T-Mobile is among the three top wireless carriers in America, and its the leading in terms of 5G coverage. However, its fixed 5G home internet service is ideal for users who want relatively fast, affordable, and accessible internet. The T-Mobile 5G home Internet review shows the best coverage area for all fixed 5G options on the market, serving the metropolitan and suburban areas. 

    Moreover, new and existing T-Mobile Home Internet customers can use the T-Mobile Home Internet to connect their phones, computer, and numerous other devices in their homes simultaneously. Besides, new customers who enroll for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet today can receive a $50 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, plus one free year of the Paramount+ streaming service. T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service is one of the most affordable internet plans available at just $50 per month with AutoPay.

    On the other hand, according to the t-mobile home internet reviews, you can use your Home Internet for all the streaming, homework, and video conferencing. But, to ensure the network is available for all users, there are some limitations on online tasks that can damage or traffic the network. For instance, Home Internet is not ideal for automatic data feeds, unattended use, automated machine-to-machine use, or consumption that automatically depletes available network capacity.

    What To Consider When Buying a 5G Home Internet Device?

    TMobile 5G home internet is a new service to most internet users; thus, you must know some basic features to consider when shopping around for a gateway.

    i) Low-Band vs. Millimeter Wave

    Two types of 5G-low-band 5G and millimeter-wave Low-band 5G utilize the same cell phone towers as the previous 4G technology, meaning it has a more extended range but slower speeds. However, millimeter wave 5G needs a new kind of 5G dedicated tower. These towers feature a shorter range, but they provide breakneck data speeds.

    ii) Equipment

    The network tower is not the only consideration, but ensure you receive a plan that supports a high-quality 5G modem/receiver/router to connect to all of your home devices. Currently, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest technology for wirelessly connecting devices, and you’ll require this technology in your equipment.

    iii) Price

    Currently, all the 5G home internet plans feature the same price. However, there are some bundles and perks that can differentiate the deal. Also, since more service providers are on the rise and the technology advances, expect prices to start varying even more.

    What is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet review is an expanding connection from T-Mobile, spread to more than 30 million households nationwide. It’s a fast, cheap home internet service that lets you stay connected for just $50 per month with AutoPay, taxes, and fees inclusive for qualified accounts. Besides, there is a flat price, no annual contract, and no data caps.

    Additionally, T-Mobile Home Internet service connects using the same incredible 4G LTE or 5G network on T-Mobile internet plans, depending on signal availability at your eligible address. You can receive service using a 5G Gateway device (which has the capabilities of a router and a modem)

    The Gateway device then transforms the 5G signal to Wi-Fi and gives a Wi-Fi signal connection to all the devices in your home. The installation is easy, do it yourself, and the setup lasts as little as 15 minutes.

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Pros:

    • No data caps
    • Decent speeds when the service is available
    • No annual contract
    • Router placement isn’t restricted to where your traditional internet hook-ups are
    • The router gets featured in the monthly bill.


    • Spotty service in areas without cell coverage

    How To Get Started With T-Mobile Home Internet?

    • Confirm your internet coverage at your address.
    • Get your 5G Wi-Fi gateway device.
    • Download the T-Mobile app and get set up in minutes.

    However, there are a few considerations when placing your gateway to ensure you receive the best experience:

    • You’ll have a place with a strong T-Mobile signal, usually by a window close to a power outlet
    • To receive the best Wi-Fi coverage, you can place your gadget up high, on the upper floor, or at least 6 feet above the ground.
    • Place the device away from the following:
    • Direct sunlight
    • Walls or obstructions
    • Heavy-duty appliances or electronics, such as microwaves or motors
    • Other things that transmit, including baby monitors or Bluetooth speakers
    • Reinforced concrete, metal fixtures/enclosures, cabinets, or pipes

    How To Connect Your T-Mobile Home Internet Device 

    If you are a first-time device user, you can follow these directions to connect your device to the T-Mobile network.

    Wi-Fi Connection

    • Using your smartphone or computer, scan the available Wi-Fi networks.
    • Connect to any of the Wi-Fi networks shown on the back label of the gateway.
    • Put the Wi-Fi Key, or Wi-Fi Password featured on the back label for the password.
    • Once connected, you can utilize the T-Mobile Internet app to adjust settings.

