Frontier is a communications company based in the U.S. that offers internet services, fiber-optic internet, local and long-distance telephone service, DISH satellite T.V., and fiber-optic television. The internet plans are either fiber optic or DSL. The company provides various Frontier FiOS internet plans with different speeds, costs, and bundle options depending on your location. 

    Frontier’s fiber optic plans, formerly known as Frontier FiOS, are above 25 Mbps. The company allows you to combine your Frontier Fios Internet service with your home mobile phone to enjoy excellent frontier internet deals with fast fiber-optic internet access. The bundling of different services is more affordable and straightforward when paying the bills than stand-alone plans.

    Moreover, Frontier FiOS Internet is provided with 100% fiber-optic connection in central U.S. states, including; California, Florida, and Texas. With this network service, you will enjoy super-fast online access such as web browsing, sharing, and hefty internet activities such as online gaming and video streaming. Therefore, this article gives some of the cheapest Frontier FiOS internet plans and details about the company.

    What is Frontier Fiberoptic?

    Frontier is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Wilbur B. Foshay, in1935 founded the company. As of early 2020, the Frontier has provided TV, phone, and internet services to almost 29 states in the US, with over 3.5 million broadband customers. It is a large company with various subsidies, such as Citizens Capital Ventures Corporation, Frontier Subsidiary Telco LLC, Citizens Cable Company, and Frontier Telephone of Rochester.

    The company provides two internet plans that include DSL and fiber network options with no mandatory contract; however, to get the best price of an internet plan, you need to subscribe to a 12-month agreement. Interestingly, Frontier allows its subscribers to combine other services with their internet Fiberoptic T.V. service and home phone to get the best affordable Triple Play package.

    Fiberoptic internet is a new internet connection option that is very fast, which increases their upload and download speeds and decreases their downtime. This provides an excellent experience of online gaming and better streaming. Subscribers using the Frontier FiOS have several internet speeds to choose from, including; 50 Mbps and 500 Mbps.

    Additionally, the company provides special affordable programs to qualified, low-income families. Frontier cable service provider has Internet Assist features that offer an affordable broadband internet plan with no data caps, no contracts, and a free modem for only $18 per month. The Plan comes with 4Mbps upload speed and 30Mbps download, enough for general internet use like web browsing and sending emails.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Frontier FiOS Internet Plans?

    Frontier FiOS comes with lots of merits compared to cable internet connection or broadband services. With Frontier FiOS, you will enjoy a super-fast internet connection at an affordable price. However, it is essential to note that the service’s pricing, speed, and availability depend on your location. Some of the benefits of using frontier FiOS include;

    i) Consistency

    If you need the most reliable internet connection, then frontier FiOS is the best option. To get the best plan at an affordable price, you can combine all three services, including Internet, Fiberoptic T.V. service, and home phone services. This is known as the Triple Play package, which is currently replacing other options provided by large companies such as Comcast and Verizon.

    Frontier FiOS uses fiber optic technology that is very fast and less likely to suffer from a poor connection or the likelihood that a cable may be damaged or fail, therefore decreasing service disruption. The services are also not subject to overloaded, thus providing the services without a decrease in speeds. Moreover, customers will not experience inconvenient peak times or connection issues during lousy weather.

    ii) Pricing

    Frontier Fios internet is one of the best network service providers in the U.S., with affordable and very competitive plans compared to other companies. Sometimes you can find that their services are cheaper than what is offered by larger carriers like Comcast. Therefore, it is worth subscribing to frontier plans for similar connection speeds in a specific location.

    Moreover, the prices are set depending on the internet speed; lower speeds cost less money than higher speeds. Additionally, the company often provides coupons, offers, vouchers, and other deals that you can use to purchase the package of your choice. Customers who want a long-time service are offered pricing protection which keeps your rate from slowly increasing.

    iii) Speed

    Frontier is the best company if you are a hefty internet user who requires a fast and affordable network connection. This is because Frontier provides Gigabit speed connection services at a low price compared to broadband or cable internet, costing over $100 per month.

    The prices are very affordable since, with Frontier FiOS, it is a easy to transmit information, and there are low maintenance levels. The company uses the high-speed low-price deal, to attract more customers, thus making huge profits. Frontier provides a wide range of speeds and plans to satisfy all your needs, with the lowest speed starting at 6 Mbps up to 2Gbps.

    iv) Customizable Plans

    With Frontier deals, you can customize their plans to suit your needs accordingly. This allows you to use the plan you can afford at your own convenient time. You can create your own package with additional services such as DISH TV, home phone, and Frontier Secure®.

    v) No Contract Deals

    With Frontier plans and deals, you are not bound to use a specific deal until it is over; there are no contracts. Therefore, customers can change from one fiber-optic service to another without any termination fee, Surcharges or other penalties. 

    vi) No Data Caps

    Most telecommunication companies allow you to use high-speed data connections for up to a certain amount. You begin receiving slow connections until you subscribe again for the next period. It is inconvenient to online users who have agents and essential needs for the internet.

    However, with Frontier, you will enjoy unlimited online connectivity at the same speed with no additional charges. This means that the frontier internet plans do not have data caps.

    vii) Customer Care Service

    The company provides knowledgeable and excellent customer care service, who are always ready to solve all your burning issues. You can reach the customer care representatives at 1.877.855.4353 or on their various online platforms. 

    What Are the Cheapest Frontier FiOS Internet Plans?

    Frontier offers a wide selection of plans. However, the cheapest frontier FiOS internet plan is the $49.99 per month plan with a 12-month. The plan is fast and 99.9% reliable, allowing you to perform your online activities without interruption. With this plan, you will not be subjected to contracts when setting things up. The plans are discussed below;

    1) Fiber Internet 500

    The plan is offered at $49.99 per month with an AutoPay and provides a fast network speed of 500Mbps. The plan also comes with; 

    • Free activation, in addition to unlimited online time, are no extra fees
    • Free security software for a maximum of 10 digital devices
    • Three months free My Premium Tech Pro
    • One-unit eero Pro 6 router featuring fast Wi-Fi 6 coverage for your home
    • Power for several users and smart-home devices to stream, game, and share large files.

    2) Fiber Gig Service for $74.99 w/ Auto Pay

    You will receive this plan at only $74.99 per month, and it comes with a super internet speed of 1000Mbps. The plan also offers;

    • Free activation and unlimited online time without extra fees
    • 3 months free My Premium Tech Pro for
    • Free security software for a max of 10 devices
    • Two-unit eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi system for improved wireless connectivity throughout your home
    • Robust bandwidth to connect and support every user in your home with everything they do online

    However, the company provides the plan with even faster internet. It is clear that the faster the speed, the more the price. This plan is;

    3) Fiber 2 Gig

    It is the best frontier FiOS internet plan that provides ultrafast network connectivity of 2000Mbps at only $149.99 per month with an AutoPay. The plan comes with;

    • Ultrafast Wi-Fi 6E System
    • 2 Gbps download and upload speeds
    • Unlimited Digital Voice with VoIP technology for improved communications
    • Free activation, plus unlimited online time with no extra fees
    • Free Multi-Device Security and My Premium Tech Pro to support your smart home

    Bottom Line

    Frontier FiOS internet plans are offered at an affordable price providing an excellent internet connection of up to 2Gbps using the super-fats fiber-optic cables. It is essential to note that the price, speed, and availability of the company’s plans highly depend on your location.

    To get the best deal at an affordable price, you can use the triple play package that allows you to combine all of the company’s services; Internet, T.V., and home phone services in one bundle.