Boost Mobile is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) based in the US that offers affordable phones at affordable prices under one of the largest carriers, T-Mobile. Therefore, the company provides nationwide connectivity, unlimited talk, text, data, cell phones, and many more Customers can enjoy a wide variety of smartphones, from boost mobile Motorola phones to the latest Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

    The company provides the best offers on smartphone deals such as free phones when you subscribe to their network or the bring our own phone (BYOP) plan that enables new customers to save a lot of money on buying a new phone when joining the company. They provide affordable and reliable phones for all your needs, from the $29 flip phone good for seniors to the latest high-tech $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Unlike the primary wireless network providers, choosing a Boost Mobile plan is relatively simple. The company offers four plans, two with unlimited data and two with limited; therefore, it is easy to decide on two plans rather than hundreds of other carriers’ offers. Before discussing the 10 Motorola phones offered by the company, this article gives some details about Boost Mobile, including its ownership and some of the cell phone plans that it provides.

    Boost Mobile Entail

    Boost Mobile is an (MVNO) offering cell phone and home internet services in the US. Boost Mobile compatible phones. The company started its operation under Spring Corporation, but after the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, it is now running under Dish wireless. Therefore, the company offers its services using the Sprint corporation CDMA network and T-Mobile GSM network. This means that multiple Boost Mobile compatible phones are available in the market. 

    So, what are GSM and CDMA networks? Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a second and third generation of a network that allows a single transmission channel to be occupied by many signals, optimizing available bandwidth. Global System of Mobiles (GSM) is a standard developed to give out the protocols used by second-generation phones. Since the company is a virtual operator, it offers cheap deals because it has no physical branches that require monthly rent.

     New customers enjoy amazing deals and plans, from a wide selection of smartphones to whooping discounts on phones. You will also enjoy Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to their network. These affordable deals and the fact that the company operates under one of the largest carriers in the USA have enabled the company to offer its services to over 9 million citizens.

    Boost Mobile phone deals

    Boost mobile has partnered with many phone manufacturers to offer various brands of mobile phones at affordable prices. With your new or existing phone, you must follow the Boost mobile activate phone procedure to start enjoying the services offered by the company. However, to activate your existing phone to the company’s network, the phone must be unlocked and compatible.

    The company is known as one of the MVNOs with numerous cell phone deals, from free cell phones, unlimited streaming on specific platforms, affordable phone plans, and huge discounts. When you switch to the network, you will get access to the following deals; 

    • You will save up to 15% of cash when buying android phones under $250.
    • At only $99.99, you can purchase iPhone SE when switching to the network, thus saving up to $199.01.
    • When you use the bring your own phone plan option, you will get $10 off every month for the Plan you use
    • New customers enjoy one year of cell phone service for only $100 with unlimited text and talk plus GBB of cell phone data per month. 
    • When you subscribe to the GBB plan, you will save up to 40% since the Plan provides unlimited talk and text for the next three months from the day of purchase.
    • The company provides the boost mobile replacement phone service to customers whose phones have been stolen, lost or damaged. 

    The 10 best Boost mobile Motorola phones

    The following are some of the best Motorola brand phones offered by Boost Mobile;

    1) Moto G8+ plus 

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Moto G8+ plus | Unlocked | International GSM Only... Moto G8+ plus | Unlocked | International GSM Only... 2,299 Reviews $299.99 $229.99Amazon Prime

    The company offers this mobile phone at $299; however, the company allows you to trade in your old device. Therefore, you will be able to Save up to $570.00 on the Moto G8 plus device with Gift Card credit.

    The phone operates on GSM network technology. You will also enjoy a triple camera system of 48MP with night vision mode and laser autofocus. The selfies camera has 4x low light sensitivity with a Quad Pixel Selfie of 25MP.

    It has a powerful battery of 4000 mAh that lasts for 40 hours, providing you with enough time to work. The phone has an Ultra-fast performance processor that uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core with a built-in AI engine and 4GB and storage capacity of 64GB.


    • Excellent battery life 
    • Unique ultra-wide-angle camera concept
    • Strong audio 


    • No video stabilization in 4Kor 1080p/60fps
    • No bright display
    • The ultra-wide-angle camera cannot be used for taking photos.

