Many cable TV companies provide different deals and packages for their services. The companies have all the best deals that satisfy your needs, from entertainment to global news. However, not every individual can afford the services; therefore, the federal government is offering the Lifeline program to provide cheap cable tv for low-income families and seniors.

    The government also offers free cell phone service to low-income households without access to free cable television. Several cable TV providers offer special rates and discounts to low-income families and organizations. It is important to note that these companies are only available in some areas. Therefore, it is advisable to research and find the ones that operate in your location.

    Without the free program, the only option for low-income households is to find inexpensive cable television. Therefore, this article provides some of the cheapest cable TV companies that low-income families and seniors can choose. The article will also provide some of the steps that you can follow to land the best company with the best deal.

    How Can I Qualify for Cheap Cable TV for Low-Income?

    Free and cheap cable TV services are not provided to everyone. The Lifeline program offers subsidies of $9.25 per month to qualified citizens. The government under the Lifeline program has set aside the eligibility criteria that low-income individuals must satisfy to get access to cheap and free cable services. The qualification criteria include;

    Your household is participating in a federal assistance program such as;

    • FPHA – Federal Public Housing Assistance.
    • SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
    • VPSB – Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit.
    • Medicaid – Medical Aid.
    • SSI – Supplemental Security Income

     If you or your household participates in the following tribal assistance program;

    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

    How Can I Choose Cheap Cable TV for Low-income Families?

    Cable TV does not reveal affordable packages to its customers. This makes searching for an affordable cable TV deal long and draining. The customer has to search and compare the many packages hidden by the cable companies. The good news is that affordable cable TV is available to low-income customers.

    If you want to get the cheapest package for seniors or low-income families, there are several steps you should follow. Here are the steps that you should consider doing;

    • Research for firms that provide the services in your region
    • Gather information from online forums
    • Check on the Cable TV provider’s websites with the best plan
    • Call the cable company for more details
    • Negotiate the price online

    Top 10 Cheap Cable Tv for Low-Income Families

    Several companies provide cable TV services; however, the following are some of the best and cheapest Cable TV companies suitable for low-income individuals.

    1) AT&T

    AT&T provides some of the best Cable TV deals with extraordinary entertainment at affordable prices. The company provides the AT&T U-Verse TV plan and low-cost cable TV available on the U-Verse internet. AT&T plans come with 15 to 200 channels with an HD DVR. This plan will offer you the best High Definition (HD) service to record TV at an affordable price. The deals provided by this company include;

    • The U200 at $55 per month, which offers 300 channels
    •  $60/mo plan that offers 470 channels under the AT&T U300.
    • With $110.0 per month, you will get 550 channels.

    AT&T company is one of the best providers of bundle packages for tv internet and phone. However, customers who do not need the bundle products can opt for the DirectTV with a DVR at only $35. When you apply for internet and TV, you will get over 190 channels at only $75 a month.

    2) Dish TV

    Dish TV tops the list since it offers low-income families and organizations the best cable TV packages at only $59.99 per month, providing up to 190 channels. The best part about the company is that worthy subscribers get whooping discounts by proving their case to the cable TV service provider.

    The company provides its service through the Flex TV brand that offers free HBO for the first three months of a subscription. The Cable plans by Dish TV are pocket-friendly for low-income families.

    3) Xfinity

    Xfinity Mobile is the best option for customers looking for a low-cost cable TV package. You will get the Expanded standard package that comes with 140 channels for $49.99 per month for 12-months which is a good plan for low-income individuals. Moreover, the company’s plans come with no-contract entertainment, which most subscribers favor.

    The company provides the Xfinity X1 DVR plan with about 100 hours of high-definition recordings, a voice-controlled remote that can record up to six shows, and Netflix integration. The company provides the top every channel offered by the top 25 cable TV providers, like ESPN, The CW, AMC, Discovery, and TNT.

    4) Cox

    If you are looking for the company with the best and cheapest cable TV for low-income families, Cox is the one. The company offers two ideal plans that are affordable for Cox Low-Income Internet and cable . One is the Cox Starter package, the most basic cable TV plan at only $25 per month.

    The channels provided by the Cox Starter Kit include CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, and NBC. However, you can sign up for the Contour packages to get the option to customize add-ons like HBO.

    5) Spectrum Mobile

    Customers who need Cable TV plans with no contract can opt for Spectrum Wireless company. This is a great plan for low-income families who may wish to freely find another TV service from other companies. When you subscribe to Spectrum plans, you will get a DVR that provides you with around 75 hours of High Definition (HD) storage and the ability to record two shows simultaneously. 

    The company offers three plans, and the TV select is the cheapest plan, which goes for $44.99 per month, providing more than 125 channels. The second plans are the silver package comes with over 175 channels at $69.99. lastly, the Spectrum provides the Gold Plan at $89.99 per month. Low-income families will therefore have a range of options to choose from, with the select plan being the best option since it is cheap and has more channels.

    6) Optimum

    Optimum plans do not need you to sign any contract, therefore allowing low-income individuals to watch all the fantastic channels provided by the company. The optimum company provides the Core Tv plan that provides over 220 channels at only $59.99. You can get over 340 channels with an additional $15 under the select package, an advantage for low-income individuals.

    7) Mediacom

    Media com is also one of the companies that provide cheap Cable TV plans with great TV shows, movies, and programs and affordable internet plans. The company provides the cheapest cable TV service compared to other competitors.

    8) DIRECTV

    DirectTV is one of the biggest companies that provide both an internet and a cable Tv in the US. With the DirectTV Select package, you will get the cheapest cable TV plan for only $65 per month with internet and TV services. The select package provides over 150 channels of free HD DVR that can record for 200 hours and four while streaming.

    Moreover, the plan also comes with sports channels such as NFL. The company also provides the Choice package that, offers sports pack for only $13.99 a month

    9) Armstrong

    With the Armstrong EXP Television Plus package, you will get over 100 digital channel favorites, HD, On-Demand, and a TiVo DVR. Programed DVR also allows you to record a TV show or series of exhibitions that you can watch later. The company also provides Armstrong’s simple packages that combine multiple services into one rate to offer faster, flexible, and convenient services.

    Additionally, Armstrong participates in the Lifeline 135 program to offer free internet for low-income families. The service is not free, but it is provided at whooping discounts. For example, eligible low-income households will receive an internet discount of 9.25/month or a $7.25/month phone discount.  

    10) RCN

    RCN company provides some excellent programs that are affordable to low-income individuals. Some of their services include video streaming, internet, cable services, and many more. The company’s cable services are very cheap, and they include;

    i) $79.99/mo plan

    The plan allows you to save up to $35 on data and comes with;

    • High-speed internet
    • A Signature Tv with over 25 channels.
    • Unlimited phone services

    ii) $39.99/mo plan

    • 50Mbps internet
    • It avails over 72 channels
    • Mobile data for basic browsing. For example, for sending emails and accessing social media.

    Bottom Line

    Several Cable companies offer different plans for TV, phone, and internet services. We all need essential services to enhance communication with friends and family. Therefore, some companies offer free and cheap services to low-income individuals. The government is not also left behind; they provide cheap and affordable cable TV services through the Lifeline program to eligible low-income families.