Verizon is the leading carrier among the best three wireless providers in the U.S. However, if you are looking for Verizon wireless plans for seniors that offer value and reliability, Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan could be ideal. This plan is one of the best Verizon’s discounted senior-specific plans, only available to Florida residents. The plan provides all crucial features like unlimited talk, text, and data at a cheaper rate.

    Notably, starting at $60 per month, the plan may be relatively expensive compared to other networks. But,  it’s well worth the price since Verizon provides one of the most reliable networks and the most extensive coverage in over 150 countries. Additionally, the carrier offers free cell phones for seniors Verizon and 24/7 access to highly qualified customer service. On the downside, this plan is currently available to seniors living in Florida only.

    Most importantly, Verizon currently provides one senior-specific phone plan, the 55+ unlimited phone plan to the eligible persons. If you are not a resident of Florida, several other unlimited Verizon plans are recommended for seniors who want to upgrade their primary cell phone plans. To qualify for the 55+ Unlimited Plan, you have to be older than 55 years and have a Florida billing address, plus a maximum of two phone lines on your account.

    About Verizon Wireless Senior Plans

    1. Senior plans feature unlimited text, talk, and data
    2. Free two-day shipping or same-day in-store pickup
    3. DVD-quality streaming and unlimited hotspot data for 55+ Unlimited Plan
    4. No overage charges
    5. Unlimited and prepaid mobile plan options
    6. Select plans feature unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada
    7. 55+ Unlimited Plan available in Florida only
    8. Receive up to $500 for switching and trading in your cell phone
    9. 4G LTE and 5G networks with nationwide coverage

    Factors To Choose The Best Verizon Cell Phone Senior Plan

    Generally, to identify the best Verizon cell phone plan for your wireless needs, understand the following aspects:

    i) Network coverage

    Ensure your Verizon coverage is good where you reside. Although Verizon provides the best excellent network coverage, you might be living in one of the spotty places where a different carrier’s network features the most vital signals.

    ii) New Cell Phone or BYOD option

    If you consider a new cell phone to match your plan, you can often take advantage of some seriously cheap Verizon phone deals for existing customers. However, if only you purchase the phone with a specific Verizon Unlimited plan. Alternatively, new customers can benefit from bringing your own device (BYOD) incentives. 

    iii) Prepaid verse Postpaid

    A Verizon prepaid plan can save you a lot of cash since there are no contracts or hidden fees involved. However, one of the setbacks is that you’ll miss out on most perks, including streaming subscriptions and cloud storage. If you require these services, you can opt for a postpaid plan.

    iv) Budget

    Verizon’s plans are on the expensive side. First, consider your budget. So, understand what you’re willing to pay each month before getting subscribed to a specific plan.

    v) Data usage

    Identify your online usage habits, whether you are a heavy data user. If so, you’ll require a plan featuring a high deprioritization threshold and a huge hotspot allowance, so you don’t lack speed when you want it most.

    Qualified For Verizon Wireless Plans For Seniors

    Notably, to be eligible for Verizon +55 senior plan, you must attain these requirements:

    • Be a new Verizon wireless customer
    • Be 55 years old and above
    • Possess 1 or 2 phones on your account
    • Possess a Florida billing address on your account

    Additionally, you can have a maximum of 2 mobile phones on this plan, but you can add up to 10 tablets and 25 connected devices to your account. Besides, mobile hotspots aren’t compatible with this cell phone plan.

    On The basis Of Pricing The Best Verizon senior plans 2023

    The company provides Verizon wireless government discount and a variety of unlimited plans for seniors who wish to stay connected with friends and family without overage charges.

     Currently, there is only one plan designed for seniors, but there are other available options for seniors who don’t qualify for the Verizon unlimited +55 senior plan. However, below is a compiled list of your favorite senior-friendly Verizon cellular plans:

    i) Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan

    Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan begins at $60 per month for a single line or $80 per month for two lines, including applicable taxes and fees. Thus, the average savings is $5 to $15 per line compared to their standard unlimited plans, which start from $65 to $75 per line for the same features. However, this plan features unlimited text, talk, and 4G LTE data. This senior-discounted plan is a lifesaver for streaming content. 

