Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator that operates under AT&T and T-Mobile. Therefore, Consumer cellular subscribers enjoy network coverage of the two best nationwide networks. The company provides the best mobile phone services, from unlimited talk, text, and data to free mobile phones. The phone plans are flexible; the company provides a Consumer Cellular Phone Upgrade option to customers who wish to choose bigger deals.

    The company provides Consumer Cellular phone upgrade deals, with a wide range of plans with different amounts of mobile data. One of the best deals on data is that you only pay for what you use, unlike other network operators. Therefore, consumer Cellular is recognized to feature a lower monthly data allotment, allowing customers to save money.

    The company also offers American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) members special discounts on wireless cell phone plans and deals. AARP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization whose main aim is to offer services to senior individuals who are over fifty years. Generally, the company provides reliable and affordable cell phone deals for every user. The article tackles the services and benefits associated with consumer cellular. 

    The Benefits of Joining Consumer Cellular Network

    Consumer Cellular network provider offers good deals with lots of advantages to the customers, from high-speed Internet to affordable mobile phones. Some of the benefits available include;

    i) High-Speed Internet

    The company provides internet plans that come with fast Internet services. It is an advantage since subscribers can browse at fast speeds with minimal chances of downtime. Customers with compatible 5G mobile phones also get access to 5G network speed. 5G network is one of the robust and new tech mobile network technologies that provide 100 Mbps network speeds.

    ii) Phone Compatibility

    The company operates on AT&T GSM network technology. The GSM technology is a network technology used by many manufacturers. Therefore, there are tons of consumer cellular compatible phones in the market today. However, to know if your phone is compatible with consumer cellular, use the Consumer Cellular IMEI checker, available on the Consumer Cellular website.

    If the checker displays a 5-digit number, the phone is compatible. you can get your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# or checking it under the battery or a sticker on the device’s box.

    iii) Reduced Dropped Calls

    The network offered by consumer cellular MVNO provides reduced dropped calls. Customers experience minimal chances of phone calls disconnections or disruption calls when their cell phone has an entire network bar. However, when the network is congested, dropped calls may erupt.

    iv) Faster Sending and Receiving of Messages

    The company is recognized as a carrier that offers an easier way to send and receive messages. Consumer cellular mobile phones with three or more network bars indicate the quick and more straightforward way to send and receive messages.

    v) Dedicated Customer Care Service

    Consumer cellular has dedicated and highly professional customer care services ready to answer all questions. Customers can have live chats with the customer care service on the company’s website, or You can contact the team at (888) 345-5509.

     The company also has a specific hotline number for reporting network outages. This ensures that consumer cellular can check their network coverage despite working as a mobile virtual network operator.

    vi) Bring Your Own Device Plan

    The company enables new customers to use their existing mobile phones when switching to the network using the Bring your own phone (BYOP). It is an advantage to the customers since they can save a lot by not purchasing new cellular mobile phones.

    However, for you to bring your phone to the company, it must be unlocked and compatible with the network, and it should not be reported that it has been stolen or lost. An unlocked phone is not tied to operating with a specific network provider.

    Ways To Consumer Cellular Phones Upgrade 2022

    Yes, you can upgrade your phone with consumer cellular. The company provides an automatic Upgrade system where your monthly usage will be covered by the best rate possible, with no additional fees. Additionally, customers can change their mobile phone plans whenever they need to with no additional fees. 

    However, you can upgrade your phone by following the steps below;

    1. Visit the company’s website at consumer cellular Activate.
    2. Select the “Activate or reactivate my phone with a number transferred from another consumer cellular phone” button.
    3. Hit the “Continue.” Continue button.
    4. Once you have completed, sign in to your account to finish the process. The transfer will take 24 hours to complete.

    Customers who have new consumer cellular phones are also required to activate their mobile phones; therefore, to activate your new consumer cellular phone, follow the procedure below;

    1. Order a new mobile phone or the All-in-One SIM Card from Consumer Cellular.
    2. Locate the activation number next to the QR code at the back of the packaging box the SIM card or new phone was in.
    3. Visit the Consumer Cellular activation page.
    4. Input the activation code into the provided box.
    5. Hit the Activate button and enjoy the services.

    Consumer Cellular Mobile Phone Plans and Deals

    Consumer Cellular provides various cell phone plans, from consumer cellular plans for seniors to unlimited plans. For each Consumer Cellular plan, you sign up for, you will get a monthly payment with no long-term commitment, unlike other carriers with lengthy year-long contracts.

    The company is known to provide unlimited talk time and text messages featured on its plan. The data plans start from 1GB for $20 per month to unlimited data for $55 per month. The company focuses on providing plans suitable for seniors, which include;

    i) Talk Only Plan

    You can only use one line with the plan. It offers unlimited talks and texts at only $15per month with no data plan. It is the best plan for seniors who want to quickly recharge the plan away from home.

    ii) Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

    • The plans that offer unlimited talk and texts include;
    • $20/mo plan that offers 1GB of data.
    • $25/mo plan that offers 3GB of cell phone data.
    • $35/mo plan that offers 7 GB of cell phone data.
    • $40/mo plan that offers 10GB of mobile data.
    • $45/mo plan that offers 15GB of cell phone data.
    • $55/mo plan that offers unlimited mobile data.

    Consumer Cellular offers a wide variety of cell phones, from iPhones to Android-operated devices. The phones can be purchased online from their website. Moreover, customers can also buy consumer cellular phones at Walmart. They provide different brands of phones, from Samsung phones, and iPhones to Motorola. Some of the phones include;

    • iPhone 13 Pro Max- 128GB
    • Moto G Stylus- 128GB
    • ZTE Avid 579- 32GB
    • Moto G Play
    • Consumer Cellular ZMax 10-32GB
    • Motorola One 5G Ace

    Does Consumer Cellular Offer Free Phones

    The Consumer cellular free phone upgrade deals are not on their list. However, consumer cellular participates in the lifeline program to provide Free government smartphones. The lifeline program is a federal government program that provides free mobile phones and affordable monthly plans for eligible low-income individuals and seniors. It is a program offered by many network providers in the US. 

    However, not all individuals or households qualify for the lifeline program. The conditions for eligibility include:

    • The household must be considered a low-income household. This means that the individual’s income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. 
    • The individual has to participate in federal government assistance programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance, temporary assistance for needy families, Medicaid, some tribal programs, school lunch program, head start, and many more.

    Bottom Line

    Consumer cellular uses one of the largest network providers, AT&T, to offer its services, thus providing affordable plans nationwide. You can also enjoy a 5G network at no extra cost. Since the company utilizes the GSM network technology to provide its services, many mobile phones are compatible with consumer cellular. One of the best things about consumer cellular is that it offers dedicated customer care support who is always available to solve issues.