SafeLink is a federal government program that provides eligible customers with the best opportunity to access mobile phone and home internet services with their loved ones using one of the federal government lifeline plans. SafeLink wireless provides new smartphones and SIM cards to customers. These free phones come with free talk, text, and data every month for only qualified customers. SafeLink wireless activation of the smartphone is straightforward and will be discussed later in the article.

    Before joining any network provider, you need to ensure that your mobile phone is unlocked and compatible with the network to be activated. This is the same for SafeLink wireless company. However, SafeLink wireless offers mobile phones already compatible with the network . These cell phones are known as the Tracfone model, which provides a wide range of cell phones from Motorola C139 to Motorola 376g.

    The article will fully describe activating both SafeLink wireless cell phones and SIM Cards. But before going into details about this, we first need to understand a few concepts about the SafeLink connectivity program, some of the free government phones that SafeLink wireless provides, mobile phones compatible with the network, some of the mobile phone deals and plans provided by the network and many more.

    SafeLink Wireless is generally a federal government organization that intends to provide mobile phone services to seniors and low-income individuals. It is one of the largest government networks provided in the United States of America, with almost two million subscribers. To provide affordable services to low-income individuals, the company runs a few programs such as the SafeLink affordable connectivity program, lifeline program, and many more.

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal government benefit program controlled by the Federal Communication Commission in the US, whose primary function is to ensure the best mobile phone and home internet services to qualified households. SafeLink wireless does not determine if a customer is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program or not.

    This program’s eligibility is determined by the National Verifier, the federal government application, and the approval process for determining eligibility. There are some of the qualifications for a household to be eligible for the affordable connectivity program, which includes;

    • The household income should be at or below 200% of the Federal Property Guideline.
    • If the household participates in one or two federal assistance programs such as Supplementary Security Income, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, National School Lunch Program, Medicaid, Federal Public housing assistance, and more.
    • You qualify for the Lifeline program.

    One may ask, what is the lifeline program? The federal government of the US initially created this program to provide free government cell phones for low-income individuals. The program was upgraded and improved after sometimes to provide free home smartphones and affordable monthly plans for the seniors. We all know that most seniors are on the social security program. Therefore, their income is meager, and they can’t afford some of the services provided by network providers.

    The seniors are also getting sick quickly. Therefore, the federal government has taken the reasonable step of providing them with free cell phones for emergencies. Lifeline program is one of the programs that the government uses to offer free mobile phones to qualified individuals. SafeLink being a government organization, is also providing these free mobile phones. 

    For eligible SafeLink customers to get the free mobile phones, they have to contact the SafeLink customer care desk at 1-800-723-3546 for the enrolment and plan changes for the service. They may also call 1-800-378-1684 to get technical support. However, for customers to qualify for the SafeLink free government phone, they are restricted to the following;

    • A household should only be participating in one Lifeline service.
    • The household should not participate in a Lifeline program from more than one network provider.
    • The Lifeline service is usually non-transferable.

    Before listing cell phones that are compatible with SafeLink wireless, we first need to understand mobile phone compatibility and how to check if a cell phone is compatible. Mobile phone compatibility is the ability of iOS or Android-operated cell phones to run and execute applications and sites written in iPhone and Android environments, respectively.

    Therefore, any mobile phone that can be activated to SafeLink wireless network provider to allow calling, texting, and mobile internet use is thus considered compatible with SafeLink wireless. The simplest and faster way to know if your mobile phone is compatible with SafeLink wireless you can text the word BYOP to 611611. The compatibility can also be checked online through the SafeLink IMEI checker by following the procedure below;

    • Visit SafeLink wireless network website. 
    • Click the “Enter Your Device ID” button. 
    • Enter your cell phone IMEI number.
    • Click the “Continue” button.
    • If the IMEI checker displays a 15-digit number, the phone is compatible.

    SafeLink Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses the Tracfone network to provide most of its services. The company also uses the T-Mobile GSM technology. Global System of Mobiles (GSM) is a standard developed to give out the protocols used by second-generation smartphones.

    Most cell phones manufactured today using the GSM network technology are compatible with SafeLink wireless. Some of these SafeLink Compatible Phones in the market today include;

    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • Google Pixel 4XL
    • Samsung Galaxy S10+
    • Samsung Galaxy A10e
    • ZTE Avid Trio
    • LG G8 ThinQ
    • Apple iPhone S6
    • Motorola Moto G7 Play
    • Alcatel Fierce 4

    Being a company that is run under the federal government, SafeLink can provide the best and most flexible services to its customers at affordable prices. This company is known worldwide due to the quality services, from no contract deals to no additional bills on plans. Some of SafeLink, such as the SafeLink wireless free tablet plans available in the market that are provided by the free mobile phones, include;

    • A free mobile phone and SIM card come with 4.5GB of mobile data and 350 talk-time minutes per month.
    • The phone also offers Unlimited text messaging
    • It also has the Voicemail caller id that provides 3- way calling.
    • It offers 911 access
    • Allows the customers to contact SafeLink support at no extra cost.
    • It provides 411 directory assistance with no additional cost.
    • It has nationwide network coverage.

    Besides all these fantastic services, the company also allows SafeLink to bring your phone (BYOP) plan. This deal enables customers to use their existing mobile phone when switching to SafeLink wireless network rather than purchasing a new mobile phone. This enables the customers to save a whooping deal of amount. 

    However, for a SafeLink customer to use the bring your own phone option, they must have an unlocked and compatible mobile phone that uses the GSM network technology. The process of using the BYOP option is straightforward and concise as follows; open the SafeLink wireless website, enter your ZIP code, then click APPLY NOW.

    Besides all of the best SafeLink wireless mobile phone deals and plans, SafeLink wireless also allows a SafeLink phone upgrade plan. This plan can be used when you buy a new mobile phone or bring your own phone option. The upgrade procedure can be done by following a simple procedure of only signing up to the company and being an eligible member.

    Customers eligible to switch to SafeLink network providers are allowed to proceed by activating their mobile phones and SIM cards. To activate your new SafeLink mobile phone and SIM card kit, follow the simple five steps below;

    • Open the SafeLink wireless mobile box and remove its content.
    • Remove the power cord, insert t into the new mobile phone, and plug it into a power source. It will take approximately two hours to charge the phone fully then you are ready to start activating it.
    • Find the activation card that came with the phone and follow the procedure to activate your mobile phone line. Note that if the activation card is not present, the phone is activated.
    • Test the mobile phone by calling to see if it is appropriately activated.
    • If you have any problem activating your phone, contact customer care through 800-977-3768.

    Bottom Line

    SafeLink wireless network provider is a mobile virtual network operator that uses the Tracfone network to provide its services. Since it is a virtual operator, it provides the best mobile phone plans and deals affordable. It is a company started by the government to provide free mobile phone services and home internet services to individuals with low income and seniors. The free government phones and plans are offered to only qualified members through specific programs such as the Lifeline program.