    Some plans provide only 2 G.B. to 10 G.B. of data, which is never enough to watch online content. The Verizon senior plan includes high-quality streaming and an unlimited mobile hotspot to connect to the internet while you’re away from home. Using the unlimited mobile hotspot feature, you can use your mobile phone’s data to connect to the internet on a tablet or laptop computer, saving on your standard home internet services. 

    You don’t have to purchase a separate international plan with unlimited talk. Unlimited service is already included in this plan, so you can make calls to Mexico and Canada for as much as you want.

    ii) Verizon Prepaid Unlimited

    Verizon’s prepaid unlimited plan feature nationwide 5G coverage available in over 2,700 cities, meaning you can receive and make calls from virtually anywhere. This plan lets you enjoy unlimited calls within the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Besides, starting at $65 per month for a single line, this plan features unlimited text, talk, and data. 

    Luckily, there are several ways to receive additional discounts and savings on this prepaid plan. The price per line will drop as you add more lines, and the longer you remain on this plan, the more the savings. For instance, if you remain on this plan for over 10 months, you can save up to $10 per month. Also, if you already have a device that you’d want to use on this plan, you can bring your own phone.

     As an incentive, if you port in the same number from your original smartphone, you’ll have more savings and obtain the Verizon prepaid unlimited plan for $50 per month instead of $65 per month. Additionally, if you choose the monthly autopay, you can get a $5 discount on your monthly bill. 

    iii) Verizon Start Unlimited

    Fortunately, if you don’t reside in Florida or qualify for the Verizon lifeline program, other viable, affordable plans are still to consider. With Verizon Start Unlimited, you can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data for $35 monthly per line. Other perks include free six-month subscriptions to Apple Music and Disney+, enjoying your favorite jams, and catching up on streaming Disney classics. Besides, many streaming services cost around $10 to $15 per month, making this plan an excellent value.

    Interestingly, you can have more savings on this plan when you enroll for multiple lines, with starting prices at $30 per line for five or more lines. The plan is recommendable for older adults who want to share a phone plan with other family members. You receive the best monthly pricing when you enroll for multiple lines. This plan is also an excellent option for seniors who want to upgrade to smartphones.

    The Verizon Family Cell Phone Plans 2023

    Verizon Wireless features four main unlimited plans, which you can mix and match your family’s needs. Besides, you can activate up to five lines online, but you’ll have to walk into a store or utilize the website’s chat function if you require more.

    Additionally, a $10 per month per line discount on an unlimited plan if you choose automatic payments. Still, you have to utilize a debit card or checking account to receive the discount. The plans include:

    i) Start Unlimited

    The plan’s features include video streaming limited to standard definition. Notably, a mobile hot spot is not included with this plan. Additional lines on this plan costs:

    • Two lines for $140.
    • Three lines for $165.
    • Four lines for $180.
    • Five lines for $200.

    ii) Play More Unlimited

    This plan includes 15 G.B. of high-speed mobile hot spot usage per line per month. Also, Disney+ is included, and Apple music subscription for 6 months. The additional lines on this plan costs:

    • Two lines for $160.
    • Three lines for $195
    • Four lines for $220.
    • Five lines for $250.

    iii) Do More Unlimited

    The above plan features 15 G.B. of high-speed mobile hot spot usage per line per month, and you can receive 50% off an unlimited plan for your tablet or connected devices. The pricing for additional lines on this plan includes:

    • Two lines for $160.
    • Three lines for $195
    • Four lines for $220.
    • Five lines for $250.

    iv) Get More Unlimited

    The get More Unlimited plan includes 30 G.B. of high-speed mobile hot spot usage per month. Besides, it comes with Disney+, Apple Music, and 50% off select connected device plans. The pricing for additional lines on this plan includes:

    • Two lines for $180.
    • Three lines for $225.
    • Four lines for $260.
    • Five lines for $300.

    Bottom Line

    Whether you are Verizon’s senior customer who wants to keep it simple with a flip cell phone or a tech-savvy senior with smartphones, there’s a phone plan for you on Verizon wireless. However, this carrier offers affordable low-data plans to unlimited data plan packages. With the 55+ Unlimited plan, qualified Florida residents can enjoy all the benefits of an unlimited cellular plan at a discounted rate,  featuring unlimited talk, text, and data.