The Internet refers to the network that connects computers throughout the world It enables various types of devices to communicate with each other. Nowadays, you can use the internet to communicate with others on social media and stream movies from various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and other similar sites. Internet users usually purchase internet services from internet providers. We shall check the best satellite internet providers so that you can subscribe to their services today. 

    You require money to purchase internet bundles to connect to online services. Internet service providers require you to have an internet-enabled device to enjoy various services. These include smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops. That way, you can connect your device to communicate to the world in the best way possible. The Internet enables easy and fast communication and has also revolutionized the financial sector. Today, you can send money instantly to someone within or outside the country. 

    Satellite internet is just one of the various types of internet that you can enjoy today. We have other connections such as fixed wireless internet provided by AT&T, Google Fiber Webpass, Rise Broadband, and Etheric Networks. We also have DSL internet provided by AT&T, Google Fiber Webpass, Rise, Broadband, and Etheric Networks. Another type of internet connection is the cellular internet provided by various companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. 

    Acknowledgments Of Satellite Internet

    To understand what satellite internet is, you can start thinking about the satellites that orbit the earth. Therefore, satellite internet is a particular internet that is sent down by satellites. Since satellites do not stay fixed in one place, it turns out that satellite internet is among the best internet option for rural areas. The barriers are effectively eliminated since the internet is coming from above compared to the one sent by cellular masts. 

    The operation of satellite internet is a bit complex but can be understood anyway. The internet relies on radio waves, whereby the service provider companies have machines that communicate with satellites orbiting the earth using radio waves. The satellites then send the signals to receivers on the earth. These are modems connected to dishes, and it is the dishes that receive signals and direct them to the devices. You then have a chance to connect your devices from the modem.

    Actually, the communication system begins with your connected devices such as computers, phones, security cameras, and printers, among others, to the modem in your house, then to your satellite dish over the roof, to the satellite in space, and back to the earth to Network Operations Center (NOC) which are the ground stations. Data then travels back from the ground stations to the space satellites, to your receiving dish and modem, and lastly to the connected devices. 

    Satellite internet is best suited for unlimited prepaid internet for home, whereby you have no limitations on the amount of data you should receive. That way, you can connect various devices at home to make your life simple. 

    Top 2 satellite internet providers 2023

    If you plan to set up satellite internet in your home or workplace, you might be wondering about the best company to seek services from. There are two satellite internet service providers that you can choose from, and they include the following.

    1) Viasat

    Viasat, formerly Exede Internet, guarantees a fast internet connection as it delivers fast speed no matter where you live. You can receive internet with download speeds of up to 3x faster than typical DSL. The company gives you a price-lock guarantee whereby you can lock in your monthly rate for around two years with the price-lock guarantee. 

    Viasat has excellent satellite internet services and offers ten different plans. However, the Liberty plans are the best since you will not need to buy data in the middle of the month. The Viasat Internet plans include the following. 

    Plan Price Speed Data
    Unlimited Bronze 12 $50/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 35 GB
    Unlimited Silver 12 $100/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 45 GB
    Unlimited Gold 12 $150/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 65 GB
    Unlimited Silver 25 $70/mo. Up to 25 Mbps 60 GB
    Unlimited Gold 30 $100/mo. Up to 30 Mbps 100 GB
    Unlimited Gold 50 $100/mo. Up to 50 Mbps 100 GB
    Unlimited Platinum 100 $150/mo. Up to 100 Mbps 150 GB
    Liberty 12 $30/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 12 GB
    Liberty 25 $50/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 25 GB
    Liberty 50 $75/mo. Up to 12 Mbps 75 GB

    You can combine satellite internet with satellite TV and get maximum entertainment in your home for your information. You can acquire the cheapest TV and internet packages from Viasat and save lots of money that you could have wasted elsewhere. There are several television channels that you can benefit from. They include Viasat Nature, Viasat Explore, Viasat History, Viasat Sport East, TV1000 East, TV1000 Action East, TV1000 Russkoe Kino, and TV1000 World Kino, among others. 

    2) HughesNet

    Another alternative for satellite internet is HughesNet. It gives you high-speed internet that ensures you benefit from various services online. The company operates in the US, and you can get started by phone when you call 844-720-1182. One can also get started online. You can enjoy fast-speed switching and more data for your internet connections. 

    Various advantages come with the service provider, including data-saving features, no data limits, fast speeds, and much more. HughesNet gives you speeds of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps uploads. You can get HughesNet internet plans from the company, as shown in the plan below. 

    Plan Price Speed Data
    15 GB Data Plan $64.99/mo. 25 Mbps 15 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
    30 GB Data Plan $74.99/mo. 25 Mbps 30 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
    45 GB Data Plan $109.99/mo. 25 Mbps 45 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
    75 GB Data Plan $159.00/mo. 25 Mbps 75 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*

    Apart from the two already running satellite service providers, we have others that are upcoming. They include the following.

    • Starlink
    • OneWeb
    • Project Kuiper (Amazon)

    We also have other companies that existed and closed, including the following.

    • WildBlue satellite internet
    • dishNET
    • EarthLink

    Advantages of satellite internet

    Various advantages make satellite internet the best option. They include the following. 

    1. Readily available. You can receive a consistent internet connection if you connect to the internet since the satellites are constantly orbiting the earth. 
    2. Well distributed. The rural areas where the other types of the internet do not offer services can find the internet types excellent. 
    3. Value. Having looked at the plan prices and what you get, you can see value in the money that you pay. You, therefore, will never regret it. 
    4. Resilience. Since the technology has less machinery on the ground, it can easily resist weather damage, and if it happens, it will be easily manageable. 

    The Components Of Satellite Internet

    The satellite internet uses a five-part transmission system which includes:

    1. Internet-ready device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.)
    2. Modem/router
    3. Satellite dish
    4. Space satellite
    5. Network Operations Center (NOC)

    An internet-ready device can connect to the internet. As I have mentioned, these include computers, smartphones, tablets, and some printers, among others. These connect to the modem wirelessly or via wired connections. 

    The modem translates data from the satellite to make it ready for use with internet-ready devices. It has various ports, one to receive internet and others to send internet to compatible devices. A modem connects to computers, gaming consoles, and printers using an ethernet cable. The device has no wireless capabilities. Therefore, you require a router that receives internet from the modem using a wired connection and sends data to phones and tablets via WiFi, among other wireless internet users. 

    The satellite dish receives signals from the satellites orbiting the earth. You should ensure you position it properly and where possible, you can seek the services of the company’s technicians. A strategically positioned satellite dish can receive RVs properly. 

    The Satellite is responsible for receiving and sending signals back to the earth. The machines are usually 22,000 miles above the earth’s surface and rotate to ensure constant internet signals. Therefore you can be sure to receive strong signals with fewer instances of latency. 

    Lastly, the Network Operations Center (NOC) facilitates communication between the space satellite and your modem. It gathers information about your request, such as when you click on a link or streaming content and send it to the satellite, which then sends it to your satellite dish, to your modem, and then to your devices. 

    Bottom line

    Internet refers to the network that connects computers throughout the world and allows them to communicate with each other throughout the globe. Various internet types include cellular, fixed, wireless, and DSL. Satellite is the most convenient internet type and gives you affordable plans. The internet relies on satellites orbiting space that receive and send signals to earth-based machines. It is the best internet connection for rural areas.