    Ethernet Connection

    Connect one end of the Ethernet cable inside your computer’s Ethernet port. Insert the other end into the gateway LAN port, and enjoy the connection.

    How To Change the T-Mobile 5G Home Network Name and Passwords?

    To improve security, it’s recommendable that you change the default passwords for the Wi-Fi network and gateway.

    You can change the Wi-Fi name and password through the following steps:

    • Open the T-Mobile Internet app and choose Setup device.
    • Follow the on-screen tips to finish the setup.
    • At the bottom, select network and pick the desired network to amend the name or password.
    • Change the current network name and password, then choose Save.
    • Reconnect to Wi-Fi with the new name and password.

    How To Change Gateway Password

    • Choose More at the bottom of the screen, then Change your home internet device password.
    • About the current and new passwords, re-type the new password, then select Save.

    What Are The Best T-Mobile Home Internet Deals Right Now

    TMobile 5G Home Internet reviews provide the best deal in specific parts of the country. However, residents without access to traditional high-speed internet options such as fiber or cable internet don’t have to worry about slow internet options or expensive plans with less enough speed. 

    Fortunately, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet utilizes fixed wireless technology and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G coverage to avail speeds of up to 115 Mbps for $50 per month (with AutoPay) and $55 without Autopay.

    Today, you can enjoy these fantastic deals when you enroll for the T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan:

    • Free Paramount+ for one year
    • $50 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard for one free month of service
    • Free Ooma Telo Air device when you enroll for Ooma Premier

    Furthermore, T-Mobile provides a range of discounts and benefits programs for its wireless customers and T-Mobile deals for existing customers. Unfortunately, these discounts don’t apply to T-Mobile 5G Home Internet users. There are also no advertised discounts for senior citizens or military members for T-Mobile Home Internet.

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Bundle Plans and Pricing

    If you’re planning to bundle T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with home phone service, you can enroll for Ooma Premier for 18 months to receive a free Ooma Telo Air device valued at $129.99. Ooma features call blocking, voicemail monitoring, and Amazon Alexa integration as a full-spectrum home service replacement.

    Perhaps, T-Mobile doesn’t provide traditional television services you can bundle with its current internet offerings. Alternatively, you can pair YouTube TV for $54.99 per month or Philo for $15 per month with your 5G Home Internet service. YouTube TV provides more than 85 top channels, while Philo feature over 60 channels in addition to live and on-demand TV.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Set Up T-Mobile Home Internet?

    Power up your T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway, download the T-Mobile Internet app (Android or iOS) and follow a few provided instructions. And if you experience any trouble, you can call our T-Mobile Home Internet customer support team through the app or use 1-844-275-9310 for 24/7 assistance.

    How Much Does The T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plan Cost?

    TMobile Home Internet goes for just $50 per month with AutoPay or $55 without AutoPay. Besides, there’s no annual service contract, no hidden fees, and 24/7 customer support from T-Mobile’s fantastic Customer Care Team.

    What’s Featured in The T-Mobile 5G $50 Home Internet Plan?

    Home Internet utilizes the same great network T-Mobile smartphones run on. However, T-mobile 5G Home Internet customers obtain service for just $50/month, without hidden fees, no annual contracts, no price hikes, and no data caps.  The T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway (which has the capabilities of a router and a modem) gets delivered directly to your home, and it’s easy to install. You plug it in, put it on, and you’re ready to stream, zoom, remote learning, etc.

    What Speeds Do I Expect From T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    TMobile 5G Home Internet subscribers will experience typical download speeds between 35-115 Mbps. However, speeds vary depending on signal strength location, availability, time of the day, and other factors. These speed projections come from reviews and internal and third-party data analysis. Besides, the typical upload speeds range between 6 Mbps to 23 Mbps.

    Bottom line

    TMobile 5G Home Internet is a wireless service provided by T-Mobile that enables you to connect online through T-Mobile’s 4G and 5G networks. Besides, you can self-install T-Mobile 5G Home Internet device and enjoy unlimited data and download speeds of up to 115 Mbps. Interestingly, according to T-Mobile 5G home internet reviews,  you don’t have to sign a contract or pay any hidden fees to acquire this service.