The best and most affordable cell phone plans for seniors provide savings on your monthly bill while giving you the right amount of text, talk, and data. Essentially, you will find the best value unlimited senior-friendly plans at T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Notably, some of these carriers will limit plans to specific states. Other mobile virtual network operators also offer the cheapest phone plans for seniors on a budget. 

    Most importantly, numerous factors to consider when picking a cell phone plan designed for free phones for seniors on medicare. Most of these plans for aged adults tend to be more affordable with more flexibility, lower data caps, and often provide remarkable benefits. The carriers offer discounted prices for seniors or packages specifically suitable for customers over a certain age, usually 55 and above. 

    However, most carriers prioritize customers living in the state of Florida. T-Mobile is among the major carriers with an exception requirement in residency for senior cell phone plans. If you don’t reside in Florida, one of the cheapest cell plans for seniors from Tello, Mint Mobile, or Ultra Mobile should be an ideal fit for you. In other words, a senior cell phone plan will offer you extra discounts and savings if you’re above the age of 55. 

    How To Find The Right Cell Phone Plans For Seniors?

    i) Set your budget

    If you are shopping around for the best cell phone plans for seniors, you must determine the amount you can spend if you’re a light user; it’s recommendable to use not more than $25/ month per line.

    ii) Understand Your Usage Needs

    Generally, higher data allotment means higher bills, even for senior citizen cell phone plans free. Therefore, the easiest way to lower your costs is to do away with unnecessary data and instead utilize the local Wi-Fi connections. 

    iii) Identify The carrier with the best coverage in your area

    Nearly all carriers, including the ones highlighted on the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors listed below, use the three major nationwide networks for service (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). Thus, before choosing any plan, ensure your coverage is well in your area. 

    iv) Compare the cell phone plans providers

    Finally, you have to compare all carriers to identify the best fit based on the criteria set above. You can select your ideal provider for a cheap cell phone plan based on the monthly price, coverage, and other crucial features desired that offer the best value overall.

    Types of Cell Phone Plans for Senior

    There are many different devices available for seniors from many wireless providers that require choosing the right cell phone plan for free phones for seniors on social security. However, there are different types of cell phone plans available that include:

    i) Talk and Text Cell Phone Plans

    There are plans from providers such as Lively and Consumer Cellular that allow you to customize your own plan with a monthly allotment of minutes, messages, and data. These are an excellent option for seniors who already have an existing home phone. 

    Interestingly, the plan allows you to opt for an affordable monthly plan when you require it. The good thing about these plans is that some providers will provide periods, usually weekends and nights, where calls are free.

    ii) Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

    An unlimited plan from the big three carriers is ideal for data-hungry cell phone users, precisely smartphone users. These plans have no limits on the monthly consumption of talk, text, or data. Some of the cheapest unlimited plans come from Mint Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile.

    On the downside, these plans have limits on data. However, you won’t get charged with overage fees; but your data speeds will get slowed or throttled.

    iii) Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

    The prepaid cell phone plans are the ideal option for seniors who only require a cell phone during an emergency. These plans require no contracts or monthly payments. Instead, you buy a given amount of messages, minutes, and data. You use this allowance and buy more only when you require it.

    What Are The 10 cheapest phone plans for seniors?

    1) Mint Mobile 55+ Plan 

    If you’re looking for a cheap unlimited talk and text service, then a Mint Mobile 55+ plan would be your best option. This plan is specifically for seniors and costs $15 per month per line, and it requires no activation fees or long-term contracts. 

    The plan also includes 5 GB monthly data, ideal for senior users who occasionally use their phones for the internet. On the other hand, Mint Mobile senior plans can function with any unlocked phone. Thus, you can either bring your own device to Mint or buy one directly from Mint. You’ll get a Mint Mobile SIM card by purchasing a Mint plan, offering you access to their service.

    2) Ultra Mobile 100MB for $3/month 

    The above is the best pay-as-you-go plan for seniors who don’t often use their phones. Ultra Mobile’s pay-as-you-go plan costs $3 per month and gives you 100 minutes, texts, and 100MB of data. 

     Again, if you need extra data, you can pay 3 cents for each extra megabyte or choose an additional 500GB for $5 extra. Still, consider this Mint’s offer if you require more data regularly.

    3) T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus 2-line plan for $55/month 

    T-Mobile has an excellent offer for senior customers aged 55 years and older. You can obtain two unlimited lines for $55 per month at $27.50 each. This plan has unlimited data, calls, and texts with no speed limit, 3G mobile hotspot data, and scam protection. You also have access to T-Mobile’s 5G at no extra cost. 

    However, you are restricted to SD streaming, and if you’re traveling in Canada or Mexico, your data will get slowed. You can upgrade to T-Mobile’s Magenta 55 Plus plan to get two data lines for $70 per month. (The regular Magenta plan costs that much just for one line, so that’s an ideal bargain for seniors.) The 55-plus Magenta plan features free Netflix, LTE mobile hotspot data, etc.

    4) Verizon 55 Plus Unlimited plan 

    This Verizon promotion is exclusively available to Florida residents over 55 and goes for $60/month for one unlimited line or $80 for two lines with auto payments. Besides, this includes unlimited 4G data, calls, and texts, unlimited mobile hot-spotting, use when traveling in Mexico and Canada, and more. 

