The federal and state government provides free tablets to low-income families and students in dire need. Thus, if you are a student or a member of a low-income household in Texas, you can receive a free government tablet. In this case, you will have to fill out the application form and meet the needed eligibility criteria. Afterward, if you pass through the screening process successfully, the free government tablet Texas. 

    However, the government has strict guidelines on free tablets with food stamps and other qualifying program offers. Many people who require a free tablet come from low-income,  senior citizens, disabled, students, and unemployed individuals. For this reason, the government has a limited quantity of free offers on tablets; hence you must qualify. For anyone struggling to pay for their cell phone bill every month, the government has a supportive program for free cellular services and devices. 

    Most importantly, the Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) is a state-funded program that offers electronic tablets to the citizens of Texas. Besides, this program does not need a social security number or information about the applicant’s income, nor does participating in the program affect any government benefits. Thus, the tablet is free of charge to the qualified applicant.

    To qualify for Texas free tablet, you need the below information only:

    1. Your First and Last name
    2. Address
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Signature

    Proof of Residency in the form of one of the following:    ​

    1. Driver’s License
    2. State ID Card
    3. Voter Registration Card 
    4. Or Utility Bill
    5. (Expired IDs are not accepted)
    6. (Correct address is required! No exceptions) 

    Qualifications For Government Free Tablet

    There are three main categories of qualification and general eligibility criteria, which apply in most states:

    1. You are eligible through other federal government programs participation
    2. You are eligible due to some disability
    3. You can qualify depending on your total household income 

    In this case, your current income level should be at or under 200% of the federal poverty level. However, the eligibility criteria differ from state to state. Thus ensure to search for the requirements on the government’s or the provider’s official website. Notably, collect all the necessary documents before applying to get a higher chance of obtaining the free government tablet in Texas.

    Apply For A Free Government Tablet in Texas

    The documentation you will get asked to submit depends on your eligibility category and the state you are applying to. Thus, it is best to check with your state to know the exact eligibility criteria and the needed documents. Notably, any proof of eligibility is subject to approval by the corresponding verification staff, and additional documents may be necessary, including:

    1. Proof of current participation in a federal government assistance program, such as:
    2. Federal Pell Grant
    3. Social Security Disability (SSD)
    4. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    5. Financial Assistance, like GA, TANF, etc. (a current letter showing current eligibility is needed)
    6. Food Support (an up to date letter with current eligibility is needed)
    7. Head Start
    8. Adult and Child Mental Health Case Management
    9. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    10. Medicaid or Medical Assistance ( a document that indicates “MA” or “Medical Assistance” )
    11. Employment Services (only if income-basis in your state)
    12. Extended Foster Care
    13. The Reduced Lunch Program or National School Lunch Program’s Free 
    14. Section 8, Group Residential Housing (GRH) or Federal Public Housing Assistance.


    An approved certifier must be available when any applicant is initiating their application. However, the certifier will sign off on each application, confirming that the applicant qualifies following their age eligibility and submitted paperwork. After the application gets submitted, the Austin STAP office will take around 6 months to process the application.

    Immediately your application gets approved, a voucher is issued for the specified product, and the state mails the voucher package to the applicant. When the applicant receives the voucher in the mail, the tablet gets delivered again.

    Furthermore, this is a state-funded program that offers electronic tablets to the State of Texas residents. It is not associated, nor will it hinder any federal or local government assistance you are currently receiving. 

    Documents Needed If you Qualify Through a Disability:

    1. Submit documentation from a government entity confirming any disability.

    Documents Needed If you Qualify Through Income:

    Documentation from a government entity confirming that your current income is at or under 200% of the federal poverty level, including:

    1. A retirement/pension statement of benefits
    2. A Social Security statement of benefits
    3. An Unemployment/Workmen’s Compensation statement of benefits
    4. A Veteran Administration statement of benefits (VA cards alone are not accepted)
    5. Federal or tribal notice certificate of participation in General Assistance
    6. The previous year’s  federal, state, or tribal tax return (W2 forms or pay stubs are unacceptable)

    General Necessary Documents:

    1. A photo ID proof
    2. Contact information
    3. Income proof or student information
    4. Residence proof
    5. Eligibility proof document
    6. Income proof or salary slip

    Receive a Free Tablet Under the ACP Program

    The Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP is a recent government assistance program managed by the FCC. The program started on December 31, 2021, and replaced the then expired Emergency Broadband Benefit. The ACP program mandate ensures that all households can afford and access the broadband connection they require for work, healthcare, school, and more.

    Furthermore, ACP provides two benefits: monthly broadband service and connected devices. All ACP providers offer a discount on monthly broadband internet service of up to $30 and $75 for qualified households residing on Tribal lands. Some ACP providers give a one-time discount of up to $100 per household toward buying a connected device, like a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

     To get this affordable connectivity program tablet discount, the qualified customer must pay a co-pay of below $10 and not more than $50. However, you must find an ACP provider in your state of residence that gives discounts on connected devices. To identify a suitable provider, proceed to affordable connectivity program providers, tap your state of residence, and choose a provider with a ‘tick’ under ‘Offering Connected Devices.’ 

    Additionally, to be ACP-eligible, you must attain at least one of the following requirements:

    1. Possess an annual household income of 200% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
    2. Participate in a government qualifying assistance program, including Lifeline, Medicaid,  SSI, WIC, SNAP, or Federal Public Housing Assistance.
    3. Participate in an eligible Tribal assistance program, including Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance,  Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, or Tribal TANF.
    4. Participate in the National School Lunch Program or the School Breakfast Program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision.
    5. Be a beneficiary of a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.

    Free/Discounted Tablets Under the ACP Program in Texas

    Not all ACP providers offer discounts on a free government tablet. However, apart from the ones that do, not all give discounted tablets. You can look at the best ACP providers that offer free tablets in the text below. Luckily, you will save yourself the stress of walking through every ACP provider in your state. You can look at the list of the best ACP providers below in the country that provide free/discounted tablets in Texas.

    1. StandUp Wireless

    StandUp Wireless is a nationwide ACP provider that provides discounts on monthly services and devices such as tablets. It serves the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California,  Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, ma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

    ACP-eligible households can get a one-time discount on a tablet, laptop, or computer and a free monthly service featuring unlimited text,  talk, and data.

    2. Q Link Wireless

    Q-Link Wireless is another renowned wireless provider that gives Lifeline and ACP benefits to qualified households. It serves the states of Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma,  Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan,  South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

    However, qualified households can get a free tablet from QLink Wireless with the latest features and specifications for only $10.01. ACP-eligible customers can also receive free monthly phone service with unlimited text, talk, and data.

    Bottom Line

    Texas residents can benefit from a free government tablet by applying for the affordable connectivity program. However, another state-supported program known as the Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program offers free tablets to the residents of Texas. To qualify for a free tablet with the phone, you must meet the eligibility requirements, submit the relevant documents and wait for approval.