Republic Wireless is one of the mobile virtual network operators in the US that offers the best and most reliable mobile services at an affordable price. Over the past years, Republic Wireless services were not provided to people in rural areas, iPhone users, and individuals who depend on in-person assistance. But technology is developing day in day out, and manufacturers are producing mobile phones compatible with most networks provided. The company is now offering the Republic wireless iPhone plan.

    This is a new plan into the market that enables iPhone lovers to enjoy services offered by republic wireless company. The plan is known as Republic wireless 5.0 plan. This plan comes with three amazing mobile phone deals: What You Need, Everything You Want, and Everywhere You Go plans. More about these deals is discussed in the article.

    Before jumping into more details of how to use republic wireless network provider with an iPhone, we first need to understand; what is Republic wireless network provider is, what mobile phone deals and plans they offer, how to activate Republic wireless mobile phone deals and SIM Card tool kit and many more.

    The Best Republic Wireless iPhone Plans

    Cell phone plans are typically based on text, talk, and data. Republic Wireless is one of the largest network providers that provide unlimited minutes and text and flexible cell phone data to get precisely what you want at an affordable price. The company also allows you to pay an additional price per GB that can be customed every month.

    Generally, there are two republic wireless plans that come with unlimited text and talk. The mobile data plan is flexible; therefore, the customers can adjust the amount of mobile data they want to use. Each gigabyte of mobile data is given at; 1GB at $20 per month and 15GB of data for $90 per month. The two pans offered at republic wireless include;

    1) My Choice Plans

    These types of plans are only provided for new or existing customers who buy republic wireless new cell phones. This plan allows the use of the Sprint and T-Mobile network, therefore offering a nationwide network coverage of about 99% of the US landmass

    2) My Choice Plan-BYO

    My Choice Plan-BYO is offre only to new customers who bring their own mobile phones to republic wireless company. However, this plan only uses the T-Mobile network towers; therefore, my choice plan has more benefits than My Choice Plan-BYO.

    We can summarize that Republic wireless company cell phone plans can be classified into two groups, based on the number of lines they can support. They include;

    i) No Credit Check Single Line Monthly Prepaid Plans 

    • $20/mo
      • 1GB of cell data
      • Unlimited texts and talk
      • 1 GB of cell phone hotspot
    • $40/mo
      • 20GB of mobile data
      • Unlimited minutes and text
      • 10GB of mobile hotspot
    • $60/mo
      • 35GB of mobile data
      • Unlimited minutes and text
      • 20GB of mobile hotspot 

    ii) No Credit Check Prepaid Plans with Family Discounts

    • $30/mo
      • Supports two lines
      • 1GB of mobile data
      • Unlimited text and minutes
      • 1GB of mobile hotspot
      • Wifi calling
    • $60/mo
      • Supports two lines
      • 20GB mobile data
      • Unlimited talk and text
      • Unlimited international texting
      • 10GBof mobile hotspot
      • Wifi calling 
    • $90/mo
      • 35GB mobile data
      • Wifi calling
      • Unlimited text and talk
      • 20GB of mobile hotspot

    Can I Bring My Phone to Republic Wireless

    Republic Wireless is known for its flexible, affordable, and no-contract plans such as unlimited text and talk and affordable mobile phone data. The company also offers republic wireless bring your own phone plan with 15GB of mobile data per month. The bring your own phone plan is mainly taken by new customers who do not wish to purchase new phones.

    However, to bring your own phone to republic wireless, it must be unlocked and compatible. Generally, to use this plan, follow the simple steps below:

    1st Step: 

    After checking and confirming that your mobile phone is compatible with Republic Wireless, you can now order a SIM Card kit. The Kit comes with a 3-in-1 SIM card to ensure it will fit in your phone, a SIM tool, and an instructions manual. You can order your SIM kit at

    2nd Step: 

    Once you receive your SIM Card kit, unpack it, pick the SIM size that will fit your phone, turn the phone off, and carefully insert the SIM card into the SIM tray or slot of your compatible device. If you don’t know how to insert the SIM card, you can learn more at Republic Wireless Installing Your SIM Card.

    3rd Step: 

    Lastly, turn your phone back on and start the activation process. Launch the Republic app and follow the provided prompts. During the activation process, you will be able to select a My Choice plan (older plans, such as Republic Refund, cannot be used with the BYOP program); however, you can later change it if you wish. If you are a Republic member, you will be able to sign in to your account and either replace a number or add a new line to your account.

    Republic Wireless deals For iPhone or Android Smartphone

    Republic Wireless is a good choice for individuals who like to save money since it offers very affordable mobile phone plans and deals. The company also has unique advantages for some groups of people, such as traveling overseas, young professionals, and serious budgeters. 

    Besides bringing your phone deals, unlimited talk, text, data, and no contract deals, republic wireless also offers other mobile phone services such as republic wireless phones. The company provides a wide range of different brands of cell phones, from iOS to Android operated. Some of these mobile phones sold at republic wireless include;

    • Apple iPhone SE at $399 or a monthly installment of $17
    • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max at $ 1,099 or monthly installment of $47 per month
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s at $110 or $10 per month for 11 months
    • Motorola Moto g Pure that is sold at $150 or $13 per month for 12 months 
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G with a marked price of $430 or a monthly installment of 

    Ways To Activate My Republic Wireless Cell Phone and SIM

    Once you have confirmed that your cell phone is unlocked and compatible with the republic wireless network, you can now proceed to the process of activating the mobile phone and the SIM card. A customer must have a compatible cell phone, SIM card, republic application, and internet access to start this activation process. The Republic Wireless activates phone and SIM Card procedure is short and straightforward, as shown below. 

    A) To activate your cell phone, follow the procedure below;

    • Turn off your cell phone
    • Insert the republic wireless SIM card
    • Then turn on the cell phone
    • Connect the phone to a wifi
    • Open Republic Wireless application
    • Click “Get Activated Now.”
    • Enter your existing republic wireless account detail.
    • The desired number can be move to the new phone by selecting it.

    b) To activate your SIM card, follow the simple procedure below;

    • Install Republic Wireless app from the play store and launch it. Update the app if it is already install.
    • Open the Republic app and follow the activation process
    • Verify that you have a phone number
    • Enjoy republic wireless services.

    Bottom Line

    Republic Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that uses the T-Mobile and Sprint cooperation towers to offer its services. This has enabled it to offer cheap services since it has no physical branches for paying rent. It is a company that offers a wide variety of plans from unlimited talk, text, and data, to bringing your own phone and free mobile phones. iPhone lovers also enjoy the 5.0 plan