also focuses on offering broadband services to businesses and residential customers. Therefore, Sparklight Internet delivers fast, reliable internet, through a fiber-rich network, at speeds up to 1000Mbps, with reliability and excellent service you can count on. With no long-term contracts and download speeds of up to 1Gbps, Sparklight proves to be a reliable service provider.

    Sparklight Internet features

    When looking for different Sparklight internet plans, it’s wise to consider some of the other benefits included. Below are some features you might benefit from:

    1. One year of binge-watching: If you join Sparklight, the Company will give you a $12.99/month credit for a streaming service like Netflix for 12 months.
    2. Connect Your Home: Sparklight provides a Wi-Fi connection in every room with a Sparklight modem for $10.50/month. If you aren’t happy with the speed in any room, you can get a credit for activation or installation charges.
    3. Unlimited data package: Your binge-watching habits could exhaust data quickly. So, it would help to consider the unlimited data option for an additional $40/month. If you use your internet, especially to watch television and movies, you won’t worry about your internet slowing down on you or extra charges once you attain your data cap.

    The Sparklight Internet-Only Deals

    Most importantly, you can get the Sparklight Internet 200 plan at $45 per month for the first three months. The provider allows customers to use up to 10 household devices simultaneously. This internet plan comes with 700 GB of data and download speeds up to 200 Mbps.

    Thus, you can qualify for this deal if you are a new customer without Sparklight service in the last 12 months. Notably, this Sparklight offer cannot get combined with any other promotion.

    For Sparklight’s new customer specials, the price is only discounted for the first three, six, or 12 months, based on the terms of the deal. However, provided you can pay the regular price once the promotion ends, you can still enjoy the benefit of the temporary discount.

    If the allotted data for each package is not enough for you each month and you don’t want to pay $10 for each additional 100GB of data or have a data cap, you can upgrade to the unlimited data plan for an additional $40 per month.

    On the other hand, you can get free internet at home without paying. For whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, you can lease Sparklight’s Wi-Fi ONE modem with any Sparklight internet plans.

    For only $10.50 per month, this modem can extend wireless signals to every part of your home. Interestingly, if you are dissatisfied with the Wi-Fi ONE modem, you may return the equipment for a one-time credit equal to the monthly cost of the modem lease.

    A Surprising Sparklight Internet Plans in 2022

    1) Starter 100 Plus- Best for light Web Browsers

    Generally, 100 Mbps of download speed is enough for most households, but the 300GB of data allowance is not. However, it’s enough to stream about four hours of Netflix each day, which might sound like a deal, but it doesn’t account. If HD or 4K streaming is not your thing, the Starter 100 Plus plan is a good deal. This internet plan features only 300 GB of data per month, and 100 Mbps download speeds.

    The package is enough for sending a couple of emails and even streaming videos. But don’t overdo the streaming unless you’ll have to pay extra. However, the price is reasonable for the speeds you will get, and the internet plan is highly recommended for casual users.

    2) Streamer and Gamer 200 Plus- Best Average Internet Users

    Most households consume around 400GB of data per month, so the 700GB included with the Streamer and Gamer 200 Plus plan offers you some decent data allowance. Besides, with 200 Mbps download speed, and 20 Mbps upload speed, you’ll also enjoy plenty of bandwidth to game, stream, or work on multiple devices simultaneously.

    Furthermore, this plan can support as many as 10 devices at once. Therefore, you can connect your computer, tablet, and gaming console. There is sufficient bandwidth for every device, but if several streamers are in the house, you can upgrade to the Turbo 300 Plus.

    3) Turbo 300 Plus plan- Best For Gamers and heavy streamers

    This plan is ideal for users who use data intensively. If you do a lot of gaming or uploading files, upgrading to the Turbo 300 Plus plan might be worth upgrading. The plan comes with 30 Mbps of upload speed and 300 download speed, which supports video conferencing and live gaming. It also gives you 900GB of data each month, sufficient for all users in the most connected households.

