The Optimum company serves over 12 million people in many cities and states in the US and offers its cable and fiber Internet services in your area. However, the company has the most prominent coverage in western Connecticut, New York, parts of rural Pennsylvania, and eastern New Jersey. Interestingly, if you choose optimum as your wireless provider, you can get connected and protected with high-speed internet for your small business, thanks to Optimum Business Internet Plans.

    Most importantly, the plan packs security built-in and includes DDoS and DNS protection as an integrated part of our service. Thus, your business is well-guarded from a wide range of digital attacks. Every plan package also features unlimited access to over 2 million Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots. Additionally, Optimum Online customers receive fast, reliable, and unlimited internet access to over 2 million Optimum, and your business keeps moving, even if you keep moving.

    Therefore, the company supports customers looking for Optimum Internet Plans For Existing Customers, plus business owners searching for a dependable, affordable internet Service provider. Optimum supports your business needs for maximum utilization of resources and more profits, plus Optimum business internet is available in your area for your small business. In other words, it’s worth considering this internet service provider as a viable option for your small business’s internet needs.

    About Optimum Pricing, Costs, and Plans

    With Optimum online, you will not enter into any contract? Besides, this carrier provides protection plans for $7.99 per month and Installation charges of about $99 and $149 based on the connection type. Optimum features different Internet plans starting from $24.99 to $69.99 per month, based on the deal you select and the connections.

    Additionally, their internet speed starts from 200 Mbps for business. If you pick the gig package, you experience download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. However, like many other ISP out there, this company doesn’t guarantee speeds because many factors can affect Internet speeds.


    • Upfront-pricing 
    • High-speed Internet plans
    • Affordable internet plans
    • Affordable bundle packages 
    • 30-Day money back Guarantee


    • Available in a few states

    Optimum Small Business Internet Plans

    Optimum offers two internet networks that include cable and fiber. However, the networks provide similar download speeds, but Optimum’s cable internet plans feature slower upload speeds and increased pricing than fiber in some areas.

    On the other hand, Optimum’s base cable plan, Optimum 300, offers the best value. The plan provides high speeds for a low price. Besides, the 300 Mbps will support HD streaming and gaming. Data hungry users can get the Optimum 1 Gig Internet which comes with up to 1,000 Mbps to download speeds at an affordable price.

    Notably, if you reside in an Optimum fiber area, like some subscribers in New Jersey, you’ll experience upload speeds similar to your download speeds. For instance, the fiber connection of Optimum 300 comes with 300 Mbps download speeds and 300 Mbps upload speeds. 

    Best Optimum Business Internet Plans

    This company provides some exciting Internet plans that can take your Small business to the next level.

    Optimum Internet plan Download Speed Upload speed Price/Month
    Business Optimum 60 60Mbps 5Mbps $64.99
    Business Optimum 150 150Mbps 15Mbps $79.90
    Business Optimum 300 300Mbps 20Mbps $119.95
    Business Optimum 500 500Mbps 25Mbps $224.95

    Optimum Business 200

    • Free Internet protection supported by McAfee for up to 20 devices
    • Free Smart Router delivering fast, secure connections on your devices
    • Up to 200 Mbps download and 35 Mbps upload speeds
    • Unlimited Optimum Wi-Fi access and Automatic Sign-in for up to 15 devices

    Business Optimum 300

    • Free Internet protection supported by McAfee© for up to 20 devices
    • Free Smart Router that delivers a fast, secure connection on your devices
    • Up to 300 Mbps downloads plus 50 Mbps upload speeds
    • Unlimited Optimum Wi-Fi access and Automatic Sign-in for up to 20 devices

    Business Optimum 500

    • Free Internet protection supported by McAfee© for up to 20 devices
    • Free Smart Router that delivers fast, secure connections on your devices
    • Up to 500 Mbps downloads plus 50 Mbps upload speeds
    • Unlimited Optimum Wi-Fi access and Automatic Sign-in for up to 25 devices

    Speeds Of Optimum Internet Plan

    Optimum provides Optimum internet plans for senior citizens and eight standalone internet plans featuring four cables and four fiber-optic, priced between  $19.99 to $79.99 per month. Besides, it has maximum download speeds starting from 100 to 940 Mbps.

    Additionally, Optimum provides the network you need to deliver the speeds for your business demands. With various speed tiers available, you can select the one that’s suitable for you and your small business from the following internet speeds:

    Factors You Need To See When Using Business Plan

    The internet speed you require for both your home internet plan and business will depend on several factors such as

    • The internet usage
    • The number of users sharing your internet connection
    • The number of devices connected to your internet

    Activities You Can Do From Optimum Internet Plans

    i) Optimum 200 

    Select this speed tier if you consider your internet usage “basic.”With this speed, you surf the web and check social media, randomly play a game or two, and have several devices on which to stream movies.

    ii) Optimum 300 

    This internet speed is for average internet users. You’ll experience faster download speeds using this plan and 4K high-definition streaming.

    iii) Optimum 400 

    This plan is suitable for using multiple streaming services with the fastest speeds outside of fiber internet. You can generally download large files, play connected multi-player games, and enjoy heavy internet usage.

    Moreover, Altice Fiber offers speeds up to 1Gbps, Optimum’s fastest internet speed. These speeds are excellent for those who work and play online and don’t like buffering. However, the speed of fiber provides a suitable option if it’s available in your area.

    Things You Can Get From Optimum Business Internet Plans

    a) Monthly Costs 

    There’s a variety of decently priced internet plans that begin from around $19.99 per month.

    b) No Contracts

    Optimum prepaid internet plans feature no long-term commitments, so there’s no fear of early termination fees.

    c) High-Speed Internet

    Optimum internet plans feature cable and fiber that provides fast internet speeds at an affordable price. However, speeds can vary, so it’s advisable to confirm coverage in your area.

    d) Download Speeds

    Speeds can vary based on where you live, although Optimum internet plans range from 100 Mbps to 1 Gig. You can confirm with your area or through the Optimum internet speed test to determine if you can receive Optimum fiber internet or cable at your small business or home.

    e) No Data Cap

    All Optimum internet deals don’t have data caps.

    f) Bundle Services

    If you want to receive a TV and landline; Optimum doesn’t provide these as standalone. However, you can get plenty of Optimum bundle deals that can offer these services to customize your ideal package.

    g) TV Packages

    You can select from Optimum business tv packages, Optimum Core TV, and Optimum Premier TV bundles based on the channels and features you need.

    Bottom Line

    One way to boost your office and business productivity is to have a reliable internet connection that supports your usage needs. However, Optimum provides affordable, fast, and perfectly tailored internet plans to small business needs. Besides the reliable speeds and service, you can access unlimited  2 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

    In this case, Unlimited Wi-Fi refers to hotspots spread across the country that functions as an unlimited data plan for Optimum customers. On the downside, Optimum is only available in specific counties in New York, New Jersey,  or Connecticut. Thus, you won’t enjoy connectivity if you reside outside these areas.