Verizon is the biggest carrier in the United States regarding coverage, internet speed, and customer base. However, the carrier occasionally packs phone deals on 5G flagship from Apple or some of the best affordable phones available. Again, Verizon 5G phone deals are fantastic promotions, freebies, and trade-in schemes that you can take advantage of this month.

    Therefore, you can bear witness that Verizon is the cheapest and the most deal-friendly carrier that packs the best deals on 5G cell phones for existing and new customers. Verizon is a premium brand with so much to offer, although it’s one of the pricier options. For this reason, you need to know some of the best Verizon phone deals you can obtain right now at a lower price from Verizon.

    Most importantly, Verizon is the best-rated carrier in the US, though it’s not an ideal option for the cheapest cell phone plans. Besides, it has the fastest network in many speed tests and widespread coverage for 5G and 4G LTE networks in many parts of the United States. This carrier provides the best 5G handsets, including Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 13, Google Pixel 6, and plenty of other renowned devices.

    Cell Phone Deals That Verizon Offer

    i) BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Cell Phone Deal

    A BOGO promotion offers special pricing when you purchase two devices at once.

    BOGO Deal Requirements:

    • The device you’re receiving the discount on must be of the same or lesser cost than the device you’re purchasing.
    • You will pay for both devices with monthly device payments. At the same time, you receive a promo credit on your bill every month that you entirely or partially offset the monthly payment for the “get one” device.
    • To qualify for a BOGO deal, both the device you’re purchasing, and the device you’re obtaining for free must be on an eligible plan.
    • The mobile device you’re receiving the discount on must stay on a qualifying plan for the rest of the term to maintain the discount. Again, the device you’re purchasing must remain on a qualifying plan for at least 6 months.

    Notably, the value of some Verizon BOGO deals may vary based on your plan selection.

    ii) Trade-in Cell Phone Deal

    A device trade-in promotion requires customers to trade in an eligible mobile device in perfect working and cosmetic condition to get a discount on a new device. However, the trade-in credit gets applied every month on your billing statement. And, you’ll start getting the trade-in credit after your trade-in is returned to Verizon.

    Additionally, you may have to be on an eligible plan to qualify for specific trade-in deals. And to maintain the discount, your device must remain on a qualifying plan for the entire term. Notably, the value of some trade deals may vary based on your plan selection. Ensure always to read the promo’s eligibility rules for more details.

    iii) Free or Discounted Cell Phone Deal

    A free or discounted cell phone deal offers a monthly credit applied to your billing statement over your promotional period to offset the cost of eligible device purchases. However, you may need to add a new line depending on the deal promotion terms.

    Notably, your promo credits can take 1-2 billing periods to reflect. If you have a device payment plan, your promo credit will apply over your device payment period (i.e., 36 months). If you bought your device at the total retail price, your promo would apply over 36 months.

    Additionally, free or discounted device promotions only need to purchase a qualifying new device. A trade-in or second device purchase isn’t usually required. Ensure to read the promo eligibility rules carefully on any deal.

    Best Verizon 5G Phone Deals Right Now

    1) Apple iPhone SE 2022

    This week at Verizon, purchase a new iPhone SE 2022 upfront on an eligible unlimited data plan, and the carrier will give you an additional device for free. At Verizon, you can purchase one iPhone SE 2022, and you’ll receive $429 off the price of a second iPhone SE 2022. However, you’ll have to purchase your second phone through an installment plan and subscribe to an unlimited data plan to receive your free iPhone SE.

    2) Apple iPhone 13 mini

    if you are looking for a budget iPhone, Verizon has multiple offers and epic sales on iPhones. For a limited time, you can receive the base iPhone 13 mini on a monthly payment plan from $5 per month to a regular price of $19/month. However, you’ll have to buy your cell phone through a monthly installment plan. You’ll also have to enroll in an unlimited data plan.

    4) Apple iPhone 13 Pro

    New Verizon customers can save $1,000 off the iPhone 13 Pro with a select trade-in. Again, new members can also get an extra $1,000 to take care of the cost of switching. However, the existing customers can receive up to $700 off with Unlimited plans. Notably, Verizon’s deals iPhone 13 Pro are slightly different from the standard device.

    Thus, to get a saving on iPhone 13 Pro, you need to trade in an eligible older device. You can pick up a 13 Pro on a new unlimited line for a massive saving of up to $1,000 through the duration of your plan. New customers can also acquire an additional $200 gift card for switching over from another carrier.

    5) Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Verizon iPhone deals also apply on the more premium iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can save up to $1,000 with a trade-in. To get the savings on this device, you have to trade in a new line on an unlimited data plan. Besides, the carrier’s previous ‘BOGO’ deals don’t apply on this device anymore, although the trade-in is the standard option for getting such premium devices. Plus, you can get up to $200 with a switch.

    6) Apple iPhone 12

    If you are looking for a budget flagship phone, you can consider the 2020 flagship iPhone 12 for free at Verizon. You need to get a new unlimited line for up to $699 off to get this deal. Again, you’ll have a bonus $1,000 gift card if you switch from a different carrier to Verizon.

    7) Samsung Galaxy S22

    Verizon’s this week deals on the Galaxy S22 no longer feature the carrier’s ‘BOGO’ promo. Verizon is giving up to $800 off Galaxy S22 when you trade in your old eligible cell phone and enroll in an unlimited data plan. However, existing customers can also receive up to $700 off with a qualifying trade-in and on select Unlimited plans. New customers can also receive a $200 gift card as a welcome bonus if they switch from another wireless provider.

    8) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    This week’s Verizon deals feature the more premium Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can save up to $1,000 with an eligible trade-in with an unlimited plan, plus a $200 gift card for new customers who switch to Verizon.

    9) Google Pixel 6

    This week’s Verizon deals on the Google Pixel 6 gives enormous saving for newbies. You can obtain a Google Pixel 6 for free when you sign up for a new line and purchase a device on an unlimited plan. To get this deal, you must purchase through monthly installments. Again, if you switch and port in your number to Verizon, you can get up to $1,000.

    10) Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    For a short time, you can receive up to $1,000 off your S21 Plus purchase for trading in an old (or damaged) cell phone and sign up for a Verizon unlimited plan. Again, you can switch from another carrier and receive an extra $1,000 bonus.

    Bottom Line

    Verizon is a leading cellular carrier in the United States, and it features plenty of solid deals and discounts on the latest cell phones for new and current subscribers. Besides, it gives an excellent welcome bonus for any customer who decides to switch to their network. The carrier has an array of 5G devices, from iPhone deals to the latest Samsung Galaxy deals. The above is the best Verizon 5G cell phone deals you can have now.