TerraCom is a communication company in the United States of America. The company’s founders aimed to help low-income citizens get the communications services they deserve. TerraCom is always proud of helping people save finances by providing top-notch customer service. The company uses its efficient machinery to run efficient services with its customers in mind to provide low-cost, high-quality services. You will learn about how you can qualify for the TerraCom Wireless tablet.

    The company is one of the various carriers that offer Lifeline and related services to eligible Americans. It works with the federal government to offer Lifeline services, and you can be sure to get the best out of its offers since it is one of the affordable alternatives to excellent home phone service. The company is one service provider that maintains the highest quality services for customer satisfaction.

    Another service that you can get from the company is the Affordable Connectivity Program. The recently launched benefit program aims to provide low-income families with affordable broadband, whereby you can easily access your online sites without limitations. The program also allows you to get a free tablet from the government. However, it is not entirely free since you have to contribute something small to get it. We shall see more details later on.

    Get Started With TerraCom

    To get started with the company’s services, you have to qualify first. You should visit the Lifeline National Verifier to confirm your eligibility and identity at the National Verifier ServiceNow services Lifeline. After that, you can proceed to apply for the benefit. 

    Once Lifeline National Verifier has approved you, you can contact TerraCom customer care at 888-716-8880 to set up your home phone account.

    About TerraCom Lifeline Program

    The Lifeline lowers the cost of phone or internet service every month for eligible consumers. You have to understand that, once you qualify, your household gets Lifeline for internet service or phone. You cannot get the two services at once since the FCC does not allow that. 

    Furthermore, if you get Lifeline for phone service, you can get either a mobile phone or one home phone, but you cannot have both. For your understanding, the home phone is among the best free cell phones for seniors you can get since they are handy for requesting help. You can quickly get the exact location where someone is calling from.

    Again, if you get the Lifeline benefit for internet service, you can use it for your mobile phone or home connection but cannot use it for both. That is how strict the help program is to ensure that more and more people get a chance to enjoy the service. Also, if you receive the Lifeline for bundled phone and internet services, you can get the aid for your home bundled service, or your mobile phone bundled service but not both.

    Additionally, a household cannot get Lifeline from more than one service provider. Only one individual per household is entitled to a free phone from the government. If more than one person in a household gets Lifeline, you will lose your benefit since you break the FCC’s Lifeline benefit rules.

    Another vital thing you should note is that you should not give your benefit to someone else even if they qualify. That is because Lifeline is non-transferable. The last thing about Lifeline is that you must be honest, giving accurate and genuine details on all Lifeline forms or questionnaires. If you give false information, you will not get the service, and the United States government can take strict measures against you, resulting in a fine or jail.

    Documents You Will Need To Apply For Lifeline

    You should use various documents to prove that you qualify for the Lifeline service. They include the following:

    i) Program Participation

    If you participate in a particular program, you can bring the following documents to prove eligibility. 

    • Benefit award letter
    • Statement of benefits
    • Approval letter
    • Benefit verification letter

    ii) Household Income

    Examples of documents you should provide to prove your income include the following. 

    • Previous year’s state, federal or Tribal tax return
    • Your employer’s current income statement or a paycheck stub
    • Unemployment Compensation statement of benefits
    • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    • Divorce decree
    • Child support award
    • Federal or Tribal notice participation letter in General Assistance

    iii) Date of Birth

    Document examples include:

    • Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    • Birth Certificate
    • Government assistance program document
    • Driver’s license
    • Certificate of US Citizenship or Naturalization
    • Permanent Resident Card or Green Card

    iv) Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number

    Supporting documents include:

    • Social Security Card
    • Most recent W-2 or tax return
    • Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    • Military discharge documentation
    • Government assistance program document
    • Unemployment/Workers’ compensation benefits

    v) Address

    Document Examples include:

    • Utility bill
    • Most recent W-2 or tax return
    • Mortgage or lease statement
    • Driver’s license or other government, state, or Tribal ID

    vi) Life

    Document Examples include:

    • Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    • Government assistance program document
    • Birth certificate
    • Social Security card
    • Prior year’s tax return or W-2

    Qualification For The TerraCom Wireless Tablet

    As we have seen, you must qualify for the Lifeline program to get a free phone, home phone, or internet service. The same applies to when you want to get a free tablet. You must qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which usually gives eligible persons free tablets and broadband services.

    Therefore, you first qualify for ACP to get a TerraCom Wireless tablet. As I mentioned earlier, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government benefit program that ensures households can afford the necessary broadband for work, healthcare, school, and more. The Federal Communication Commission provides the benefit through various service providers.

    The benefit gives you a discount of up to $30/month toward internet service if your household qualifies. Also, it gives up to $75/month to households who live on qualifying Tribal lands. Again, qualifying households can also get a one-time discount of up to $100 to buy a laptop, computer, or tablet from participating service providers if they contribute at least $10 and at most $50 toward the purchase price. The program is limited to one monthly discount and one device discount per household. It portrays similar requirements to those of Lifeline.

    Wrap Up

    TerraCom is a telecommunication company in the United States of America. The company’s founders aimed to help low-income households get the communication services they deserve. You can benefit from the Lifeline services by choosing the internet, home phone, or mobile phone. Also, the service provider is offering the Affordable Connectivity Program, whereby you can get discounted broadband and a free tablet. You must produce supporting documents to apply.