Total Wireless is one of the largest and most popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the US. The company offers many excellent mobile phone plans and deals, attracting many customers. For a new customer who wants to subscribe to the network, you must have a mobile phone, Total Wireless SIM card tool Kit, and then activate the phone to enjoy the services. The Total Wireless phone activation process is straightforward, as described in the article.

    However, you cannot use any other phone to activate Total Wireless services. You require an unlocked or a mobile phone compatible with total Wireless. The unlocked cell phone is not tied to operating using a specific network provider. The company uses Verizon towers to provide its services. Therefore, any cell phone that can make or receive calls or messages using the network is compatible with Total Wireless.

    Total Wireless was launched in 2015 as one of Tracfone’s wireless subsidiaries. However, Verizon purchased TracFone wireless in September 2020; thus, Total Wireless is now operating under Verizon wireless. Before diving into how you can activate the Total Wireless phone, the article talks about some of the plans that total Wireless offers, how to unlock the total wireless phone and the network technology.

    What to Know Before Subscribing to Total Wireless?

    As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Total Wireless runs on Verizon’s nationwide network and thus provides its customers with the best coverage in the country. This makes it the most popular MVNO in the US. The company is also well known for its best and most reliable mobile phone plans and deals offered for a much lower price. Generally, the following are the best services provided by total Wireless;

    i) Mobile Phone Plans and Deals

    The company is an MVNO; therefore, it does not have physical branches, meaning that it does not have to pay monthly rent. This enables Total Wireless to offer affordable wireless plans, the best brands of high-quality mobile devices, and appealing services. The services have no contract deals, unlimited mobile hotspot plans, no activation fees, unlimited talk and text, no cancelation fee, wifi calling, and many more outstanding services.

    ii) Network Coverage

    Total Wireless offers the best coverage of up to 99% of the US landmass. It is because the company is an MNVO. Therefore, it relies on the largest carrier, Verizon Wireless, to provide nationwide coverage. You will almost definitely have excellent coverage in your area using this service.

    iii) Customer Care Service

    The company provides a responsive and professional customer care service that can be reached at 1-866-663-3633. You can also get help and answer most questions online via their extensive FAQ page on the Total Wireless website at They also offer a straightforward way to check your balance and service update at

    iv) Hidden Charges

    The company is known to provide the best Total Wireless phone deals and plans that have no hidden charges, no activation fees, and no cancellation fees. This means that the customer only pays for whatever plan is written on the website, and no surprise bills will be encountered as opposed to most mobile phone network providers.

    v) Compatibility

    When subscribing to the network, new total wireless customers can either decide to purchase a new phone or use their existing phone using the company’s bring your own phone (BYOP) option. However, to use the BYOP option, the cell phone must be compatible with the network. The company uses Total Wireless GSM or CDMA network technology to offer its services. Therefore, the customer must have a phone that operates using any of the two technologies.

    So, what is a GSM and CDMA network technology? The Global System of Mobile (GSM) is a standard created to provide the protocols used by second-generation mobile phones. At the same time, The Code-division multiple access (CDMA) is a telecommunication technology with a second and third generation of a network that allows numerous signals to occupy a single transmission channel, thus optimizing network bandwidth.

    What Cell Phone Plans and Deals Make Total Wireless?

    Total Wireless provides plans suitable for both local and international use. The plan’s pricing depends on the number of lines you are using. The company offers single-line plans, extended plans, family plans, and service add-ons plans, with unlimited talk, text, data, Total Wireless hotspots plans, and unlimited 2G data. This means that the more the number of lines you use, the more you pay. The mobile phone plans offered include;

    i) Single Line Plans:

    • The unlimited plan comes with 1 GB of high-speed data, unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited 2G data, and a monthly service at only $23.70 with an auto-refill.
    • The unlimited plan offers 5G high-speed data, unlimited nationwide text and talk, 30 service days, 2G data, and hotspot capabilities at only $33.20 with auto-refill.
    • The unlimited plan provides 25G of high-speed data, unlimited nationwide talk and text, 30 service days, 50 GB of cloud storage, and a hotspot of 10 GB per line at only $45.00 with auto-refill for the first three months.

    ii) Extended Plans:

    • At only $90, the plan comes with monthly unlimited 5G high-speed data, nationwide text, and talk, plus three months of service days.

    iii) Family Plans:

    • $57/mo plan

    It is a 2-line Plan that provides; 30 GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk and text, monthly service days, and a hotspot of up to 10 GB per line.

    • $80.7/mo plan

    The plan allows connection of Unlimited three lines and offers; 60 GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk and text, 30 service days, and hotspot capability of 10 GB per line.

    • $95.0/mo plan

    The plan allows connection of 4 lines and provides; 100 GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk and text, 30 service days, and a hotspot of 10 GB per line.

    iv) Service add-ons:

    • At only $10 per month, the plan provides the 5 GB add-on data, which offers an extra 5 GB of shared data. The best thing about this plan is that it doesn’t expire with active service. Therefore, it rolls over to the next month if some data is left unused.
    • At $10 per month, you will have access to Global calling and the ability to call anywhere in the world from the US for as low as $0.01. Similarly, any unused balance will be carried over to the next month.

    How to Activate Total Wireless Phone?

    Since Total Wireless offers many excellent plans, new subscribers are required to unlock Total Wireless phones before the activation process. New customers can decide to call for Total wireless activation number 1-866-663-3633 to get mobile phone activation assistance. However, after receiving your phone package, you can follow the simple online steps below to activate your total wireless phone;

    • Open your cell phone package and find the Red Activation Card that says START HERE and note down the phone’s Serial Number.
    • Access the Total Wireless website.
    • Select “Total Wireless phone” and press “Continue.”
    • Enter your phone’s IMEID, IMEI, or serial number. Accept the company’s terms and conditions and press “Continue.”
    • Select a clear phone plan and press “Continue.”
    • Complete the phone set-up by following the prompts, then press “Continue.”
    • Complete the activation process and enjoy the services

    Customers who use the BYOP option can activate their phone using the procedure below, provided that their phone is compatible with the network;

    • Access the Total wireless activation select device.
    • Select “Bring your own device,” the second option, and press ‘Continue.’
    • Press “I accept” to accept the company’s terms and conditions
    • Enter your phone’s IMEID, IMEI, or serial number and press ‘Continue.’
    • Buy a SIM activation kit. Turn off your phone and insert the new Total Wireless SIM card.
    • Follow the instructions provided in the SIM activation kit to activate your BYOP phone and SIM card.

    To check if your cell phone is compatible with the total wireless network provider, you can use the total wireless Mobile IMEI checker available on the Total Wireless website. Use the simple procedure below to check your device compatibility with total Wireless;

    • Visit the Total Wireless network website
    • Select the button “Enter Your Device ID.”
    • Enter your cell phone IMEI number
    • Then select the “Continue” button.

    The IMEI checker will display a 15-digit number If the mobile phone is compatible with the total wireless network service provider. The mobile phone IMEI number is always written on a sticker on the cell phone box, behind the phone’s battery, or can be obtained from the device’s settings. However, IMEI can be obtained by dialing *#06#. Total Wireless supports both android and iPhones.

    Bottom Line

    Total Wireless is one of the MVNOs in the US that provides the best new and existing customer mobile phone deals and plans, from no contract deals to unlimited plans at affordable prices. It relies on Verizon wireless towers to provide its nationwide services hence popular with many people. New customers who wish to subscribe to the network can either buy a new phone or bring their existing phones, provided that the phone is unlocked and compatible with the network.