Metro by T-Mobile (also known as MetroPCS or simply as Metro) is an American prepaid wireless service provider from T-Mobile US. Its headquarters are in Richardson, Texas, United States. Before merging with T-Mobile in 2013, the company operated as the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using the CDMA network technologies. In the process, its services merged under T-Mobile’s networks (4G HSPA+ and LTE). We shall see more about the Metro PCS Affordable Connectivity Program later on.

    The company directly competes against AT&T’s Cricket Wireless, Dish’s Boost Mobile, and Verizon’s Visible as part of the wireless service provider brands. However, it remains among the most reliable service providers since it relies on the T-Mobile network. For your information, T-Mobile is on 5G, and the network technology is currently the fastest. 5G is 20 times faster compared to 4G and thus very suitable for large uploads and downloads.

    You can benefit from the Metro services by opening an account online. You can bring your device to Metro and enjoy the power of the T-Mobile 5G network. Since the connectivity is now via 5G, you will require a 5G capable device. Also, you will need to check the coverage in your area since it is not available everywhere. However, T-Mobile’s 5G covers most places in the country, and 5G access in Metro plans at no extra charge.

    MetroPCS Affordable Connectivity Program

    The MetroPCS Affordable Connectivity Program is among the sizable Affordable Connectivity Program by the Federal Communications Commission that aims to cushion low-income families from the high cost of internet connectivity. It replaced the recently concluded MetroPCS EBB program, which was part of the FCC Emergency Benefit Program, helping people afflicted by Covid’19 access cheap internet connections. 

    After the Affordable connectivity program login, The MetroPCS Affordable Connectivity Program gives you discounted plans that factor in the discount of up to $30 each month toward internet service for qualifying households and up to $75 per month for those on qualifying Tribal lands. The plans include the following:

    i) $10/month Unlimited 

    The plan costs $40 when the discount is not applied. However, you get it at $10 if you benefit from the ACP program discount. The plan contains the following details: 

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • 10GB high-speed data
    • 5G network access

    ii) $20/month Unlimited 

    The original plan price is $50 before the discount is applied. You get the following services:

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • 5G network access
    • 5GB hotspot data
    • Unlimited high-speed data
    • 100GB Google One cloud storage

    iii) $30/month Unlimited 

    The original plan price is $60. The plan includes various offers such as:

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • 5G network access
    • 15GB hotspot data
    • Unlimited high-speed data
    • 100GB Google One cloud storage
    • Amazon Prime subscription

    iv) FREE

    Now this plan is free because its original price is $30. Once you get the discount, then you get the plan for free. You can enjoy the following from the plan:

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • 5GB high-speed data
    • 5G network access

    Apart from the discount, the ACP program beneficiaries also get other benefits. Eligible people can also get a one-time discount of up to $100 to buy a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from MetroPCS if you contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the buying price. 

    Qualification For MetroPCS Affordable Connectivity Program

    Not everyone can get the services as qualification criteria ensure that only eligible people benefit from the service. The following are qualification criteria for the program. 

    A household is eligible for the ACP program if the household income is below 200% or even at the percentage mark of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You can also qualify for the ACP program if a household member meets any of the following criteria.

    • Participates in certain Tribal programs, such as the Tribal TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.
    • Participates in the School Breakfast Program, or National School Lunch Program through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision. 
    • Received a Federal Pell Grant within the current award year.
    • Participates in specific aid programs, such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, WIC, or Lifeline.
    • Meets the eligibility criteria for the existing low-income internet program.

    By enrolling in the Lifeline program, you can enjoy MetroPCS plans with a free phone. The Lifeline program beneficiaries usually get a free phone from the government. 

    Reasons To Choose MetroPCS

    Various advantages can warrant you to choose the MetroPCS. They include the following:

    i) Broader coverage

    Remember that I mentioned that MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network. Since the T-Mobile network is among the widespread service providers in the US, then you can be sure to get the best coverage ever. Reliable sources indicate that the T-Mobile nationwide 5G network will increase 14x, which means that MetroPCS and T-Mobile will provide 5G coverage to over 99% of Americans. That way, they will be able to compete with other companies effectively.

    ii) Faster speeds

    5G is surprisingly a high-speed internet connection, whereby T-Mobile’s 5G is faster than their 4G LTE. Therefore, you can expect the best services ever. That means you can get internet speeds as fast as Wi-Fi up to around up to 15x that of 4G. You can thus do great things with the connection, such as downloading large movies and uploading files very fast among other things.

    iii) Greater signal strength

    Forget about call dropping, loss of network, and so on. The 5G signal is better for coverage and remains strong all through. Therefore, it is suitable for coverage indoors and outside. Strong connections will still be within dense cities and rural areas. You can see if the 5G coverage is available within your locality.

    Process To Replace With ACP If You Already Receive EBB

    During the 60-day transition period until March 1, 2022, MetroPCS and Metro by T-Mobile EBB benefit families enrolled as of December 31, 2021, continued to receive their EBB monthly benefit.

    To retain the ACP benefit, you need to re-qualify after March 1, 2022. If you qualify, you will be automatically enrolled. Since EBB and ACP eligibility criteria are similar, ACP discounts will be automatically applied to most EBB customers. However, To enroll in the new ACP program, former EBB subscribers (including those who qualified due to a substantial loss in income due to a job loss or leave since February 29, 2020, or those who met eligibility requirements for a participating provider’s COVID-19 program) will have to re-qualify.

    Your ACP discount may have to be re-qualified from Metro by T-Mobile (former MetroPCS) or from USAC – the administrator of the program. ACP verification and submission are required if you need to re-qualify.

    Final Thought

    Metro by T-Mobile (also known as MetroPCS or simply as Metro) is an American prepaid wireless service provider owned by T-Mobile US. Its headquarters are in Richardson, Texas, United States. The company offers various services, including voice calls, texts, and data. It has broad coverage since it is part of T-Mobile, covering around 99% of the country. You can enjoy various discounted plans if you qualify for the MetroPCS Affordable Connectivity Program.