Cricket Wireless is one of the US Mobile Virtual Network Operators recognized to offer no-contract deals on mobile one plans. It is a subsidiary of AT&T. Therefore; Cricket Wireless customers get access to affordable and cheap mobile phone deals and prepaid plans from Cricket Wireless iPhone deals and free smartphones to unlimited talk, text, and data.

    The mobile phones offered by Cricket Wireless are very cheap because the company does not pay monthly rent since it does not have physical branches. Moreover, Cricket Wireless phone plans are affordable and straightforward, starting from a low price of $30 per month for single-line users to $25 per line for an unlimited plan with four or more lines.

    Additionally, the company’s cell phone plans and deals do not have annual contracts, no hidden fees, and no credit checks. Before diving in to find the best Cricket Wireless iPhone deals, it is essential first to understand what Cricket Wireless is, the plans they offer, the mobile phones compatible with the network, and many more.

    About Cricket Wireless

    The company has been an MVNO owned and operated by AT&T mobile since 2014, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, US. The company provides its services using the AT&T GSM network technology. Global System for Mobile (GSM) is a standard network technology that provides the protocols used by second-generation mobile phones. It is a network technology adopted by most mobile phone manufacturers today.

    The company provides different brands of phones; therefore, if you are looking for Cricket phone deals for existing customers and do not have a favorable phone manufacturer, the company is there for you. Some of the cell phone brands you can find at the Cricket Wireless phone store include; Samsung, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Alcatel, and ZTE.

    Cricket wireless is known to offer prepaid plans, Low-Cost Unlimited mobile Data, Data-only plans, and Data-tethering option capabilities. Customers enjoy high-quality services, affordable plans, and deals. Interestingly, customers get access to the nationwide network connectivity provided by AT&T towers distributed across the country. The company also provides a new and fast 5G network. Additionally, Cricket Wireless plans come with no hidden fees and no contract.

    Cricket Wireless Phone Deals For New Customers

    Cricket Wireless has tons of deals for new customers from Cricket free phones when you switch to Cricket, bring your own phone (BYOP) deal. The free phones do not mean that they are given away at no cost but sold at a whopping discount. New customers who do not wish to purchase new phones when they switch to the network can use the BYOP option.

    However, to bring your device, it must be unlocked and compatible with Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless offers simple steps for you to bring your phone, which include:

    i) Check if your device is unlocked

    It would be best if you had an unlocked phone to enjoy Cricket Wireless services. Contact your previous network provider for assistance if the phone is not unlocked.

    ii) Check for device compatibility

    Cricket Wireless compatible phone can make and receive calls and send and receive messages using the network. You should check if your unlocked cell phone is compatible with the Cricket network.

    iii) Select a SIM card and plan

    Purchase the Universal Cricket SIM card kit and then choose your device’s cricket mobile phone plans. You can choose the Data Only Plans for tablets and mobile hotspot devices or high-speed data and unlimited talk and text.

    However, to get access to some of the most incredible low-price plans with no contract, you can sign up for one of the affordable prepaid plans. Besides the excellent plans provided by the company, both the new and existing customers get access to Cricket replacement phone service if their phone is lost, stolen, or damaged.

    List Of Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

    Cricket Wireless cell phones operate on the AT&T GSM network technology; thus, any phone that can GSM network can enjoy Cricket Wireless services. Moreover, most unlocked cell phones work well on Cricket Wireless. So, what is an unlocked cell phone. This mobile phone is not tied to operating with a specific network provider. If your phone is locked, you can contact your current network provider for assistance.

    To confirm if your cell phone is compatible with Cricket Wireless, use their IMEI checker available on the Cricket Wireless website. You can dial *#06# or check behind your phone’s battery to find your phone’s IMEI. If the IMEI checker displays a 15-digit number, the phone is compatible with the network. Some Cricket Wireless compatible phones include;

    • Apple iPhone 6/7/ 8/12/13 Series
    • Samsung Galaxy A Series
    • TCL 20 XE model 5087Z 1
    • TCL Oakland model T766S
    • Google 4/5/6 Series
    • TCL 20 XE model 5087Z
    • TCL Oakland model T766S

    Best Cricket Wireless iPhone Deals

    Cricket Wireless offers numerous cell iPhone deals for the customers, from older cellular models such as the iPhone 11 to high-tech devices like the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone is of different features, and they have different prices. However, this article will give the best iPhone deals that the company offers, which include:

    1) Apple iPhone SE 64GB 

    The original price of this phone is $349.99; however, Cricket Wireless customers can purchase the phone for $49.99 per month. You can also subscribe to the three-month Plan requiring you to pay $60 per month.

    Moreover, the deals require you to:

    • Buy Cricket Wireless’s new line and activate a new account. The customer is excluded from upgrades & AT&T ports.
    • To bring your -qualified number to Cricket and activate it on voice-and-data Plan.
    • Pay the first three months of $60 per month. The $60 will be applied to the first month’s service charge, and the remaining $120 will be credited to your Cricket account and applied to the second and third months of service.

    2) Apple iPhone 11 

    For only $99.99 per month, you can get this iPhone, saving up to $400. The company allows you to sign up for a two-month plan to pay $60-per-month. Apple iPhone 11 is not the newest phone; however, it is extremely capable of ensuring that all your essential needs are covered. The phone comes with many perks such as:

    • Unlimited data at the fastest network speeds
    • 15GB mobile hotspot

    Bottom Line

    Cricket Wireless is one of the MVNOs in the US known for its affordable prepaid mobile phone plans and deals. The company operates under AT&T, thus providing the best plans from the unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data-free phones when you switch to the network to 5G nationwide network coverage. It uses the GSM network technology used by most phone manufacturers; therefore, many phones globally are compatible with the network.