    4) GigaOne Plus- Best for Heavy Data Work Projects

    You might have to consider higher internet speeds and data when doing working projects. If you work from home or undertake things such as HD streaming and gaming regularly, the GigaOne Plus plan will be the best match for you.

    However, the plan has the highest data cap to satisfy your internet needs. Although the price is undoubtedly high, it’s reasonable for the speeds you get. Besides, 1.2 TB of data is suitable for large families, those working from home, gamers, streamers, and most heavy internet users.

    Summary of the Best Sparklight Internet Plans in 2022

    Plan Price Per Month Download Speeds Data Cap
    Lite 15 Plus $30 15Mbps 100GB
    Starter 100 Plus $55 100Mbps 300GB
    Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus $65 200 Mbps 700GB
    Turbo 300 Plus $80 300 Mbps 900GB
    GigaONE Plus $125 1000 Mbps 1.2TB

    Sparklight Internet Plan With Unlimited Data Prices:

    Plan Monthly Price Download Speeds Data Caps
    Starter 100 Plus $79/mo. 100 Mbps Unlimited
    Streamer and Gamer 200 Plus $105/mo. 200 Mbps Unlimited
    Turbo 300 Plus $120/mo. 300 Mbps Unlimited
    Giga One Plus $165/mo. 1000 Mbps Unlimited

    Ways To Get the Best Deal With Sparklight Internet

    Sparklight is among the best internet options for rural areas, with readily cheap internet plans. However, there are some tips to keep your Sparklight internet bill low when you sign up:

    i) Pick the Perfect Speed

    When selecting the right Sparklight internet plan, you need to consider your activities. How do you surf the web and check email, or are you an avid gamer? Depending on such activities, you can have some savings by choosing the right speed for you.

    ii) Purchase your own Modem and Router

    You can save $10.50 per month on Sparklight’s Wi-Fi ONE modem by buying your own modem. With Sparklight, you can pick self-installation and utilize an approved modem of your choice to maintain your monthly costs low.

    iii) Understand Your Data Use

     You can avoid costly data overage fees by picking an internet plan from Sparklight that rhymes with your data usage. If you’re constantly exceeding the 700 GB threshold featured on the Internet 200 plan, consider upgrading to the Internet 300 plan for 900 of data. However, if that is not sufficient, you can pick the Internet Gig plan to save.

    Does Sparklight Offer Bundling Services to Customers

    Sparklight is a suitable carrier for you if you are looking to bundle services. You can conveniently combine all your entertainment and communications needs under one bill and save up to $69 per month, depending on which plan you select. Choose between a dozen different double and triple play bundles to find suitable speeds and services for your family.

    a) INTERNET + TV Starting at $171.75 Internet 200+ Tv

    • Download Speed Up To 200 Mbps
    • Upload Speed Up To 20 Mbps
    • Data Plan 700 GB
    • Up To 100 Channels
    • DVR Features (Record 200Hrs)
    • Up To 6 Screens

    b) INTERNET + TV + PHONE Starting at $191.75 Internet 200 + Tv + Phone

    • Download Speed Up To 200 Mbps
    • Upload Speed Up To 20 Mbps
    • Data Plan 700 GB
    • Up To 100 Channels
    • DVR Features (Record 200Hrs)
    • Up To 6 Screens
    • Unlimited Local and Long Distance
    • Easy To Switch and FREE Setup
    • Digital Clarity and Reliability

    c) INTERNET + PHONE Starting at $90.00 Internet 200 + Phone

    • Download Speed Up To 200 Mbps
    • Upload Speed Up To 20 Mbps
    • Data Plan 700 GB
    • Unlimited Local and Long Distance
    • Easy to Switch and FREE setup
    • Digital Clarity and Reliability

    Bottom Line

    Sparklight (formerly Cable One) provides internet, cable TV, and phone plans that keep you and your family connected with no long-term commitment. However, Sparklight is an excellent option for families on a budget, remote workers, customers who relocate frequently, and users with heavy online gaming or streaming habits.With Sparklight internet plans, you can enjoy blazing-fast speeds at prices you can comfortably afford.