CenturyLink is a famous telecommunication company with headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana, in the United States. This company provides various products and services for customers across the country, including Las Vegas. Its services include internet and telephone services, cable television, cloud computing, and security solutions. The CenturyLink internet in Las Vegas is ranked the best in high speeds around the city. More of this is explained in this article.

    Las Vegas is a city in Nevada State which means “The Meadows” in Spanish. It stands as the 26th-most populated city in the US. The city is well-known worldwide as a resort town, including attractions such as gambling, excellent cuisine, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. With such activities, the city requires high-speed and reliable internet. Among the three best internet providers in the city, CenturyLink Company provides the best high-speed internet hence opted for by most residents.

    Many households around Las Vegas, particularly those with large families, want to be able to stream, browse, and download from numerous devices simultaneously. Again, most people in the city nowadays work and operates their businesses from home. CenturyLink comes with an answer: it offers internet and TV packages and quality deals to such people. This article elaborates more on acquiring CenturyLink internet services in your home, among other company-related services.

    CenturyLink uses both DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and fiber optic internet connections to provide its services to Las Vegas residents. This one makes it readily and widely available across the city.

    i) DSL connection

    CenturyLink DSL employs a single pair of copper wires in a telephone line for data connections. It uses separate frequencies than voice lines, allowing you to simultaneously access the internet and your phone. DSL can acquire more “bandwidth,” hence faster speeds when you use a modem to connect your phone line to your computer, and its speeds rates of up to 100 Mbps.

    ii) Fiber-optic connection

    The CenturyLink fiber internet connection uses a unique form of fiber-optic cable that sends data as light pulses across thousands of small, transparent fiber strands. Fiber-optic internet is extraordinarily fast since light is the fastest means to transmit data, resulting in a high-quality and stable connection. Its speeds can go up to 1 Gbps, likely to increase over time.

    Acquiring the company’s internet services around Las Vegas is relatively easy. All you need is to:

    • Check the services available in your area

    For most of the city’s residents, CenturyLink services are much more available. However, it is advisable to confirm this, especially if you are on the city’s outskirts. You need to visit the CenturyLink website or call them to confirm whether your location can be reached by DSL or fiber connections.

    • Choose whether you will bundle with phone service.
    • Register for the services and schedule installation if necessary.

    You can register online as a new user on their website. You need to get a CenturyLink account number by obtaining their internet equipment, like the modem from the company. This number helps you request assistance for your service over the phone and use the online troubleshooter service if you wish to test your connection. Additionally, you can use it to make online payments or use the automated phone system with the help of the number.

    To create an account with CenturyLink, you can follow the guidelines below to achieve this:

    • Complete an order for your new service. Then check for an email from “CenturyLink notifications” and create your account by following the link.
    • You will notice fields to fill out on the first page, i.e., the My “CenturyLink registration” page. In most circumstances, as you fill in the other fields, the page will auto-fill with your email address. 
    • Key in your Zipcode and CenturyLink account number. You can check your location’s Zipcode using the map of Zipcode and focus on the Las Vegas metro area. 
    • Wait for the account to be verified and then finish the process.

    You will be issued a service activation date upon ordering CenturyLink high-speed internet. Your service will be activated automatically after this data once you’ve installed your equipment and set up your computers. Therefore, you can purchase plans online such as the CenturyLink business internet plan, whenever you want.

    • The correct equipment: You’ll need a CenturyLink modem or one on the company’s approved list specifically to get DSL service. Certified modems are recommended as they have been evaluated on the CenturyLink network to ensure they function with our internet technology and perform as expected.
    • Additional setup for fiber: With the modem/router, you’ll need an Optical Terminal Network installed inside or outside your home to obtain fiber internet. The installation will very certainly require the presence of a technician.

    Depending on your plan and your area of residence, you may be charged a modem and installation fee. If you utilize CenturyLink’s modem, you may expect to pay $15 per month, or you can buy one for $200 plus tax. You’ll still get faster tech support and secure Wi-Fi if you buy it, but for less money than you’d pay monthly equipment fees after 14 months of service. 

    Professional installation from CenturyLink costs $149, which is much higher. However, if you wish to have CenturyLink low-income internet experience, you can opt for self-installation and spend $15. The installation kit has:

    • CenturyLink modem
    • Green cord
    • Black power cord
    • Yellow Ethernet cable

    The self-installation process is quite simple, and the steps are as follows:

    i) Connect the power cord

    Fix the black power cord into your modem and plug it into an outlet near your computer. The power light will start to blink and then remain lit. This action shouldn’t take more than a minute.

    ii) Connect the DSL cable

    Fix the green cable to your modem via the port labeled “DSL.” Link the other end to a phone jack near your computer. The DSL light should begin to blink. Confirm whether your service is activated if the light does not turn solid green after one minute.

    iii) Connect the Ethernet cable

    Connect the yellow cable to the modem and the other end to your computer’s Ethernet port. Its indicator in the modem should also light up. 

    iv) Open your browser and set up your Wi-Fi connection

    On your computer, launch a web browser. You should be automatically sent to the CenturyLink internet setup page to conclude the online installation. Then find the network name and password on the back of your modem. Then using these details, connect to the wireless network. After connection, open the browser and complete the setup on the CenturyLink website. Do this for every computer that will use a Wi-Fi connection.

    The company offers CenturyLink TV and internet bundle packages to Las Vegas residents Company offers you to bundle an internet plan with home phone and TV services at lower prices. The company partners with DISH TV, DIRECTV, and DIRECTV STREAM to provide excellent entertainment services to the residents. The bundle packages that the company offers are:

    i) Simply unlimited internet and phone

    This one has a starting price of $90/month. The deal is one of the cheapest TV and internet packages offered by the company. The deal has:

    • Unlimited local and long-distance calling.
    • Call forwarding, three-way calling, anonymous call rejection, and voicemail.

    ii) Simply unlimited internet and DIRECTV

    It costs $124.99/month. It comes with:

    • Free HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ are included with the PREMIER package.
    • Regional sports networks are included with the CHOICETM package.
    • Access up to 330+ channels.

    iii) Simply Unlimited internet and DIRECTV STREAM

    The package costs $119.99/month. 

    It includes:

    • Free HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ included with the PREMIER package
    • Access up-to 140+ channels
    • Unlimited cloud DVR storage 

    iv) Simply unlimited internet and DISH

    The plan goes for $119.99/month. It has:

    • Free DISH Voice remote with Google assistant
    • Over 36000 free on-demand titles with America’s top 250 package
    • Access up to 290+ channels
    • Smart DVR

    The company offers various plans that fit your budget while providing high-speed internet to support your online activities. The CenturyLink Internet deals are quite affordable to all US residents and more so from Las Vegas. CenturyLink Las vegas internet plans are:

    i) Simply unlimited internet

    This plan costs $50/month. It has a DSL connection type with a download speed of 100 Mbps and an unlimited data cap.

    The plan goes for $65/month. It is the Fiber Gigabit internet, and its download speed can go up to 940 Mbps. Paperless billing or prepay are required to have it. 

    Bottom line

    CenturyLink is one of the leading high-speed internet providers in Las Vegas, a city in Nevada State in the US. Residents enjoy such benefits with a variety of affordable TV and internet packages. This feature helps them browse and also fulfill their entertainment needs. They require a certified modem, and then they can get the available deals and plans. Acquiring CenturyLink services to any Las Vegas resident is relatively easy, as explained in this article.