    5) AT&T Unlimited 55 Plus

    Same as the Verizon promotion above, this deal is exclusively available for seniors over 55 who live in Florida. If you are eligible, you can get two unlimited calls, data, and text lines for just $80 per month or one line for $60. 

    Additionally, you can use this plan in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and the 5G service gets included at no extra cost. You can also text free of charge to more than 120 countries, and you’ll have spam and fraud call blocking. If you don’t reside in Florida, other affordable cell phone plans for seniors are as follows.

    6) Consumer Cellular 3GB for $25/month 

    Consumer Cellular provides low prices for every user regardless of age, but it mainly offers seniors flexible data plans. In this case, you can choose exactly how much data you need. However, the $25/month 3GB plan is for low data users. But if you need a little more data, the 7GB plan costs $10 more per month. 

    Consumer Cellular’s plan starts from 500MB to unlimited data. Besides, your plan can accommodate a total of three lines. Notably, additional lines cost extra, and your coverage includes 5G coverage with a compatible device. AARP members receive a 5% discount on top of the low rate.

    7) Tello Economy Senior Plan 

    Tello Economy plan represents one of the low-cost, prepaid plans for seniors. The plan covers the basics and enables you to build on and customize as per your needs. For $10 per month per line, the plan features 1 GB of data per month. However, there is unlimited talk time and texting, and you’ll get access to 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide networks until you attain your monthly data allowance.

    Additionally, the hotspot gets included in the monthly data limit. If you’re an average or heavy data user, you could quickly navigate through the 1 GB of data. Interestingly, Tello seniors pay for this plan by the month and can terminate at any time. You can also upgrade to include more data or downgrade to fewer features without paying extra charges.

    8) Visible Senior Plan

    Visible only provides one plan ideal for seniors looking for unlimited data, talk, and text. However, you can expect to pay in advance $25 for one line during the first month. The introductory price goes up to $40 per month after that. Besides, if you add more lines, that price can reduce to as low as $25 per line every month for four lines or more. 

    Additionally,  if you refer a friend, you can enjoy a month of service for just $5 for each referral. You’ll have access to 4 LTE and 5G nationwide data speeds plus a mobile hotspot with speeds up to 5 Mbps. Visible operates on Verizon’s network, and speed may slow down during heavy congestion on the network.

    9) US Mobile build-your-own senior plan

    The above plan is a flexible plan for seniors, and it’s a great alternative to the traditional pay-as-you-go service. You pay a monthly fee, but consumption gets billed in tiers. If you consume a lot of data each month but none the next, your bill will show that.

    US Mobile operates on the Verizon and T-Mobile networks. The base price for this plan is $2 per month, plus the price for your chosen tier of minutes, data, and text messages. However, usage gets divided into levels, and you choose the number of texts, minutes, and data you want. If you only want text messages, you can do that with US Mobile. 

    Seniors can also change plans for every month. US Mobile is a prepaid carrier, so you pay for your cell phone plan at the beginning of the month. You can customize your own plan and choose the number of texts, minutes, and data you want from the available tiers set by the carrier. Tiers begin at $1.50 for 50 texts, $2 for 75 minutes, and $1.50 for 50MB of data. 

    10) Lively Value Talk and Text

    Lively is a Best Buy brand, and its service operates on Verizon’s network and features an emergency cell phone plan for seniors. This plan goes for $14.99 monthly and features 300 talk minutes with no text or data included. Besides, it’s affordable, straightforward, and has optional health services. Notably, text messaging is a separate charge and costs 10 cents per text. 

    Data packages are available, but only if you have the Jitterbug Smart3 phone. However, data plans start at $2.49 for 100MB. Optional health services feature an additional cost and can get purchased as a bundle. The basic package costs $19.99 per month. 

    Who Has AARP Cell Phone Plan Discounts?

    AARP provides discounts for seniors members who want to save money on cellular service. However, any adult over the age of 50 can become an AARP member and receive AARP cell phone plan discounts or AARP cell phones for seniors. Besides, qualified seniors can also get a free government phone upon meeting eligibility requirements. Below are two carriers providing discounts through AARP:

    i) Consumer Cellular

    Consumer Cellular provides tailored cell phone plans for seniors as low as $15 per month. Through Consumer Cellular, the AARP members receive:

    • A 5% discount on monthly cell phone plans.
    • Up to 30% off cell phone accessories.
    • An extension on the money-back guarantee period from 30 days to 45 days.

    ii) AT&T

    AARP members enrolled through the AT&T Wireless provider can save up to 10% on their data plan and talk monthly charges. Additionally, senior members can save 15% on qualifying cell phone accessories. AT&T AARP members receive:

    • 10% off voice and data plan monthly charges.
    • Up to $45 activation or upgrade fees waiver.
    • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

    Bottom Line

    Among the numerous discounts provided to seniors, there are significant savings you can get on the monthly cell phone plan bills. Major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile provide special deals on unlimited data packages for tech-savvy seniors. On the other hand, wireless providers such as Consumer Cellular and Lively are ideal for seniors looking for the cheapest customizable plans. With an AARP membership, you can also save on your cell phone plans through select carriers if you’re over 50 years old.