Verizon Wireless is recognized as the second-largest mobile network provider in the US after AT&T network operator. The company is well known for its comprehensive network coverage, high internet speed, and reliability. Customers who switch to the network get the best Verizon new customer deals, from considerable discounts to free devices.

    Verizon Wireless is rated as one of the best cell phone carriers in the US. This is because it provides the best option for the best mobile phone plans, the best customer care services, the fastest network speed, and many more. Additionally, the company provides various solid discounts on the latest high-tech smartphones to new and existing customers.

    It is good to know that Verizon Wireless network provider services are pretty expensive compared to other cellular network providers such as Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Sprint Corporation, US Cellular, AT&T, and many others, which offer cheaper deals. However, this article provides the best mobile phone plans and deals that the company offers to new customers.

    Cell Phone Plans That Make Verizon Wireless

    Despite the high-cost plans compared to other network providers, the company provides the Verizon affordable connectivity program to low-income customers. This ensures that everyone can receive their good services nationwide at an affordable price. Verizon Wireless offers three general cell phone plans – Unlimited Plans, Prepaid Plans, and Shared Plans. Each plan has different, unique costs and mobile phone data options. The plans are listed below:

    i) Verizon Unlimited Plans

    Verizon Wireless has four cell phone plans with unlimited talk, text, and data, with no overage charges. The plans include;

    • Start Unlimited
    • Play More Unlimited
    • Do More Unlimited
    • Get More Unlimited

    ii) Verizon Prepaid Plans

    Prepaid plans enable customers to pay for monthly text, voice, and data services. They also deposit long-term contracts and no credit checks. This means the customers only pay for what they need since the plan has no hidden charges. These Prepaid plans provide 6GB, 16GB, and Unlimited mobile data.

    iii) Verizon Shared Plans

    Customers who want to buy plans and use them with their family or friends can choose the shared plan. The shared plan comes with 4G LTE high-speed mobile data to share with ten digital devices, unlimited text and talk, a mobile hotspot, international messaging from the US, and many more. The plan comes with mobile data of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 5GB.

    Best Verizon Wireless New Customer Deals

    Verizon Wireless is one of the network operators known to provide outstanding mobile phone deals to new customers. The company provides the Verizon bring your own device (BYOD) plan to new customers who switch to the company. The plan helps new customers save a lot of money that they would have used to purchase a new phone. Moreover, this plan enables the customers to transfer and use their existing numbers.

    Additionally, customers can purchase new phones in the company at affordable prices. The new phones have a monthly fee and an upfront charge. You can lower the monthly charges if you trade in your current eligible cell phone. Both the BYOD and purchase of a new phone have;

    • One-time $20 activation fee.
    • You can add an extra l $17 per month for Verizon Protect device protection. This provides unlimited screen repairs, same-day Verizon phone replacement, and more.

    Apart from BYOD plans, the company provides fantastic phones deals for new customers, from iPhone deals to the latest Samsung Galaxy deals. Some of the best Verizon Wireless deals for new customers include;

    1) iPhone Deals 

    i) iPhone 13 Mini

    A new customer can have this cell phone with a monthly installment of only $5. Since the phone can be purchased from other companies at $19 per month, it is a big deal. The plan requires the customer to sign up for an unlimited data plan. Other iPhones 13 deals include;

    • $800 off iPhone 13 Pro when they trade in your device plus unlimited plans.
    • Extra $1,000 helps cover the cost of switching.
    • Save up to $520 with a select Unlimited plan.
    • You can get up to $1000 back with trade-in when you opt for iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max.

    ii) iPhone SE 2022

    The phone is offered at a monthly installment of $11 with unlimited plans. New customers can purchase it for $10 per month when adding a new line on select Unlimited plans. Moreover, you will get $150 off an iPhone S.E. when you a new iPad Air on a monthly payment plan and an extra $50 off when you purchase the phone online.

    iii) Apple iPhone 12

    The phone is offered for free when a new customer adds a new line and subscribes to unlimited plans. Additionally, a new unlimited line enables the customer to get up to $699 off the Apple iPhone 12 plan. This plan enables you to get a bonus of $1,000 credit if you switch from another carrier.

    iv)  Apple iPhone 11

    The phone is provided for free when you buy it with an unlimited plan. It is one of the best and most recognized Verizon wireless phone deals. The plans are available for $24.99 that provide 64GB. However, the phone can be purchased online only and requires a one-time $35 activation fee. The company also provides refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max for free when you add a new line.

    v) Apple iPhone 12 Mini

    Verizon provides this phone for free when you trade in your existing eligible phone with a maximum value of $700. The phone is very affordable since it also has a lower retail price.

    2) Android Deals 

    i) Google Pixel 6

    Verizon offers this phone for free when you purchase a new line plus an Unlimited plan. The phone is available for purchase in monthly installments. Moreover, new customers get up to $1,000 for switching to the Verizon network using this phone plan. Additionally, new customers can Save up to $720 with an Unlimited plan for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

    ii) Samsung Galaxy S22

    The company provides the BOGO plan for this phone. When you Buy one Samsung Galaxy S22, you will get another free Galaxy S22 phone. The phone enables you to activate 5G unlimited plans. When new customers buy a new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, they will get up to $1,000 off their second phone. Moreover, this is one of the best Verizon deals for existing customers that allows the current customers to get up to $1,000 off with a qualifying trade-in phone and selected Unlimited plans.

    iii) Galaxy Z Fold 3

    A new customer can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 when they trade in their devices for $1,000 $. New Verizon customers can also get up to $700 off when they add a new line, trade-in an old cell phone, or purchase Unlimited Plan. New customers who switch to Verizon Wireless get an extra $300 when they pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and a tot of $1000 to help cover the cost of switching.

    iv) Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

    Verizon wireless provides Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for free when you add a new line and subscribe to unlimited plans. It is cheaper compared to the regular Samsung Galaxy S20.

    v) Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

    This latest Samsung midrange is purchased in installments for $5 per month with a new unlimited plan. It is a fantastic price for a cell phone which works with a high-speed Ultra-Wideband 5G network. After purchasing the mobile phone, you must activate the Verizon phone to enjoy its services.

    Bottom Line

    Verizon Wireless is one of the largest network providers in the U.S. that is known to provide the best Mobile phone plans and deals from unlimited talk, text, and data to free mobile phones. Additionally, the company provides vast discounts on cell phones for both new and current customers. Verizon Wireless uses the CDMA network, which several mobile companies use today. Therefore, many cell phones are compatible with Verizon Wireless in the market.