The Best Mint Mobile Unlimited Data in 2022

Mint Mobile is a prepaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) dealing with mobile phone services in the United States. The company became a talking point after Ryan Reynolds, the famous actor, joined as a co-owner. Among the best cost-effective cell phone plans and deals currently, Mint Mobile offers multi-line offers, Wi-Fi calling, and messaging international calling, among other plans. The company’s customers enjoy the Mint Mobile unlimited data plan, explained in this article.

The company’s unlimited data plan enables users to perform their internet services of choice efficiently. People seek a reliable data plan that effectively helps them undertake their browsing, streaming, marketing, business, or even entertainment activities. Therefore, you find most US residents opting for the plan as it is highly ranked among other carriers that provide similar services. 

Mint mobile also offers quality prepaid plans to its customers. These are those services you need to pay for in advance when purchasing a SIM starting kit or to recharge your phone. Additionally, new Mint Mobile service users can try its services out for three months at no charge. This article elaborates more about the unlimited plan offered by the MNVO, how to join the network and the network’s deals.

How does Mint Mobile work?

As stated earlier, Mint Mobile runs as an MVNO, indicating that the company does not use its network towers to provide its services. In this case, what network does Mint Mobile use? Well, the answer to such a question is simply T-Mobile. This one sets Mint Mobile apart from other MVNOs renting networks from service providers who can’t compete with T-Mobile. The reason is that T-Mobile is among the major US network providers and has served for over 2 decades. 

Currently, Mint Mobile’s network under T-Mobile reaches 99% of the US residents. You only need to confirm with the Mint Mobile map available in the company’s network and zoom in your region to check whether the network entirely covers your area.

How do you switch to Mint Mobile?

mint mobile unlimited data

Switching to Mint Mobile for interested residents is relatively easy. Most people don’t wish to leave their current phones. Mint Mobile readily allows you to join the network even without purchasing a new device. However, you have to follow the following steps to achieve this:

  • Ensure your phone is unlocked: Your device should not be bound to a particular carrier or contract. You can check with your previous carrier to confirm this. Notably, different carriers have different procedures when unlocking phones for their customers.
  • Check whether your phone is compatible with Mint Mobile: You can confirm your phone’s compatibility by visiting the Mint Mobile website and choosing your brand and model. You can also key in your phone’s IMEI number at the IMEI checker and confirm it. Notably, most iPhones and Android devices are Mint Mobile compatible phones.
  • Register for the Mint plan and wait for your SIM card kit to reach you. You can also prefer buying the SIM card kit.
  • After receiving your SIM card, please insert it into your phone as per the instructions on the package.
  • After that, you can activate your plan by going to Mint Mobile’s website and entering the SIM card’s ACT code. Android users must key in the correct APN setting to connect to Mint Mobile’s network on their phone.

What phones are compatible with the Mint Mobile network?

As stated earlier, it is advisable to confirm your phone’s compatibility if it’s old. Otherwise, the phone won’t operate with Mint Mobile. If the compatibility checker fails to verify your phone, it is locked. You have to reach out to your former carrier. If that is not the case, you have to purchase a new phone. There are discounted Mint Mobile phones for sale available on its website, where you can choose one and purchase it.

Some of the phones compatible with the network include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G US Version
  • New Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Motorola One 5G 2020
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
  • Google pixel 6-5G
  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G international Version

What are the best Mint Mobile unlimited data plans?

Mint Mobile offers a variety of data plans to its customers. Each plan’s cost depends on the qualities of that particular plan. However, these plans are not that expensive hence are pretty affordable for most US residents. The Mint Mobile unlimited plan is ranked the best among the Mint Mobile prepaid plans.

This plan costs $30 a month, which is the plan’s lowest fee for the first three months for new clients. The three-month prepaid plan requires payment in total at enrollment, which is a $90 payment upfront. Once the three months are over, you will have some options to choose from. You can decide to pay for 12 months upfront at $30 per month or six months in advance at $35 per month.

The monthly cost jumps to $40 for a three-month prepaid plan. However, if you wish to commit for a year, $360 for unlimited data for a year could be an excellent option. If you join up for six months, the cost is $210, and if you enroll for another six months, the cost is $420 for the year. Paying three months at a time will cost $120 every month, for $480 per year. With these options, you are guaranteed to save.

The Mint Mobile unlimited plan comes with:

  • Unlimited talk and texting.
  • 35GB of 5G or 4G LTE high-speed mobile data.
  • 5GB Mobile hotspot data.
  • Nationwide network coverage.
  • 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit or eSIM for eligible phones.
  • Wi-Fi calling and texting.
  • Free international calling to Mexico and Canada.


  • The plan has short contract lengths ranging from three to twelve months.
  • It offers low-priced unlimited data.
  • It’s ideal for individuals who want to try out a service before committing.


  • Data starts to slow down after 35GB.

What other prepaid plans does Mint Mobile has?

Besides the unlimited data plan explained above, Mint Mobile also offers other prepaid plans. These plans, however, are grouped into 6 months and 12 months. They are:

i) 4GB/month plan

The plan costs $20/month for the 4 months plan and $15/month if you choose the 12 months plan. It has 4GB of high-speed data with 5G or 4G LTE data speeds nationwide. It has unlimited talk and text across the country, free calling to Canada and Mexico, a free 3-in-1 SIM card Kit, free 5GB hotspot data, and Wi-Fi calling and texting.

ii) 10GB/month plan

It goes for $25/month for the 6 months plan, or you can pay $20/month for 12 months. This plan has 10GB of high-speed data and uses 5G or 4G LTE data speeds. This plan includes unlimited nationwide text and talk, free calling to Mexico and Canada, free 5GB hotspot data, and Wi-Fi calling and texting.

iii) 15GB/month plan

This plan costs $35/month if you choose to pay for it in 6 months or $25/month if you go for 12 months. It comes with 15GB of 4G or 5G LTE mobile data. Also, the plan has unlimited talk and text, 5GB of hotspot data, free calling to Mexico and Canada, and Wi-Fi calling and texting. 

What phone deals does Mint Mobile have?

If you join the Mint Mobile network and wish to acquire a new device, there is no need to panic. There are Mint Mobile deals for iPhone and Android phones lovers on the company’s website. These phones are compatible with the network, which is an added advantage. As of now, Mint Mobile has a special offer where you get 6 months of free wireless services when you buy a new phone and use the 6-month plan.

Mint Mobile phones have direct prices for those who wish to acquire the phone and pay the total amount. On the other hand, you can purchase them in monthly installments and have the phone while completing your payments. The phones range from iPhone devices like Apple iPhone 11, 13, 12 Mini, 13 Pro, SE 2nd generation, to android devices such as Samsung galaxy A02, Samsung galaxy a12, OnePlus N200, Google Pixel 6 pro, among others.

Why choose Mint Mobile?

Some of the advantages that Mint Mobile has are:

  • Comprehensive network coverage: Since the MVNO uses T-Mobile network towers, it can reach an extensive area of the United States landmass.
  • Cheap data plans: As discussed earlier, Mint Mobile has many affordable data plans for residents using the network. The unlimited data plan is an example of those plans.
  • Free 5G access: All Mint Mobile data plans come with a free 5G LTE speed. This one enables faster browsing and speeds up other services that require data.

Bottom line

If you wish to enjoy a cheaper unlimited data plan, join Mint Mobile now. Being an MVNO and operating using T-Mobile network towers, Mint Mobile has comprehensive coverage across the country. Mint Mobile also has other prepaid plans that the residents can opt for. You only need to have a device compatible with the network to enjoy them.