Spectrum merged with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks; therefore, it is ranked the second-best cable service provider in the US behind Comcast. The company is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)that is recognized for offering some of the best cell phone deals, from spectrum deals for current customers to phone deals and plans with unlimited talk, text, and mobile data services.  

    The company is working on upgrading its service tiers to provide the best plan for an affordable price. For example, today, you will find the cheapest internet speed at 200Mbps instead of the previous 100mbps. The company has three types of internet packages that are easy to choose from; they include internet-only, Double Play, and Triple Play bundle deals at an affordable price.

    Apart from the internet services, cable internet packages are the central pillars of the company. It offers other services like phones, broadband, and TV. Moreover, customers like the company’s services because their packages have admirable pricing that is standardized and straightforward with no mandatory contract. Therefore, this article will give some of the best spectrum deals for current customers and give precise detail about the company.

    What is Spectrum Mobile?

    Spectrum is an MVNO owned by Charter communication and offers cable TV, internet, and home phone service. The company depends on hybrid fiber-coaxial cable connections to provide service to its customers. This enables it to offer super-fast internet speed since fiber internet provides faster downloads and upload speeds. It is a well-known internet service provider since charter is the second largest internet provider in the US, just after Comcast. 

    Despite the company’s comprehensive coverage of over 28 million customers in 41 states, there are a few regions such as Washington DC, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Rhode Island, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, and North Dakota that do not receive any service from the company. Therefore, it is advisable to check if the services are available in your area before subscribing to any package.

     Additionally, the company participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program to provide free or affordable cable TV, phone, and internet services and a credit of up to $30 per month to eligible low-income individuals. However, the services are only available to qualified low-income households. Therefore, for you to be eligible for the program, you must satisfy the following conditions;

    • Your household income must be at or below the federal government poverty level or no more than 135%of the federal poverty guidelines.
    • Suppose one of the members of your household participates in federal government assistance programs such as temporary assistance for needy families, school lunch program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), federal Public Housing Assistance, and Medicaid. In that case, you qualify for the program.

    How Can I Get the Best Spectrum Deals for Current Customers?

    The first thing you are required to do is check if the deals are available in your location. If yes, proceed by placing an order depending on which internet installation method you want to use. The company provides two installation methods, including; self-installation and pro installation.

    If you choose the self-installation method, make an order for the free self-installation kit. You can place the order by either contacting their Spectrum deals for existing customer care representatives or doing it online. Immediately after receiving the kit, you should ascertain the company that everything is available.

    If anything is missing, call the Spectrum team and get the item replaced. Follow the straightforward guide to complete the installation and activation process.

    The Best Spectrum Deals for Current Customers

    1) Triple Play Select

    It is one of the unique Spectrum that deals with a wide range of services from the phone, internet, and unlimited calling across all US states. The plan comes with 100Mbps internet speed, a modem, and access to over 175 select TV channels. The internet is highly reliable since it is supplied through a fiberoptic capable which is very fast in transmission.

    Therefore, instances of downtime are scarce unless when overloaded. You will get all these fantastic offers at only $102.97 per month. Additionally, the spectrum internet package has no data cap; hence you will enjoy unlimited streaming

    2) Triple Play Silver

    If you are looking for a Spectrum deal for current customers with an efficient plan to watch your favorite TV shows on SHOWTIME, HBO, and NFL, then Triple play silver is the best package. The deal goes for $132.97 per month and comes with unlimited phone calls, a free modem to which you can connect to up to 5 devices, and 100Mbps download and upload internet speed.

    With this package, you will enjoy incredible premium phone features that enable you to activate voice mail, block, and forward calls, and get caller ID on TV. Moreover, the self-installation and activation cost is cheap, at only $9.99. With the Spectrum TV App, you can also get the chance to watch over 30,000 titles on the go.

    3) Triple Play Gold

    Customers with large households, big families, and heavy streamers should go for these packages. The package comes with a free modem, unlimited data, and calls at only $152.97 per month. You will get access to watch shows from SHOWTIME, HBO Max, TMC, STARZ ENCORE STARZ, and NFL Network channels.

    However, to get all the three services; internet, phone, and TV, you will have to contact customer care and confirm the availability of services and charges since fees vary for different locations

    4) Double Play Select

    Subscribers who have an interest-only on TV and internet services and not the phone bundle can use the double play select that is provided at only $89.98 per month; the packages unlimited 100Mbps internet connection, over 120 HD TV channels including C-SPAN, FOX News, Food Network, and Disney Channel and also comes with a free modem.

    5) Double Play Silver

    If you are interested in more channels and higher internet speeds, double play gold is your package. The plan is $119.98 and comes with Spectrum silver TV channels with incredible shows and features, free HD, local programming, etc.

    You will also enjoy additional channels, including ESPNU, BBC World News, the Golf, HBO, and Showtime. The plan provides you with a super-fast internet speed of up to 200Mbps and allows you to upgrade it to Ultra 400Mbps, therefore getting unlimited and uninterrupted streaming.

    6) Double Play Gold

    It is recognized as a package with giant TV and internet plans. The TV gold is the epitome of watch list and enjoyment. You will get all the Spectrum Tv select and TV silver included in this package, and also get a channel to customize your watch list with specialized channels like LOGO, ESPN Goal Line, and MTV2.

    Apart from the excellent TV services, you will enjoy a super-fats uninterrupted internet with 200Mbps or even higher speed. However, it is essential to note that the strength of your internet, availability and the price will depend on your residential area. The internet has no data caps; therefore, you will enjoy unlimited internet usage.

    7) Spectrum Internet

    Spectrum customers who only need a plan with internet-only can opt for this package. However, it is more affordable to purchase the bundled service, triple or double, than a stand-alone internet package.

    Spectrum Internet is the cheapest internet-only package offered at $49.99 per month and comes with no contract. You will enjoy unlimited streaming with this plan since the data is not restricted. And since you are not under any contract, you can opt-out of the deal if you are not satisfied.

    8) Spectrum Internet Ultra

    If you are a customer with hefty internet usage, such as HD streaming via multiple devices and gaming, then internet ultra is better. The package provides an internet speed of 400Mbps at $69.99 per month. Moreover, you will get a free modem that allows you to connect your devices to the internet, no restriction on how much you can use the internet, and even a chance to upgrade to a higher internet speed.

    9) Spectrum Internet GIG

    It is the best stand-alone internet plan that offers a fantastic super-fast internet speed of up to 940 Mbps with 4K content viewing at only $109.9 per month. With this plan, you can connect over 20 devices simultaneously without a single buffer. The internet has no data caps; thus, you will enjoy unlimited internet usage.

    10) Internet 60

    If you are an SD video lover or want either a single or dual user plan, then internet 60 is the best plan. You will get the package at only $44.99 per month, and the plan offers 60Mbps internet speed. 

    Bottom Line

    Spectrum is one of the best internet service providers with excellent internet, phone, and TV packages for current and new customers. Their payment plans are precise and straightforward, with no additional charges.

    Spectrum provides its packages as internet only, Double Play, or Triple Play bundle plans that offer up to 940 Mbps internet speed, sufficient for hefty internet users such as big households and large companies.