    2) Motorola Moto G9 Plus 

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Motorola Moto G9 Plus 128GB, 4GB RAM, XT2087-1,... Motorola Moto G9 Plus 128GB, 4GB RAM, XT2087-1,... 1,723 Reviews $399.99Amazon Prime

    Moto G9 was designed in 2020, and it operates only on a GSM network and not CDMA. The phone is unlocked and is sold at $399. However, you can save up to $570 when you trade in your old Mobile phone. Customers who love taking photos enjoy excellent pictures taken from the phone’s 64MP QUAD-camera system on a 6.8″ max vision hdr10 display screen. There is storage of the photos and other documents to a 128 GB internal storage and 4GB RAM.

    Do not worry about working for long hours without power since the phone’s battery has a 5000 mAh that can last Up to 48 hours on a single charge. This enables you to enjoy the super fast-speed processor that operates on the Qualcomm snapdragon 730g processor. 


    • Clean and easy to use software
    • Natural photos and bright night vision
    • Long-lasting battery life


    • Low-resolution display
    • Unreliable exposure handling by the camera
    • Middling performance

    3) Motorola One Fusion 

    Boost mobile has been offering this mobile phone at $189.9 since 2020. You can also have it with a Trade-in plan and save up to $570.00 on the device with Gift Card credit. Motorola one fusion operates on GSM providing a superfast performance using the AI-fueled Qualcomm snapdragon 710 processor that can operate for two days due to its large battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

    You will enjoy good quality photos from the phone’s 48 MP Quad camera system1 with Quad Pixel technology for brighter, or sharper, photos from any perspective, in any light. Do not worry about data and photo storage since the phone provides a massive storage capacity of 128GB and 4GB RAM. The phone is also characterized by a 6.5″ Max vision HD+ display View with a large, beautifully vivid display.


    • Excellent storage capacity
    • Long-lasting battery life
    • Great photo quality
    • Good portraits, macro, selfies


    • No NFC wireless charging 
    • Slow selfie camera response

    4) Motorola Moto G 5G 

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Motorola Moto G 5G | Unlocked | 6/128GB | MP... Motorola Moto G 5G | Unlocked | 6/128GB | MP... 577 Reviews $209.72 $180.76Amazon Prime

    It is a 2020 Motorola model provided at only $299.9. Moreover, you can save up to $570.00 on your new device with an Gift card when you trade-in your old device. You will enjoy a 6.7″ max vision HDR10 display with sharp contrast and vivid, true-to-life color, enabling you to view the high-quality photos from its 48MP camera system. Storage capacity is enough since you will get a vast storage capacity of 128 GB with 4GB RAM and up to TB microSD card expandable.

    Speed is of concern; thus, the phone offers a superfast 5G speed using its latest Qualcomm 5G processor. The phone also comes with a battery capacity of 5000Mah.


    • Good gripping capability
    • Large screen size
    • Great performance


    • Slow battery charging
    • Not very affordable

    5) Moto G9 

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Motorola Moto G9 Plus 128GB, 4GB RAM, XT2087-1,... Motorola Moto G9 Plus 128GB, 4GB RAM, XT2087-1,... 1,723 Reviews $399.99Amazon Prime

    It is a 2020 Motorola model that operates on International GSM Only. The price of this cell phone is $249 offering a storage capacity of 128GB and 4GB RAM. The phone comes with a 64MPP triple camera system that provides high-quality photos allowing you to have a sound vision of your photos or videos; its 6.8″ Max Vision display screen. 

    If your job demands a quick response, then worry no more. The phone’s superfast processor is best for playing games, capturing photos, or multitasking with different apps, allowing you to operate for 60 hours none stop because the battery has an excellent capacity of 6000 mAh. The phone also has an advanced water protection system that protects your device from water or oil spills.


