There are many internet providers in the US, and Optimum Mobile is one of them. The company is a subsidiary of New York City-based Altice USA, Inc., which serves more than 4.9 million citizens in 21 states. The company provides cable television, optimum online internet plans, and telephone services. The internet plans offered by Optimum vary by speed, starting at $40 to $75 per month for the fastest speeds.

    Optimum Internet has eight standalone online internet plans. These plans are offered at a low price of $19.99 to the highest price of $79.99 per month. The plans come with maximum download speeds from 100b to 940 Mbps. This article gives the whole list of the internet plans, how to subscribe to Optimum internet network and many more.

    Optimum Mobile only offers service in some parts of the US states, commonly known as the tri-state area, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York (the Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, and Connecticut). However, you can check if the network is available in your location. To check if the services are available in your area, enter your ZIP code on their online website and hit the search button.

    What Do I Need to Know About Optimum Internet?

    Optimum Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US that provides the best cable television, internet plans, and telephone services at affordable prices. It is the largest cable internet provider in the country. The company provides its services under T-Mobile, one of the largest network providers in the US. Therefore, their customers can get the fastest internet speed at a nationwide coverage of about 99% of the US landmass while using the T-Mobile towers.

    There are lots of benefits that Optimum Mobile provides. Some of the things a customer should know before subscribing to the network involve;

    i) Optimum Hotspots

    Optimum hotspots offer super-fast Internet for over 2 million access points in different locations, including major streets, shopping centers, parks, sports fields, etc. The Hotspots plan also provides optimum free Internet for new and existing Optimum Online customers. They get access to the Internet from over 1.5 million hotspots points. Using the Optimum Hotspot, you can connect to the Internet at speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

    ii) Internet Protection

    Optimum Mobile provides free tools to help secure the internet network. The customers are provided with free internet protection software from McAfee. They also use 128-bit encryption to help secure customers’ Optimum ID and password from unauthorized personnel. 

    iii)  Customer Care Service

    The company provides 24/7 customer care service where customers can get any information or help, they want at their convenient time. The customer care and technical support team can be reached via live chat or by calling 888-276-5255. Customers who find online work difficult can also get support.

    iv) Smart Router

    Optimum Mobile gives customers a free smart router when they lease a modem for their service. The smart router helps keep your network secure from authorized personnel. The router offers a new tech Smart wifi that combines 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks to one robust network. The smart wifi is brilliant, such that it knows the location of your digital devices in your home; this feature enables it to ensure that you are always connected to the best network signal.

    What Are the Other Various Services Offered by Optimum?  

    Not every citizen can access mobile phone services, such as low-income households. Low-income households are the individuals that live under the government’s known poverty line. That is an individual with an income at or below 200% of the US federal poverty line. Optimum Mobile customers can enroll in the optimum ACP to receive discounted and affordable plans.

    The federal government of the US introduced the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to offer affordable mobile phone plans and deals and home internet to low-income individuals. However, the programs are only valid for qualified individuals. For example, the individuals’ income is at or below the poverty line or even if you participate in government assistance programs such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Every country has individuals 65 years and above, senior citizens who have already retired. 

    The age can vary for different countries; however, the legal age for seniors in the US is 65 years. It is true to say that most seniors do not have enough energy to work; therefore, they may require a little help to keep their lives moving. Most mobile network providers tailor some of their services to suit the seniors. We will see if Optimum is among those companies.

    Senior citizens are also not left behind for affordable mobile phone plans since some of them cannot afford to purchase mobile phone services. Optimum Mobile provides the optimum internet plans for senior citizens to allow them to pay bills, manage finances, and buy groceries, all without leaving their residential areas. They receive services such as free installation, loyalty discounts, and even a $100 Amazon gift card.

    How to Enroll in the Optimum Mobile Network?

    Optimum Mobile provides an online way for enrollment to the network. A customer begins by creating an account online to manage their devices. After creating an account, you will get an Optimum ID for signing in to your profile to manage various services. It is important to note that you need to use your home internet services to create your ID.

    The optimum ID gives you access to services like your bill, call detail records, and specific account details. You will be required to confirm your identity by providing information such as the account number available on your bill, packing slip, installation, or store receipt. If you don’t have your account number, you can text Optimum Mobile through the live chat section.

    Before completing the creation account, you will be required to provide personal information such as your legal name phone number on the account. The next step is to enter the captcha for security reasons before proceeding. Then select the continue button. Once your account is active, you will be able to access different optimum Mobile services such as Optimum internet plans for existing customers, various balances for the services you have subscribed to, and your previous transactions.

    What Are the Cheapest Optimum Online Internet Plans?

    Optimum Mobile offers two internet networks, cable, and fiber. The Optimum’s fiber-optic and cable internet offers fast internet speeds at affordable prices. The plans are also offered with no contracts, no early termination fees, and data caps. The two networks offer plans with similar download speeds. However, the cable internet plans have slower upload speeds and higher pricing than the fiber internet in some areas. 

    It is also good to know that availability of Optimum Internet is a bit limited; hence not every individual can get its services. The prices of Optimum internet plans vary in different locations, depending on the day that they were published and the speed level of the Internet. Some of the internet plans provided by the company include:                

    i) Optimum 100

    • The plan is purchased at $19.99 per month.
    •  The plans offer an upload speed of 5Mbps and 100Mbps download speed.

    ii) Optimum 300

    • It is $39.99 per month. 
    • The plan provides an upload speed of 20Mbps and 300Mbps download speed.
    • The connection type is by cable.

    iii) Optimum 500

    • Provides 20 Mbps upload speed, 500Mbps download speed at only $59.99 per month
    • The connection type is by cable.

    iv) Optimum 1 Gig Internet

    • The plan comes with an upload speed of 35Mbps, a download speed of 940Mbps at $79.99. The connection is by cable.

    v) Fiber Internet 100

    • 100 Mbps upload and download speed.
    • At $19.99 per month

    vi) Fiber Internet 300

    • The plan offers 300 Mbps upload and download speed at only $29.99/mo.
    • Uses fiber connection

    vii) Fiber Internet 500

    • At only $39.99, the plan offers 500 Mbps upload and download speed using a fiber connection.

    viii) Fiber Internet 1 Giga

    • Provides 940 uploads and download speeds at only $49.99 per month

    From the list of Optimum plans above, we can say that the cheapest optimum online Internet for fiber optic internet is the Optimum 100, which is $19.99 per month. On the other hand, the cheapest optimum online internet plan using cable internet is the Fiber internet 100 Plan, offered at $19.99. The two plans come with 100 Mbps for both upload and download.

    Bottom Line

    Optimum Mobile offers excellent internet plans for new and existing customers at affordable prices. Their services include Internet, Cable TV, and mobile phone services, whereby a customer can choose from various available plans to connect to the Internet.

    It is important to note that the prices of the plans provided by Optimum Mobile depend on the day they were published, the amount of internet speed you are purchasing, and the prices also differ from one location to another.