Spectrum is a wireless provider powered by its parent company Charter Communications, Inc. Charter, launched in 1993. However, this Company provides Internet, TV, voice, and mobile services to its customers. Spectrum company prides itself on offering spectrum deals for existing customers, and the most innovative services at an excellent value. 

    On the other hand, Spectrum company also provides bundled plans with TV and phone service, with the best bundle deals for tv internet, and phone service providers. Spectrum aims to offer reliable and affordable packages, which is enough to choose Spectrum over other providers. Moreover, Spectrum promotions and deals do not tie you into year-long service agreements. You have the freedom to cancel anytime, and there are no penalties for canceling your services.

    Most importantly, Spectrum is a provider servicing more than 60 million subscribers in the United States. It is available in more than 44 states and has very flexible deals and discounts for new and existing ones. However, customers should know the deal’s fine print when signing up for Spectrum cable, internet, or phone services. Additional charges, including taxes rental fees, feature in the base price.

    Overview Of Spectrum Deals For Existing Customers

    If you are one of Spectrum’s existing customers, various affordable and flexible promotional deals are available. Apart from offering standard packs such as free streaming services subscription, this Company also feature valuable benefits like:

    • You can utilize data services with no caps options.
    • You don’t sign up for any contract.
    • There are no early termination fees.
    • Nationwide thousands of WIFI access points.
    • Thirty days money-back guarantee within a fixed time.

    However, you can enjoy these promotional deals from Spectrum as an existing customer, with free streaming services or smart home devices accordingly, but its costs are high.

    Interestingly, while other services providers amend their promotional deals monthly or bi-monthly, Spectrum provides their promotional deals for at least twelve months. Most importantly, spectrum providers various deals like only internet deals and bundle deals on the cheapest tv and internet packages. 

    About Spectrum Charter

    spectrum deals for existing customers

    i) Spectrum Offers and Promotion To Existing Customers

    Most Spectrum promotional deals apply for a limited amount of time. Thus, ensure you understand the duration of your promotion. If you get anything on your bill that isn’t clear, ensure you call support immediately to have a transparent background about the charges.

    ii) Spectrum Deals Termination Fees

    Early termination fees can ruin your credit score for the next few months. However, most providers impose a charge if a consumer terminates services on a contract, commonly known as an Early Termination Fee. 

    Interestingly, the great thing about enrolling in Spectrum Mobile Phone deals is that everything is contract-free. Therefore, you do not have to tense about any early termination fee. You aren’t forced to maintain your service but rather only keep it if you want to.

    iii) No Hidden Fees and Unforeseen Costs

    Receiving a significantly larger bill than what you expected is an annoying experience, and the hidden fees of the bill often catch consumers by surprise. However, you will get a basic breakdown of all the applicable fees when you order Spectrum deals for existing customers. 

    Currently, the Company is offering promotional discounts on cable TV, Internet,  and home phone services. You can contact the spectrum customer service number at (833) 267-6094 to find out about the discounts in your area. There are various scenarios for existing customers to receive Spectrum discounts. 

    How To Use Spectrum Discounts For Existing Customers?

    • Add the products you want to the shopping cart at spectrum.com, with the correct numbers, colors, sizes, etc.
    • Proceed to the Spectrum Discounts For Existing Customers page, and tap the ‘Get Code’ to copy the code to your clipboard.
    • Return to the shopping cart page, and complete your billing and shipping address.
    • Search for the box labeled ‘Enter Coupon/Promo Code’ and apply the code you received for extra savings.

    How to Save More at Spectrum Deals For Existing Customers?

    • If you want to save more at Spectrum, the following tips may help you.
    • Sign up at spectrum.com, and always get the latest offers and deals.
    • Check at the banners on their homepage, and receive ample sale information.
    • Follow Spectrum Discount Codes and Coupons list on HotDeals, and always receive the complete offers for Spectrum.

    What Are The Available Deals For Spectrum Existing Customers?

    Spectrum offers to current customers are numerous and include spectrum phone deals. The Company is currently offering some value-packed Internet and TV to keep the consumers’ satisfied. Besides, Spectrum is the only Internet provider that provides Internet service without a contract.