    • Massive storage capacity
    • Excellent battery life
    • Large screen with a small notch
    • Good looking design and grippy body


    • low screen resolution
    • slow charging rate
    • no 4K recording

    6) Moto G7 Power- Unlocked

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Motorola Moto G7 Power, Dual SIM 6.2' (GSM Only)... Motorola Moto G7 Power, Dual SIM 6.2" (GSM Only)... 40 Reviews $492.00

    The phone is a GSM-operated cell phone of Android version 9.0 and is sold at $156.94 with a warranty. However, you can save up to $550 when you trade in your old Mobile phone. 

    Customers with lots of data will enjoy a storage capacity of 32 GB with a RAM OF 3GB operating for long hours since the phone battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. This is just enough for your primary storage of data and music. Additionally, you will have an option of expandable memory of up to 512 GB. The phone’s speed is fast since it uses the High-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor with Adreno 506 GPU and 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU. Therefore, it has a good performance providing an HD+ Maximum display on its 6.2″ screen (1570 x 720).


    • Incredible battery life
    • Has a headphone jack
    • Loads of storage capacity
    • Fantastic software that is easy to use


    • Does not support 4K recording 
    • Has a screen resolution of only 720p
    • No NFC Wireless charging

    7) Motorola Moto e

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Moto E | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola |... Moto E | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola |... 3,516 Reviews $159.95 $139.00Amazon Prime

    The phone is made available at only $134.99 that comes with a 13MP dual-camera system, including a depth sensor and phase detection autofocus with good storage of 3 GB and 2GB RAM and up to 512 GB expandable memory with a microSD card for your files and music storage. The device also includes water protection to prevent damage from accidental spills and splashes, a fingerprint unlocking feature, a 3550 mAh battery, and a 6.2″ screen display size.


    • Long battery life
    • Extremely affordable
    • Fast, responsive fingerprint sensor


    • Poor camera
    • Not enough space for large files
    • Dark display
    • No planned update past android 10

    8) Motorola Moto G Fast

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by... Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by... 3,706 Reviews $199.99 $178.59Amazon Prime

    The phone has a price tag of $199.99, providing you 3 GBB of internal storage space and GBB of RAM, enough to store files and photos, takes from its available triple cameras at the rear, and one 8MP selfie shooter at the front. Additionally, you choose a micro-SD card slot for storage expansion. You will be able to enjoy a fast operation since it uses the octa-core Snapdragon 665 chipset processor.

    The phone has a 6.4-inch HD+ display screen and a 4000mAh battery capacity giving you enough time to operate on it.


    • Water repellant coated body
    • 4K video recording
    • Huge screen display size 
    • Fast performance via the Snapdragon 665 SOC


    • 10W fast charging only
    • Only 32GB of internal memory
    • overheating

    9)  Motorola Moto G6 Plus 

    One of the latest Motorola models sold at $335 with a warranty. The phone comes with 6 GBB and 4GB RAM storage capacity. You will only get a single SIM card slot for the Nano-Sim card type. The phone has a dual camera that provides good quality pictures in bright and low-light shots. The phone’s box comes with one USB Cable, a single charger, documentation, one Interior Retail Packing, and a Retail Box with IMEI Number.


    • Turbocharge-enabled
    • Good daylight and low-light camera shot
    • Good selfie quality
    • High-resolution screen


    • Slippery body
    • Below-average battery life
    • N 4K Video recording

    10) Motorola Moto X 

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Moto X (4th Generation) - with hands-free Amazon... Moto X (4th Generation) - with hands-free Amazon... 115 Reviews $58.65Amazon Prime

    It is one of the cheapest 2014 Motorola models available at $50.95 without any contract. The phone has a Camera Resolution of 13.0 MP and provides enough storage space of 32GB and a RAM of 2GB for your photos and files. You will enjoy a good speed performance using the Octa-Core Processor and Screen Size display of 5.2″.


    • Vibrant screen
    • Smooth performance
    • Relatively cheap


    • Low battery life
    • Turbocharge not included

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile is one of the highly recognized MVNOs known for its cheap mobile phone plans, deals, and home internet services. Boost Mobile has nationwide connectivity since it operates under one of the largest carriers. The company has a partnership with numerous cell phone manufacturers; therefore, it avails a wide range of mobile phone models from Motorola to the latest Samsung and iPhone.