SafeLink is a program offered by TracFone Wireless and serves eligible households with Lifeline services. However, to participate in the SafeLink service, you must attain some eligibility requirements set by each state where the service gets provided. These requirements depend on a person’s participation in state, Federal support programs or by meeting the income poverty standards directed by the US government. You can also switch from Qlink to SafeLink in a simple process described below.

    Moreover, when you decide to bring your Qlink phone to SafeLink, the company will send you a SIM card to be put in your phone to enable the device to receive your monthly minutes. Notably, you must possess a compatible or unlocked GSM cell phone to participate in the SafeLink services from your Qlink cell phone. You can also switch the Qlink service to another phone if you’ve upgraded your old device to a high-quality one.

    When switching to SafeLink with a Qlink device, you must observe the following. Devices bearing another active carrier account and reported lost or stolen devices are not qualified for switching. Additionally, to port your existing Qlink cell phone number to your SafeLink smartphone, the number you are porting must remain active with your current service provider.

    Generally, cell phones from nearly every manufacturer will operate on the SafeLink network, provided they have a SIM card. Besides, you must get a compatible or unlocked GSM cell phone to participate in the SafeLink Keep Your Own Smartphone plan. If you have a compatible cell phone and qualify for SafeLink service, the company will mail you a free SIM kit to use with your current Qlink phone.

    However, BlackBerry cell phones and older Sidekick phones will not function or may have limited functionality with the SafeLink service. If your Qlink phone attains the following criteria, you may switch to SafeLink.

    • Your phone has a SIM card. SafeLink features traditional, Micro, and Nano-SIM cards.
    • You have an unlocked cell phone. If your cell phone indicates “Restricted,” “Contact Service Provider,” or doesn’t enable you to make calls or access your phone book, the phone is most likely locked. You can contact your previous carrier to unlock your cell phone.
    • You have a T-Mobile GSM, AT&T GSM, Verizon CDMA, Sprint CDMA, U.S. Cellular CDMA, or GoSmart Mobile phone.

    When switching from Qlink Wireless to SafeLink, you don’t have to buy a new SIM card. In this case, you only need to have a cell phone compatible with the SafeLink Wireless network. Interestingly, you can bring your current Qlink smartphone to SafeLink and get free minutes and services such as a free phone when you switch.

    However, your free SIM card will get sent to you in the mail. Immediately you get the SIM kit, install it in your cell phone, and activate it, and you may also port in your existing Qlink number. You can call SafeLink at 1-800-378-1684 and ask for your number port-in.

    To successfully port in the Qlink SIM card to your new cell phone, follow the below process, regardless of whether you opt to utilize an old SIM card or activate a new SIM card.

    • 1st STEP: After confirming whether your SIM card is compatible with the network, switch off your cell phone and keenly eject the SIM card. You can find it in the SIM tray on the side or top panel or underneath your cell phone’s back cover, below the battery. You can open the SIM tray using the ejector tool.
    • 2nd STEP: Find the SIM tray on your new device and put the SIM card in its perfect size into the new phone.
    • 3rd STEP: Put on your new cell phone.
    • 4th STEP: Call QLink customer service at 1-855-754-6543 to activate your SIM card if not automatically activated.

    After you have inserted a QLink SIM card into another cell phone, you need to activate the phone. To activate the SIM card, follow the guideline below.

    1st Step: After you insert your SIM card into the phone’s SIM slot, turn the cell phone on and follow the on-screen tips to activate the phone.
    2nd Step: You may need to perform a Network Reset, which connects you to the Qlink Network.

    • If you have an iPhone, proceed to ‘Settings’, tap ‘General’, scroll down and select ‘Reset’ and finally choose ‘Reset Network Settings’. Input your iPhone password and confirm. Wait for the mobile phone to finish the process.
    • If you have an Android phone, proceed to ‘Settings’, scroll down and tap ‘Reset’ or ‘Network Reset’ Settings, Select ‘Network Reset’ and follow the guidelines. Wait for the device to finish the process. If you are experiencing any challenges, you may adjust your cell phone’s APN settings.

    3rd Step: Port in your cell phone number. Notably, you will have to submit your account number and PIN from your current carrier.
    4th Step: Download the My Mobile Account app. Launch it and sign in using your QLink phone number. This app will enable you to manage your account. You can also proceed to

    • Switch off the cell phone.
    • Remove the back of your phone.
    • Locate the space at the top or the bottom of the cell phone.
    • Remove the battery to see the SIM card slot.
    • You may locate the SIM card slot from the side of your cell phone.
    • Eject the old card, insert the new card with the yellow or gold part facing down.

    On the other hand, to install a SIM card in a cell phone without a removable back cover, follow the below steps.

    • Ensure your cell phone gets turned Off. On the edge of your phone, locate the SIM card slot.
    • Notably, you will require the ejection tool included with your phone. You can also use a sharp paper clip.
    • To remove the SIM card tray, push the ejection tool into the hole on the slot. Then, pull the tray out.
    • Place the SIM card so that the gold contacts on the card downwards on the tray.
    • Notably, If the tray feature two slots, the larger slot is for a memory card, and the smaller slot is for the SIM card.
    • Insert the tray into the slot until it fits inside.

    All SafeLink cell phones come locked to their network by default. However, the company has an unlocking policy, meaning that your phone can become unlocked.

    To request your SafeLink phone to get unlocked, you must meet their unlocking policy. Below are the unlocking policy’s conditions:

    • Customers must request device unlocking.
    • Customers must get their locked device activated on SafeLink/Tracfone services for not less than 12 months, use air time cards in not less than 12 months, and not have had their cell phone number recycled or ported.
    • You must currently have a SafeLink/TracFone branded device model launched on TracFone’s service after February 11, 2014, or activated with TracFone’s service after February 11, 2015.
    • Customers must have a device that is in perfect working condition.
    • Customers must have a device not reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraudulent activity.
    • Suppose a customer asking for unlocking is deployed military personnel upon getting deployment papers. In that case, SafeLink will approve the customer’s unlocking request by sending a refund for the Trade-in Value of the used, locked phone returned by the customer without regard for the 12 months of service activation and airtime redemption eligibility requirements. However, all other eligibility requirements apply to SafeLink’s deployed military personnel customers.
    • Customers qualify for this program only once every year.
    • Customers must ask for this interim unlocking solution while their service remains active or within 60 days after their active service days expire. This 60-day grace period takes off even if the customer’s cell phone number got recycled or ported.

    You can get a FREE SafeLink Wireless compatible phones through the SafeLink Lifeline program, which offers free cell phones to eligible customers only in select states. Another way to receive a SafeLink Wireless compatible phone is to upgrade to one of the latest smartphones at the SafeLink online store.

    Moreover, SafeLink features a very flexible BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program, of which you can get a free iPhone when you switch. Most GSM phones are compatible with their network. Thus, you can confirm if your cell phone is SafeLink wireless compatible by sending a text message with BYOP to 611611.

    Final Verdict

    Qlink Wireless works similarly to SafeLink Wireless. Both companies offer Lifeline services to eligible customers. However, you may transfer your switch from Qlink to SafeLink by porting your phone number or bringing your own phone to SafeLink.

    To port in your existing Qlink cell phone number to SafeLink, the number must remain active with your current service provider. On the other hand, the device must be compatible and unlocked to bring your own phone to SafeLink.