    Moreover, Spectrum Internet plans range in the 200 to 940 Mbps range, although wireless speeds may vary. The Company also provides bundled plans with TV and phone service, in addition to discounted mobile service.

    Examples of Spectrum Internet Deals

    • Free modem rental: Most Internet providers impose $5 to $10 per month on a modem service, but Spectrum gives a modem at no cost. However, you have to pay if you need both a modem and a router.
    • Bundle discounts: If you are searching for cable TV or home phone service combined with the internet, you can save with Spectrum’s Double Play, which features TV and Internet or Internet and Voice. Alternatively, you can have Triple Play that features a TV, Internet, and voice bundles
    • Such deals are generally designed for new customers, but current customers can take advantage of the discounts by contacting Spectrum directly.
    • Mobile discounts for existing customers: Spectrum Mobile provides up to 40% off its mobile phone service for existing Spectrum Internet users.

    Where to Get the latest Spectrum Discounts For Existing Customers?

    There are different ways to get the latest Spectrum Discounts For Existing Customers on spectrum Mobile compatible phones. The following tips may assist you in landing the best deals.

    • Spectrum.com is a good site for getting relevant information on spectrum deals.
    • You can open Spectrum Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for the latest Spectrum Discounts For Existing Customers.
    • HotDeals, an excellent coupon site, always gather the latest offers; besides that, they also offer spectrum.com Discount Codes and other related Coupons.

    Spectrum Bundle Deals

    You can choose an available address and enter to check the available Spectrum Deals and Packages for an existing customer in your area. 

    i) Spectrum Internet Plan

    • $49.99 per month For 12 months
    • Download speeds up to 200 Mbps
    • Free Internet modem
    • Unlimited Downloading
    • Free Unlimited Nationwide Access to Spectrum Network of out-of-home WiFi
    • Free Spectrum Security Suite supporting up to 10 devices

    ii) Spectrum TV Select Plan

    • $49.99 per month for 12 months
    • 125+ Channels
    • Free HD
    • Free cable streaming via Spectrum TV App
    • DVR add-on services are available

    iii) Spectrum TV Silver Plan

    • $79.99/month For 12 Months
    • 175+ Channels with Free HD
    • Includes HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Nick Jr., and NFL Network
    • Free cable streaming via Spectrum TV App
    • DVR add-on available
    • Unlimited calling

    Does Spectrum Have New Customer Deals

    Spectrum packs something for everyone, whether you are looking for a high-speed internet connection, an extensive cable TV lineup, or unlimited nationwide calls. However, spectrum internet deals for new customers allow the best services for subscribers joining this network.

    Moreover, Spectrum’s new customer discounts provide quality services at the lowest prices. With Spectrum internet’s new customers, you can access TV and voice plans bundling using their existing internet plans. Spectrum’s new customer promotions and discounts allow consumers to enjoy seamless internet connection and cable TV without fear of any price hike on bills throughout the year.

    Notably, if you have not utilized the Company’s services in the last 30 days, you can get a money-back guarantee and receive Spectrum’s new customer specials and benefits. Recently, Spectrum launched its Spectrum Internet Assist program that offers high-speed internet access to eligible households. Upon qualifying, you can only pay $14.99 per month on your internet bill. However, Senior citizens also qualify for this program.

    Does Spectrum offer a Senior Discount?

    The Company offers a spectrum of low-income internet,  plus a senior discount through Spectrum Internet Assist. The program delivers affordable high-speed internet to qualified customers aged 65 or older. The beneficiary of this program is who currently gets Supplemental Security Income and aren’t already Spectrum Internet customers.

    Additionally, you can also qualify for Spectrum Internet Assist if one of your household members participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or the Community Eligibility Provision of the NSLP.)

    Moreover, if you qualify for Spectrum Internet Assist, complete an application from Spectrum. Immediately approved, you’ll qualify for a plan up to 30 Mbps (speeds may vary) for $14.99 per month for 12 months. This package includes a free modem, free antivirus software, no data caps, and no contracts. Spectrum also provides a WiFi router rental for an extra $5 per month.

    Bottom Line

    Most Companies focus their special deals and promotions on their new customers, but things are different with Spectrum. Spectrum offers you the best deals available on your internet, tv, and phone services if you are an existing customer. However, you can get deals on internet-only plans or through the double and triple-play bundling options.