T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile network providers in the US. The company is known for its best deals on different mobile phone plans. It provides services from the basic plan to multiple line plans. T-Mobile merged with Sprint corporation and came up with even better deals on family plans. Since the merger, the company introduced the T-Mobile family plan 4 lines to provide affordable cell phone plans to large families.

    The cheapest four-line plan is offered at $100 per month and comes with 5G network access for subscribers with compatible phones. Additionally, the plan goes for $5 more per month per line without an Autopay. T-Mobile is making this pan even better with 5G compatible devices, offering four Samsung Galaxy A71 5G smartphones through eligible trade-in and bill credits when subscribers pay $30 per line.

    Apart from the family plans, T-Mobile offers other great mobile phone plans and deals, from Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans to free mobile phones. Therefore, before handling some of the best T-Mobile family plan 4 lines unlimited data, it is vital first to understand the T-Mobile company itself, some of the benefits that a customer may enjoy, and many other services.

    The Best T-Mobile Family Plan 4 Lines

    The T-Mobile family Plan refers to the discount you get if you purchase multiple lines and connect to a single account. T-Mobile allows you to view the prices for multiple lines net to each plan. You can save up to $100 every month if you have a family of four. T-Mobile has three family plans. The Magenta, Magenta Plus, and the Essential plan. However, the Magenta family plan is the best one, which comes with many offers at affordable prices.

    i) Magenta Family Plan

    The plan goes for $140 with AutoPay and includes the Taxes and Fees. Without AutoPay, add $5 per month per line. The plan allows you to add lines to your account and get unlimited text, talk, and data for each phone. Including all the monthly charges, fees, and taxes, the cost for each line goes for;

    • 1st line costs $70 per month with AutoPay
    • 2nd line costs $50/month with AutoPay
    • 3+ lines cost $20 per month with AutoPay

    Subscribers of this plan will enjoy:

    • 5G Nationwide network with compatible devices
    • 1-screen Netflix subscription included with 2+ lines
    • DVD quality video streaming, 5GB 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
    • 4G LTE Coverage in Mexico and Canada (up to 5GB)
    • No Credit Check available

    ii) Magenta MAX Family Plan

    The T-Mobile Magenta MAX family plan is a no-contract plan offered at $170 with AutoPay, including all the Taxes & Fees. The plan allows you to add up to four lines on your account to access unlimited talk, text, and data for each phone. You can choose to pay for the Magenta MAX for $15 per line per month or $10 per line per month when you add more than two accounts to each line. If you include all monthly taxes, fees, and charges, the plan will go for;

    • First-line will cost $85/month with AutoPay
    • Second lines on Magenta MAX will be $140 per month with AutoPay
    • More than three lines cost an extra $30/month per line

    Customers using the Magenta Max plan get access to:

    • Comprehensive coverage in up to three countries: the US, Mexico, and Canada
    • Unlimited calling to and from the US, Mexico, and Canada (primary usage must occur on the US network)
    • 5G Nationwide network with compatible devices
    • 2-screen Netflix subscription included with 2+ lines
    • 4K UHD quality video streaming
    • 40GB high-speed Hotspot data, with unlimited 3G speeds

    iii) Essential Family Plan

    It is a no-contract plan that is purchased at $120 With AutoPay. The plan allows you to add $5/month per line without an AutoPay. Moreover, the cost does not include the taxes and fees. The plan comes with;

    • Unlimited talk, text, and data
    • Unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Canada and Mexico
    • Low flat-rate calling and unlimited text at $0.25 per minute in over 210 countries
    • 480p unlimited DVD & Video streaming

    You can add lines to your Essential Family Plan account and enjoy unlimited text, talk, and data for each phone. without including the taxes and fees, the price of each line goes for:

    • 1st line costs $60 per month with AutoPay
    • 2nd line costs $30 per month with AutoPay
    • 3+ lines cost $15 per month with AutoPay

    Things You Should Know About T-Mobile

    Apart from the typical and excellent mobile phone plans, the company also provides the 5G Home Internet service. This is one of the affordable internet plans available at just $50 per month. The best thing is that the plan has special fixed prices and does not have price hikes or fees. Additionally, subscribing to T-Mobile comes with the following benefits;

    i) T-Mobile Pays You Off Your Old Phone

    You can either buy a new mobile phone or bring your eligible digital device when subscribing to the company. Additionally, when you switch to T-Mobile, you will receive $650 in credits that will help you to pay the remaining balance on your cell phone and contract. To receive this advantage, you are required to;

    • Sign up for either the Magenta Plus unlimited or Magenta plan.
    • Trade-in your existing cell phone and get a new one with T-Mobile
    • Port in your current mobile phone number
    • Send a copy of your bill to T-Mobile (with your previous carrier) and enjoy the service.

    ii) 5G Network Coverage

    Since the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint corporation, T-Mobile customers have access to the US largest network provider that offers its services to about 99% of the US landmass. Moreover, the company has the most 5G network coverage in the US. This is the latest high-speed network recommended for hefty data usage such as gaming.

    iii) Taxes and Fees Included

    T-Mobile plans have no hidden costs, to some plans. The amount of each plan includes all the fees and taxes. The company has two plans that include taxes and fees in the pricing: Magenta and Magenta Plus.

    iv) Guaranteed High-Speed Data

    All of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans offer 50 GB of high-speed mobile data that will only slow down when the network is congested.

    v) Free Netflix With a Catch

    T-Mobile plans offer free Netflix subscriptions to allow customers to enjoy different shows at no extra cost. You can get the free Netflix account when you have two or more lines on eligible plans, either the Magenta or Magenta Plus plan.

    vi) Military, First Responder, and Senior Discounts

    The company provides different offers every Tuesday of the week. T-Mobile customers can receive Burger King Taco Bell discounts, among other complementary products, and T-Mobile government discounts. The company provides discounted plans for military personnel (and immediate family members), first responders, and senior citizens.

    The discounts allow you to save up to $20/month on T-Mobile’s most expensive plans. For example, the discount takes Magenta Plus from $85 per month to $65 per month if you fall into either three categories.

    Final Words

    T-Mobile is one of the four largest network service providers in the US that offers the most reliable and fastest 5G and 4G LTE cell phone services at affordable prices using the GSM network technology. It has many plans suitable for both individuals and large family members. Most of the plans come with unlimited text, talk time, and data.