Metro pcs is a wireless network operator that is owned by T-Mobile.  Working under T-Mobile, the Company can offer the best metro cell phone deals and plans at an affordable price. It offers cheap services since it is a virtual operator that does not have physical branches, saving a lot on rent. One of the best services provided by the Company is the MetroPCS lost phone software that helps locate your lost or stolen mobile phone.

    The Company offers a Metro pcs phone tracker known as FamiSafe, and the official metro guard locates phone service from MetroPCS to track your lost phone. FamiSafe is the first solution you can use. This is a complete metro phone tracker that will need to be installed and set up, ideally before you’ve lost your device. The metro guard locates a loud alarm speaker and map features to locate your lost phone.

    Metro by T-Mobile, formally known as Metro pcs, now operates as a no-contract or prepaid mobile network provider that uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. Most of their cell phone deals are available to new customers. However, the Company is also providing some mobile phone deals for existing customers.

    Things to do if You lost Your MetroPCS phone

    Do not get worried if you have lost your Metro pcs phone. The Company provides some tools to help You track the phone. You can find it using Metro phone protection or the Metro PCS phone tracker tool. However, there are some basic things that you can do to try to recover your phone. These procedures include;

    i) Retrace Your Steps

    Try to follow your movement to search for the phone to get your phone. Maybe, you may have forgotten it in your office or at home. You may find your misplaced phone before it is stolen.

    ii) Report to the Police

    If you are sure that your cell phone may have been stolen, report it to the Police immediately. This will help the Police to track the phone easily before the thief gets away. You should take this step if you are sure that you did not just misplace your phone. The Police will take the necessary action to recover the phone.

    iii) Use a Phone Tracker to Find Your Phone

    MetroPCS provides applications used as trackers and spying tools. They give you control over the activities of your device. You may use a tracker to find out the exact location of your phone. It’s good to use a tracker to view keystroke logging and remotely track your GPS location. You can also use phone spying software to have full access to your messages, email, and phone conversations.

    Follow the procedure below to track your lost or stolen MetroPCS phone on Metro Total Protection Site;

    1. Visit Metro Total Protection site
    2. Enter your phone number and password
    3. Select the ‘Sound Alarm’ option twice to locate your cell phone, or you can press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.
    4. If you cannot find your phone, hit the ‘Locate Phone’ option twice, and you will be directed to maps that will allow you to determine the location of your device.
    5. Using Your Phone’s IMEI Number to Track It

    iv) Contact customer care

    You can reach the team by the following means;

    • Make a phone call at 888-863-8768. Three minutes is the average wait time when contacting MetroPCS.
    • Conversing with the customer support team through their various social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.
    • You may also reach them by snail mail.

    The Best Metro New Customers Deals

    New customers get $150 off any phone when they bring their qualifying wireless mobile phone to MetroPCS and sign up for an unlimited LTE plan. MetroPCS is one of the carriers with more 5G phones than any other network operator elsewhere. 

    MetroPCS is an MVNO that utilizes the services from T-Mobile, which is a GSM network carrier. The Company produces Metro pcs compatible phones that operate on the GSM network technology. MetroPCS users enjoy a vast array of benefits since T-Mobile is one of the three largest network providers in the US. When you switch to their network, these free phones are provided in prepaid plans. These free mobile phones include;

    1. Samsung J7 Prime
    2. Nokia X 100
    3. Samsung A13 5G
    4. Motorola moto g stylus 5G
    5. OnePlus Nord N200 5G
    6. TCL 30 XE 5G

    MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans For Their Reliable Customers

    MetroPCS provides only three plan options, two of them giving unlimited data. Besides, all plans have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network. The Company offers a Metro pcs phone upgrade for $40 monthly for 24 months. However, you can upgrade on this phone for $225, payable in $9 monthly installments for 24 months. This is one of the best compatible phones of Metro PCS, which costs $179 and can be free if you switch to the Metro PCS unlimited plan.

    1. 10GB for $40 and unlimited music streaming.
    2. Unlimited data for $50 plus 5GB 
    3. hotspot data, and 100GB Google One membership.
    4. Unlimited data for $60 with 15GB mobile hotspot, Amazon Prime, and 100GB Google One memberships.

    Most importantly, MetroPCS customers can add up to five lines on one account for their family with a $10, $20, or $30+ discount per additional line, depending on the chosen plan. The Company’s plans come with many benefits, from unlimited talk, text, and data to MetroPCS plans free phone. The plans provided by the company include;

    i) $30/mo Plan

    • You get $30 off all prepaid plans offered by Metro pcs.
    • With the ACP registration program of $60 per month
    • Unlimited talk time and text messaging
    • Unlimited high-speed mobile data
    • Access to 5G network technology
    • Hotspot capability of 15GB
    • Google One cloud storage of 100GB

    ii) $20/mo Plan

    • The deal comes with unlimited talk & text
    • ACP registration program of $50 per month
    • Unlimited high-speed cell phone data
    • Access to 5G network technology
    • Hotspot capability of 5GB
    • Google One cloud storage of 100GB

    iii) $10/mo Plan

    • It offers an ACP registration program of only $40 per month
    • When you switch to the network with one line, you will get $10 per month for unlimited talk and text
    • 10GB high-speed cell phone data
    • Access to 5G network technology

    iv) The free Plan

    This plan offers an ACP registration program of $30 per month

    • Unlimited calling and texting
    • Access to 5GB of high-speed mobile phone data
    • Access to 5G network technology

    MetroPCS mobile phone deals for Existing Customers

    Apart from the new customer deals, the Company provides numerous MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers. For example, customers who add another line to their current $60 Unlimited LTE plan receive $50 cashback on any cell phone. This makes some cell phones such as ZTE Avid 4 and LG Aristo accessible.

    Existing customers are also allowed to upgrade from a $50 instant rebate to a $60 unlimited plan provided that they have been loyal customers for not less than three months. The rebate is also available on mobile phones that cost $79. In general, some of the best Metro PCs phone deals for existing customers include;

    i) The $40 Monthly 10 GB MetroPCS Plan

    This plan provides 28 mobile phones that require a $25 upfront fee and a monthly charge of $40. The plan comes with;

    • 10 GB full speed internet with no overages –
    • Unlimited text and nationwide talk
    • You can add more lines to a maximum of 4 lines

    ii) $50 Monthly Unlimited Metro PCS Plan

    This plan offers 28 cell phones. It has a monthly charge of $50 plus an upfront $25. Some of its features include;

    • 35 GB complete speed data with no overages – data speed slows to 3G at data limit
    • Mobile hotspot capability
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
    • Cell phone hotspot data of up to 5GB
    • Cloud storage of up to 100GB

    iii) $60 Monthly Unlimited Metro PCS Plan

    This plan also comes with 28 mobile phones that existing customers can choose from. The plan includes the monthly upfront fee of $25 and a subsequent service charge of $60. The plan comes with;

    • 35 GB complete speed data with no overages 
    • Mobile hotspot capabilities
    • Unlimited texts and nationwide talk
    • Cell phone hotspot data of up to service charges
    • Cloud storage of 100 GB

    Bottom line

    MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides its services under T-Mobile. The Company provides frequent offers on cell phones, tablets, and other accessories at an affordable price. Moreover, low-income individuals can enroll and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program through MetroPCS and receive free cell phone services.