The United States has four major mobile phone networks service providers. They include Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint Corporation, and AT&T. These companies offer the best mobile phone plans and deals nationwide, about of pay about 99% of the US landmass. T-Mobile phones are compatible with low-cost network providers that work under T-Mobile and AT&T networks. Some T-Mobile compatible phones include cell phones that use GSM network technology.

    Most cell phone manufacturers today are using GSM network technology. Therefore, most mobile phones available in the market are compatible with T-Mobile networks from iOS to Android-operated digital devices. Additionally, most of the unlocked cell phones manufactured a couple of years ago are compatible with the GSM network technology. You can make your phone compatible with T-Mobile by unlocking it when switching from another carrier.

    Some of the latest high-tech mobile phones deals compatible with T-Mobile available in the market today include Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and Samsung S22 Series Samsung galaxy A71. This article discusses more the cell phones compatible with T-Mobile and the mobile phone service providers that are compatible with T-Mobile.

    How Do I Know If My Mobile Phone Is Compatible with T-Mobile?

    For you to enjoy services provided by T-Mobile, your mobile phone must be unlocked or compatible with the network. So, what is an unlocked cell phone? This cell phone is not tied to operating with one network provider. On the other hand, cell phone compatibility is the ability of an iOS or Android-operated digital device to run and execute sites and application programs written in iPhone and Android environments.

    Mobile phones that allow you to make phone calls, receive calls, send and receive messages through the T-Mobile network are compatible with the companies’ network. T-Mobile network provider uses the GSM network technology to provide its services. Global System of Mobiles (GSM) is a standard developed to give out the rules and regulations to be used by second-generation cell phones.

    T-Mobile will offer free phones when you switch to their network. These phones are already compatible with the network. However, to check if your cell phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network provider, you can use the T-Mobile EMEI checker, available on the T-Mobile website. Use the simple procedure below to check your device compatibility with T-Mobile;

    • Visit the T-Mobile network website.
    • Click the button “Enter Your Device ID.”
    • Enter your mobile phone IMEI number
    • Then click the “Continue” button.
    • The IMEI checker will display a 15-digit number If the mobile phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network service provider. The cell phone IMEI number is always written behind the phone’s battery, on a sticker on the cell phone box, or can be obtained from the device’s settings. However, IMEI can be obtained by dialing *#06#. T-Mobile supports both Android and iPhones. Some of the mobile phones compatible with T-Mobile include;
      • Apple iPhone SE
      • Apple iPhone 13 Series
      • Samsung Galaxy S21 series
      • onePlus 9 and 9 Pro
      • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series
      • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
      • Motorola Moto G Play
      • Samsung Galaxy A12

    What Are the T-Mobile Phone Deals and Plans for Existing Customers?

    t-mobile compatible phones

    T-Mobile is one company that provides the best cell phone plans, from bringing your own phone (BYOP) plan to unlimited talk, text, and data. BYOP is a mobile phone deal offered to new customers who wish to retain their existing phone; the bring your own phone option which is very simple to use.

    The customer is only required to check if the mobile phone is unlocked and compatible with the network. Some of the other T-Mobile deals for existing customers include;

    i) Get up to $1000 off when you purchase Samsung Galaxy S22

    This deal is done with a qualifying trade-in plan with a free phone. T-Mobile gives away a free Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, or up to $1,000 off when you buy Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra when you trade in a qualifying device and under a Magenta Max plan.

    ii) Buy one get one free

    Existing customers get the Samsung Galaxy S22 free when buying any S22 Series and activating two voice lines on a monthly payment plan.

    iii) Get up to $800 off iPhone 12 or iPhone 13

    You can receive this discount when you use T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan plus the trade-in of an iPhone X or Galaxy S20 or newer.

    iv) Get a Galaxy S21 for free

    Customers will enjoy up to $800 off of any Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 3, or Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a trade-in and the Magenta Max plan.

    What Makes T-Mobile New Customer Deals?

    The T-Mobile network provider offers prepaid plans to new customers, which come with a great T-Mobile 5G network covering over 200 million Americans nationwide. The company also offers free phones when you switch to their network. T-Mobile provides different mobile phone deals and plans; some of the essential T-Mobile deals for the new customers include;

    i) $15/month Plan

    This plan offers unlimited calls and text messaging. It also comes with 2.5 GB of high-speed mobile data. The company also increases customers’ cell phone data by 500MB each year for the first five years of subscription to the network.

    ii) $25/month Plan

    The plan offers unlimited talk time, text, and up to 5.5GB of high-speed mobile phone data.

    iii) $40/mo Plan

    Unlimited talk, text, and data with up to 10GB 5G & 4G LTE for $40/month.

    Enjoy the freedom of America’s Network™, now connecting 99% of Americans.

    iv)  $50/month Plan

    This plan comes with unlimited talk time, text messaging, and high-speed mobile phone data. A customer can add up to four lines for only $30/line per month.

    v) $60/month Plan

    This plan offers unlimited talk time, text messaging, and high-speed mobile phone data. It also comes with 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data.

    What Deals Does T-Mobile Offer When You Switch to Its Network?

    Besides the plans mentioned above, the company provides the T-Mobile bring your own phone (BYOP) plan to new customers who do not wish to purchase new mobile phones. When you bring your 5G cell phone to the company, you will get up to $800 off. The process of switching to T-Mobile using the BYOP option is affordable and straightforward. Follow the steps below to use the BYOP option;

    a) Ensure that your phone is unlocked

    The unlocked cell phone is a phone that is not tied to work with a particular service provider. Contact your previous service provider for further assistance; otherwise, proceed to the next step.

    b) Ensure that your phone is compatible

    Use the T-Mobile IMEI checker shown above to confirm if your cell phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network.

    c) Purchase a T-Mobile SIM card.

    After confirming your phone’s eligibility, You will be required to purchase a T-Mobile SIM card to use your phone on the network. Then choose one of the best benefit-packed plans and buy a SIM card. 

    d) Back up your data

    If you wish to keep your phone number and personal data when you switch to another network, T-Mobile is your best option.

    Apart from the BYOP plan, the company also offer free phone when you switch to T-Mobile. This is a plan provided mainly to attract more new customers and make more sales. However, free phones do not mean that the phones are offered at $0 but a whopping discount. Some of these free mobile phone deals and plans include;

    • 2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus:
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:
    • iPhone 13
    • Apple iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max
    • Apple iPhone 12/ 12 Mini  
    • Motorola Moto G Stylus.

    How Can I Qualify for T-Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program?

    T-Mobile is one of the US mobile phone service providers on the run to dominate the market. T-Mobile has come up with many offers and deals, such as the T-Mobile ACP program to attract more customers and maintain the existing customers. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal government program that helps lower the cost of mobile phone services for households that satisfy some specific qualifications.

    T-Mobile does not determine if a customer is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program’s eligibility is determined through the National Verifier, the federal government application, and the approval process for determining eligibility. To qualify for this ACP program, one has to satisfy the following;

    • The household income should be at or below 200% of the Federal Property Guideline.
    • The household participates in one or two federal assistance programs such as Supplementary Security Income, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, National School Lunch Program, Medicaid, Federal Public housing assistance, and more.
    • You qualify for the Lifeline program.

    Bottom Line

    T-Mobile is one of the best network service providers that offer cheap and flexible mobile phone plans and deals to its customers, from bringing your own phone plan to unlimited text, talk, and data. The company is also offering the Affordable Connectivity Program to ensure that individuals with low-income also get access to affordable mobile phone services.