Frontier Internet is available to more than half of the US but mainly serves Connecticut, West Virginia, and Illinois. However, better internet starts on the Company’s 100% fiber-optic network with 99.99% network reliability. You can experience 25x faster upload speeds than cable and game online, work from home, and video chat like a pro. Frontier Internet and phone are available in select areas of 25 states.

    Moreover, Frontier internet is ideal for those who need frontier internet deals on high-speed internet connectivity. Fiber connection is a type of internet that is fast and reliable but unavailable in some areas. Thus, if you reside in a rural area, Frontier provides a DSL internet option for a low price. Additionally, Frontier’s Fiber internet plans offer you sufficient download speed for multiple users simultaneously without any lag.

    Most locations have access to DSL internet. Frontier is actively enhancing its fiber network to more locations within the states to feature maximum wired speeds of up to 2,000Mbps. Notably, Frontier does not provide TV plans on its own. Instead, it works with select TV providers to get yourself a TV service with your Frontier internet plan.

    What Are The Benefits of Frontier Internet and Phone?

    • Uniform fiber speeds –  Frontier fiber plans pack equal upload and download speeds, so you can experience more of what you love online. 
    • Fixed Price guarantee – Regardless of the plan you select, Frontier provides fixed pricing for up to three years, so no worries about sporadic price hikes.
    • Free WiFi router rental – You can have a fully optimized wireless router as a package in your internet plan without internet surcharges or hidden equipment.
    • Unlimited data included – Frontier internet packs unlimited data so you can game online, browse, and stream without hitting a monthly data limit and incurring overage fees.

    How Is Frontier Internet Speed?

    Frontier delivers fast internet speeds, with Fiber internet service offering 500 and 940 Mbps download speeds. However, the 500 Mbps plan provides excellent speeds for medium- to large-sized households. These download speeds can handle more than a few users gaming, streaming, and working from home at once. 

    Additionally, if you primarily utilize the internet for freelancing, your home business, or streaming on YouTube, you may have to consider the Gig Service plan. This plan delivers 940 Mbps download speeds, sufficient for data-hungry individuals.

    Alternatively, if you are hunting for a cheaper option, you can consider its DSL plans. The fastest plan can deliver up to 25 Mbps speeds, but DSL is less reliable in terms of speed performance. Notably, 25 Mbps speed is low, especially if you have more than one person or multiple devices using your internet simultaneously. 

    What Are The Best Frontier Internet Deals Right Now?

    This carrier provides its frontier low-income internet on DSL internet service for users who only require the minimum internet and superfast fiber-optic speeds up to 2 Gbps for users who require the most out of their internet. For a limited time, Frontier is giving more than $700 in extras when you buy the Frontier Fiber Gig Service plan, including

    • Waived activation fee
    • Three-year price guarantee
    • $200 Visa Reward Card
    • eero Pro 6 mesh WiFiWiFi system

    Moreover, if you require more speed for your family of streamers, gamers,  and remote workers, you can grab these great deals when you enroll for Frontier’s latest Fiber 2 Gig plan. It includes:

    • Free Apple TV 4K streaming device (After the first 1,000 customers)
    • Three months free of Apple TV+ (After the first 1,000 customers)
    • Amazon Fire TV 43 inch 4K UHD Smart TV (First 1,000 customers only!)
    • Logitech Webcam (First 1,000 customers only!)
    • Whole-home WiFiWiFi system with Sagemcom
    • Multi-device security, free voice line, and premium tech support
    • Free activation

    The Best Features On All Frontier Internet Plans and Internet plans Include:

    i) No Data Caps

    This feature is becoming familiar with many internet plans. Besides, Frontier does not restrict its customers or cap data after a certain amount of consumption.

    ii) Frontier Secure

    This perk is an add-on service for identify-theft and password protection, virus and malware protection, and cloud storage for multiple devices. However, prices for Frontier Secure begin at $6 per month.

    Frontier Internet-Only Deals

    Frontier now features a free router with every internet plan, thus dropping routers’ $10 monthly user fee. In this case, customers can now save $120 per year. If you connect to Frontier Fiber Internet, you can receive a $200 Visa Reward Card with the Fiber Gig Service plan or a $50 Visa Reward Card with the Fiber 500/500 Mbps plan. For three years, Frontier also provides a price-fixed deal in the Fiber Gig Service plan for $74.99 per month (with AutoPay).

