Mediacom is a cable internet provider in the US that offers high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to specific states in the US. The companies’ subscribers enjoy different types of Mediacom internet deals with different speeds and prices. The fastest download speed goes up to 1,000 Mbps. This is one of the best speeds obtained from any cable provider.

    The company currently offers four internet plans, but the speeds will depend on your location. The internet deals provided by Mediacom start from a super low price of $19.99 per month. Customers also enjoy; free installation on all packages when you order online for packages worth $99.99 and free service of Xtream wifi 360 signal-boosting for three months.

    The companies’ customers enjoy affordable plans and deals provided by Mediacom that do not have a mandatory contract, come with a wifi hotspot, have security features, and have nationwide connectivity. Therefore, before diving into our main topic of finding out the best Mediacom internet deals in 2022, it is essential to know what the company entails and the benefits you can get from it.

    The Benefits of Choosing Mediacom Internet Services

    Mediacom cable providers’ customers get fast, reliable, and affordable access. These services also come with no contract and have hotspot capabilities. Subscribing to 

    Mediacom internet enables you to access their Xtream wifi 360 service that offers a whole-home wifi coverage, network security, and access to Mediacom Xtream wifi hotspots at no additional cost. Some of the other benefits that you will enjoy while at Mediacom include;

     i) Fast and Reliable Internet Services

    Mediacom is recognized as one of the cable providers that has been offering fast and reliable services since its formation. Today, the company is ranked among the US’s top 5 A-rated residential cable network providers. The provider provides fast fiber-quality internet which is affordable to fit all your needs and budget.

    ii) Free Installation Fees

    Customers who purchase Mediacom services get the services at an affordable price. There is also free installation for all customers who purchase new internet plans with 100 Mbps or higher speeds. The company is waiving its services to online customers who must pay only a one-time activation fee of $10.

    iii) Contracts

    Most Mediacom plans do not require a contract. However, customers who want to avoid canceling their services for financial interest can opt for the two-year agreement that goes for $240 or a one-year agreement offered at $120.

    iv) Wide Network Coverage

    The company provides its services to a Span of 22 states in the US, serving over 7 million households; therefore, it is considered the fifth-largest cable tv provider in the United States. Their services are widely available across residential neighborhoods, primarily concentrated in the Southeast and Midwest states. Mediacom is focusing on expanding its fiber-optic network services to serve more small towns and cities with a wide array of plans and pricing.

    Therefore, Mediacom provides one of the best internet options in rural areas. For example, the company offers high-speed internet services to nearly 1 million households in more than 300 communities in Iowa.

    v) It’s Not Just the Internet

    Mediacom also provides home phone, TV, and home security services across the US. If you subscribe to the bundled services, you will enjoy all the services from one package, saving you the cost you would have incurred to get other services from different carriers.

    vi) Fights Security Threats

    Mediacom telecommunication corporations use many security threat detection techniques to identify and remove threats from their digital devices. The company uses the Total defense software that protects your devices from viruses that may slow down your device. The software keeps your sensitive dates safe and shields your devices against malicious phishing attacks, malware threats, spyware, and ransomware. You can enjoy the Total Defense safe protection service on up to 5 of your devices.

    vii) wifi Hotspots

    The services also come with hotspot capabilities to connect many devices with the same network. The company provides hundreds of Xtream wifi hotspots in almost 7 states in the US. There are various wifi hotspot zones provided by the company to most subway stations, restaurants, different streets, and some cafes.

    viii) $10 off Your Internet Bill

    You will receive $10 off your internet bill for the first year of service, saving up to $120. If you purchase any Xtream internet plan, you will enjoy the Xtream wifi 360 Pro mesh system free for three months.

    Ways To Get the Best Deal with Mediacom Internet

    You can sign up for Mediacom services during promotional periods to get the best internet deals. Moreover, if you want to save more on your next bill, the tips and tricks below that will help you get the best deal with Mediacom:

    a) Check out Mediacom Cable’s Bundles

    It is affordable and reliable to pick the bundle packages for families who need a combination of internet, phone, and TV service.

    b) Determine Your Speed Needs

    Not every person requires the most extreme or high-speed internet plan. Therefore, choose plans with lesser speed if you will only use the network for browsing since they are cheap. Customers should choose high-speed internet deals with hefty data usage like gaming and video streaming.

    c) Purchase Your Modem

     The company leases modems for $12 per month; however, you can choose to purchase your modem, allowing you to save on the monthly cost.

    d) Get Only the Services You Will Use

    It is advisable to know your internet requirements before deciding on a plan. This will help you narrow down the available options; hence you will only choose the plan that satisfies your needs.

    The 4 Best Mediacom Internet Deals in 2022

    Mediacom has a wide selection of internet plans to satisfy your needs. It provides internet plans that start at just $19.99 per month with high speeds ranging from 1,000 Mbps depending on your location. The company also provides one of the cheapest bundle deals at $29.99 per month for internet and TV services.

    Some of the best Mediacom internet deals in 2022 include;

    1) Internet 100 Plan

    The service is offered at $19.99 per month and comes with; 200 GB of data with 100Mbps speed.

    2) Internet 200 Plan

    You will get this plan at $39.99/mo. The plan provides 1 TB of mobile data at a speed of 200 Mbps.

    3) 1Gig Plan 

    At only $69.99 per month, the 1Gig plan provides 6 TB of data at 1000Mbps. It is the best deal for customers who need a plan for the internet only.

    4) Internet 200 + Variety TV 

    It is the best bundle package offered at $99.99 per month. It comes with a 200Mbps download speed, 10 Mbps upload speed, a data cap of 1,000GB, and more than 170 tv channels.

    Bottom Line

    Mediacom is the fifth-largest cable television provider in the US that offers quality, reliable, and high-speed cable internet service of up to 1000 Mbps. The company also offers home phone, TV, and home security services that help keep customers’ internet security and digital devices free from viruses. Mediacom provides its services to over 7million customers up in the suburban and urban areas, hence known as one of the best cable providers in rural areas.