    Interestingly, the new Frontier Fiber 2000Mbps plan is $149.99 per month (with AutoPay). Frontier is giving the first 1,000 customers to enroll a free 43″ Amazon Fire TV and a Logitech Webcam for the service. Besides, if you’re not among the first 1,000 customers, you can still receive great deals, including a free Apple TV 4K streaming device and three months of Apple TV+ with the plan.

    On the other hand, Fiber Gig Service and Fiber 500/500 Mbps subscribers will receive the eero Pro 6 whole-home WiFi system when they sign up. However, subscribers to the Frontier Fiber 2000Mbps plan will get a unique whole-home WiFi setup from Sagemcom. If you require additional WiFi extenders, you can buy them for just $5 per month. 

    Additionally, the Fiber 2000Mbps plan also features a free My Premium Tech Pro service to have your network up and running 24/7. All Frontier Fiber plans include free activation, whether you pick the Fiber 500/500 Mbps, Fiber 1000Mbps Service, or Fiber 2000Mbps plan.

    Best Frontier Fiber Internet Prices

    Plan Price/month Download Data Cap
    Frontier Fiber Internet 500/500 $49.99 200Mbps Unlimited
    Frontier Fiber Gig $74.99 940Mbps Unlimited
    Frontier Fiber 2Gig $149.99 2000 Mbps Unlimited

    Best Frontier DSL Internet Prices

    Plan Price/month Download Data Cap
    Frontier internet $39.99 Up to 25Mbps Unlimited

    Frontier Bundle Deals

    Frontier customers subscribing to high-speed internet plans can also top up unlimited monthly WiFiWiFi service that functions at various Frontier locations and hotspots for just $9.99 monthly. However, Frontier no longer provides its own TV service to new customers. 

    Instead, Frontier works together with DIRECTV STREAM, DISH TV, and YouTube TV to avail entertainment channels such as   ESPN, Disney, and Discovery together with internet service to bring a package deal on frontier tv and internet packages. Such services are a fantastic combination, thanks to Frontier’s 100% fiber network.

    Frontier also provides home phone service as an add-on to its internet packages. The home phone features include call waiting,  three-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail. Again, Frontier Secure provides a HomeShield bundle starting at $6 per month and your internet devices and connections. 

    Generally, The Bundle Offers:

    • Multi-Device Security supports up to 10 devices together with a web-based device management console
    • Content Anywhere for up to 100 GB of cloud storage capacity
    • Password Manager to enable shopping, browsing,  and banking online more accessible and more secure through a single master password
    • Identity Protection for one adult offers personal digital safety and security with global ID, credit bureau, and Social Security number monitoring.

    How to Receive the Best Deal With Frontier Internet and Phone?

    Below are a few guidelines that keep your bill as low as possible:

    • Sign up for AutoPay. You can save $5 per month by subscribing to Auto Pay services and paperless billing.
    • Consider purchasing your own modem and router. Frontier provides internet equipment free for your first 12 months of service. You’ll have to pay $10 monthly unless you purchase your own equipment. The average price for purchasing a modem and router combo, or gateway, is usually less than the yearly charges for renting Frontier’s equipment.
    • Identify the Frontier speed you require. While the deals and speeds differ depending on your location, understanding your internet usage needs is essential to choosing a plan you enjoy.

    What Are The Frontier Bundles on Phone, Internet, and TV?

    Frontier provides TV and phone service bundles beginning at $69.99 per month. However, the TV service gets offered by DishTV, and most bundles call for a two-year commitment with the pricing guaranteed for the first 12 months. Below are the bundling options available:

    • $69.99 per month for phone and internet up to 25 Mbps
    • $124.98 per month for DishTV with (190+ channels) and internet up to 25 Mbps
    • $149.98 per month for phone, with DishTV 190+ channels, and internet up to 25 Mbps
    • $154.98 per month for phone, with DishTV 240+ channels, and internet up to 25 Mbps
    • $164.98 per month for phone, with DishTV 290+ channels, and internet up to 25 Mbps

    Bottom line

    Frontier provides various services on the internet and phone plans to residential and business customers. The services get offered through its fiber optic and DSL networks and include high-speed internet, TV, and phone service bundling. However, Frontier internet service is available with no contract, but if you want to get the best prices, you have to subscribe to a 12-month agreement.